Chai, and media, alert

Last night, I reported that, from what I’m hearing, Senate leadership is pushing to confirm Chai Feldblum as EEOC Commissioner this week. Feldblum, as we have discussed, is a left-wing radical who, among other things, formulated President Obama’s LBGT agenda. She thinks it’s fine if that agenda tramples religious freedom, as it often does.

Sen. Mike Lee placed a hold on Feldblum’s nomination. However, the plan is to get Lee’s consent by packaging Feldblum with the Trump nominee for EEOC General Counsel. Feldblum is already packaged with two Trump nominees for Commissioner.

In my view, this deal isn’t good enough to justify granting Feldblum another term.

Regardless, it looks like the plan to confirm Feldblum is moving forward. I’m told that tomorrow, the nominee for General Counsel, Sharon Fast Gustafson, will be voted out of committee. This will set the stage for the Senate to confirm the McConnell-Schumer package unless Sen. Lee hangs tough or another GOP Senator intervenes.

Keep in mind, that Trump nominees for key positions throughout the administration have been languishing for about a year. By contrast, the Feldblum package, minus the General Counsel, was put together in late 2017. It would have sailed through then and there had not social conservatives rallied and Sen. Lee acted.

It astonishes me that while all those other nominees, most of whom are conservative stalwarts, must cool their heels, unable to steer policy in the positions the president selected them for, GOP leadership is poised to confirm Chai Feldblum.

Tomorrow morning, I will be on the radio with the excellent Sandy Rios of American Family Radio. I’m scheduled for 8:40 a.m. Eastern time. We’ll be discussing Feldblum’s nomination and related matters.