The virtue of nationalism

President Trump came under the usual hyperbolic assaults a few weeks ago for defending the virtue of nationalism. As it happens, Yoram Hazony is the author, most recently, of a new book by that name (i.e., The Virtue of Nationalism). He is a conservative and, I think, one of Israel’s leading public intellectuals. If not the latter, he is certainly one of Israel’s leading lights.

Taking up the theme of his new book, Hazony spoke to the Allan Bloom Forum at Yale on October 25. The video below gives his presentation. His presentation runs the first 40 minutes, followed by questions and answers. It is timely. It is penetrating. It is both thoughtful and thought-provoking. I found it of interest and thought many readers might as well.

Hazony’s site is here. I learned of the video by following his work through subscription to one of his email lists here.