The Final Year, Thank God

Now playing on HBO is Greg Barker’s documentary The Final Year chronicling President Obama’s foreign-policy team during Obama’s last year in office. It gives us a fly-on-the-wall view of John Kerry, Samantha Power, and Ben Rhodes doing their job through election day and slightly beyond. I watched it last night. Only 90 minutes long, the film began to grate on me as we rounded the corner into minute 2.

Yet I reflected that, for me, the film belied the famous assertion by Shakespeare’s Juliet that “A rose by any other name smells just as sweet.” I would have found the film more palatable if only it had been titled The Final Year, Thank God. Over and over again it put on display the self-regard and self-congratulation of Obama’s idiotic virtucrats. Reflecting further on the film, tomorrow I will formally add a few bullet points to my “Trump top 10 (or so)” list of reasons why I am grateful for the election of our current president.

At Hollywood in Toto, Christian Toto rounds up “7 funny, fawning reviews” of the film. In that spirit I would like offer this short review for the use of the distributors: “Worth seeing if only for the election night scenes in which Ben Rhodes steps outside and hyperventilates as he takes in the improbable outcome and Samantha Power’s celebratory party for her fellow female UN ambassadors turns into a wake. Priceless.”