Is it something he said? (5)

Until we get an answer to the question of what really went down last month when the FBI called on 16 agents to raid the home of Clinton crime family whistleblower Dennis Nathan Cain, I want to follow the story. Richard Pollock’s exclusive and meticulous November 29 Daily Caller story on the raid is posted here. Cain was then scheduled to appear on Sean Hannity’s FOX News show this past Monday evening; his appearance was canceled in deference to breaking news coverage of President Bush’s death and has not been rescheduled.

Seeking something beyond Pollock’s story, I have followed up with calls to Department of Justice Inspector General senior counsel John Lavinsky and to Cain attorney Michael Socarras. Both graciously took my calls and spoke to me but neither would give me any comment on the record or anything of substance off the record either.

Pollock himself has followed up with Daily Caller stories on Senator Grassley’s letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray here (December 3; we posted a copy of Grassley’s letter in part 3) and, most recently, on comments by whistleblower advocates and legal observers here (yesterday afternoon). Interested readers can also follow Nate Cain’s Twitter feed here.