Rewriting Tony Bennett

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has adapted Charles Kesler’s editorial in the forthcoming issue of the Claremont Review of Books — we’ll be getting to a few highlights ourselves next week — into the column “California’s biggest cities confront a ‘defecation crisis'” (subhead: “Lawmakers ban plastic straws as a far worse kind of waste covers the streets of San Francisco and L.A.”). Having turned one of the most beautiful cities in »

Read The GOAT!

Featured image Roger Simon has self-published his new book, called The GOAT. It is the story of a middle-aged screenwriter named Dan Gelber, who bears a striking resemblance to Roger himself, and who, following an injury suffered while playing tennis and a resulting botched operation, has the opportunity to say goodbye to his old self (mysteriously disappeared at Mount Everest) and return as the youthful Jay Reynolds, a man with no history »

On The Hunt, Trump Gets Results [Updated]

Featured image I wrote here about the bizarre movie The Hunt, in which liberal elites hunt and murder red state “deplorables.” Sort of a wish-fulfillment fantasy for the left. The film was to be released next month, even though advertising was pulled after the El Paso and Dayton shootings. But that was before President Trump weighed in on Twitter: Liberal Hollywood is Racist at the highest level, and with great Anger and »

Time stops in Dallas

Featured image Rich Lowry draws our attention to the Twitter thread beginning with the Tweet below. “What an amazing moment,” Rich comments in the headline. I’m at the airport in Dallas, waiting for my flight home to DC from El Paso, and something incredible is happening. — Jackson Proskow (@JProskowGlobal) August 8, 2019 The thread concludes with the video of the news report below. It captures the moving moment at Dallas’s Love »

Misrepresenting Woodstock

Featured image The music festival at Woodstock 50 years ago was a big deal. There had never been anything quite like it in America before — not in terms of size or caliber of performers (though Monterrey Pop might not have been too far behind in terms of the latter). But with the 50th anniversary approaching, it was inevitable that precincts of the mainstream media would make Woodstock out to be more »

Civil War as Entertainment

Featured image Universal Pictures has produced a film called The Hunt (originally titled Red State vs. Blue State), which begins with rich liberals capturing “deplorables” from red states to hunt down and murder. If you lived in Dayton, Ohio, you might consider this a realistic premise, although I don’t think that is what the filmmakers had in mind. This is the trailer; if I interpret it correctly, the “deplorables” fight back and »

“Fiddler” on tour

Featured image Three months ago I bought tickets to last night’s performance of the national touring show of the 2015 revival of Fiddler on the Roof. Directed by Bartlett Sher, the show concludes its run at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis this afternoon and evening. The tickets were a Mother’s Day gift to my wife. I went down to the box office to select the seats, but the pickings were already slim. »

Bring Back the Pledge!

Featured image On June 17, the City Council of St. Louis Park, Minnesota, a Minneapolis suburb, voted unanimously to stop reciting the Pledge of Allegiance before meetings. A city council member tied the decision to “some racial equity initiatives going on in the city of St. Louis Park” and suggested that the Pledge is political: [He] added that the meaning behind the tradition had changed since 1980, when city officials began saying »

Scenes From a Starbucks

Featured image Starbucks is one of America’s growing cadre of “woke” companies. Now that one need not be a customer to hang out in a Starbucks store, the inevitable consequences are beginning to appear. These observations were penned by a friend of mine: When I quit smoking, coffee replaced cigarettes and I’ve been frequenting a Starbucks in downtown Minneapolis twice a day since November, 2017. One day in March 2018, I couldn’t. »

Pride? That Depends

Featured image As Steve noted earlier today, we have just emerged from “Pride Month.” It was hard to miss. What were we supposed to be proud of? Being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual. Meanwhile, tomorrow is the 4th of July, Independence Day, a time when Americans typically express a different, more traditional sort of pride–pride in their country. Pride in country gets a day, not a month. How is that pride faring »

Bob Newhart lives

Featured image Bob Newhart makes infrequent live appearances at age 89, but he was featured last night at the Orpheum Theater in downtown Minneapolis as part of the first-ever Minneapolis Comedy Festival. He must have three generations of fans in Minneapolis. The line to get into the theater wound around the block last night. I think it’s fair to say that Newhart is beloved. What a thrill to see him perform a »

Meaning & Western civilization

Featured image Douglas Murray is the brilliant author of The Strange Death of Europe. Everything he writes is worth reading and everything he has to say is worth hearing. Following him on Twitter, I came across the video below. It makes for something of a wake-up call in less than three minutes’ time. Someone has picked up on comments I recently made on 'Meaning and Western civilisation' and turned them into this »

Lovebirds Canceled

Featured image Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney are Irish documentary filmmakers who have made several notable movies, including Gosnell. Their latest project is a play called FBI Lovebirds: Under Covers: The play, “FBI Lovebirds: UnderCovers,” casts Dean Cain and Kristy Swanson as FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. The production’s dialogue comes straight from the pair’s texts, which revealed both their romantic affair as well as plans to battle Donald Trump’s »

Boycott This!

Featured image The Left increasingly uses economic coercion in the form of boycotts to stamp out conservative ideas and institutions. Efforts to ban Chick-fil-A, one of America’s most popular restaurant chains, are one example. Apart from outliers like Chick-fil-A, corporate America tends to respond to boycotts as liberals desire, because corporate America is mostly liberal already. Liberals also sometimes boycott states, which is mostly an effort to enlist companies within those states »


Featured image Michael Connelly’s books featuring Los Angeles Detective Harry Bosch are among the world’s most popular police procedurals. Connelly published the first Bosch book in 1992, and there have been 22 altogether. The Bosch series has spun off two other characters, Mickey Haller (the Lincoln Lawyer) and Renee Ballard, a young detective who has been featured in two books so far, which I like a lot. One of my sisters-in-law turned »

Sunday morning coming down: Philip Furia, RIP

Featured image On Friday we received the sad news that University of North Carolina-Wilmington Professor of English Philip Furia had died at the age of 75. Professor Furia died on April 3 following a fall at his home in Wilmington. The news came to us via Professor Furia’s friend Tony L. Hill, who is aware of the many acknowledgements of my debt to Professor Furia’s work deepening our understanding of American popular »

Feel the truth, unity & love

Featured image In “Villainy at Villanova” I wrote about the Wall Street Journal column by Villanova Professors Colleen Sheehan and James Matthew Wilson as well as the response by the Villanova president and provost. The president and provost were big on the truth, unity, and love the new “diversity” questions in the student evaluation would bring to Villanova. Professors Sheehan and Wilson decried the enforced conformity they threatened. Sociology Professor Rory Kramer »