Voters Aren’t Buying Crazed Attacks on Trump

The Democrats are hoping that the mad would-be bomber, Cesar Sayoc, and the vicious anti-Semite and Trump hater Robert Bowers will stem the rising GOP tide in the midterm elections. Toward that end, they have absurdly tried to blame President Trump for the actions of these miscreants, one verging on the comic and one horrifically murderous. To try to cast President Trump as a fomenter of anti-Semitism, when he has a Jewish son-in-law who is a close adviser, a daughter who converted to Judaism and Jewish grandchildren, and is one of our mosts pro-Israel presidents, is an uphill battle to say the least. But the Democrats are taking a shot at it.

It doesn’t seem to be working. The Rasmussen survey, which currently conducts the only rolling daily presidential approval poll, finds Trump’s standing with likely voters unaffected. His approval/disapproval numbers currently stand at 49%/50%, consistent with pre-Sayoc and Bowers numbers.

I infer that while most journalists may be so crazed with Trump-hatred that they are willing to blame the president for anything, most voters aren’t.