Understanding Hillary’s crimes: The podcast

Featured image I have been saying that an overwhelming wealth of story lines emerges from the IG report on the Clinton email “investigation” released last week. I posted the report via Scrbid here. Andrew McCarthy pointed out before the election in 2016 and repeatedly since (perhaps most recently here), the fix was in from the beginning. The fix was in because Obama was in on the wrongdoing and he was the head »

Did the FBI Frame Flynn?

Featured image The criminal case against Gen. Michael Flynn for lying to FBI agents was incredibly weak. At the time, I assumed that the charges against him were based on an audio tape or court reporter’s transcript of his interview. I wrote that the transcript should be made public so that we can all judge whether anything he said was actually untrue. While Flynn ultimately pled guilty to a single count of »

Strzok escorted from FBI building

Featured image The FBI reportedly escorted Peter Strzok out of its building today. Strzok remains an FBI employee, pending the outcome of a disciplinary review. That’s as it should be. Strzok shouldn’t be fired without due process. However, I’m not sure why it took so long to kick him out of the building. His email messages, on their face, should have been sufficient to have him placed him on administrative leave (or »

Trey Gowdy, We’re Going to Miss You

Featured image Today the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees held a joint hearing on the DOJ Inspector General’s report on corruption in the FBI and the Department of Justice. No doubt more highlights will emerge, but for now, watch Congressman Trey Gowdy question IG Michael Horowitz. Gowdy does a beautiful job of tying together the now-familiar FBI text exchanges with the issues of bias, the effect of that bias on the Clinton »

In search of takeaways

Featured image I had to work on a couple of projects that mostly kept me from the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz and FBI Director Christopher Wray. The ostensible subject of the hearing was the IG report on the Clinton email “investigation.” I will only observe that the hearing provided more evidence to the effect that Wray has the Wrong stuff. He is a part »

Strzok Speaks

Featured image Or promises to, anyway. Peter Strzok’s lawyer says there is no need to subpoena him, he will testify voluntarily before the House Judiciary Committee and any other committee that will have him. And he won’t plead the Fifth, either: The FBI agent who was removed from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election for sending anti-Trump texts intends to testify before the House Judiciary Committee and any other »

Five Ways to Look at the IG Report

Featured image Concerning the Inspector General’s report about the FBI’s conduct of the Hillary email investigation, let’s take a step back from the details and offer a few observations on the wider scene. 1. We may have abolished monarchy in America way back in 1776, but it seems we haven’t quite rid ourselves of royal prerogative. Then-FBI director James Comey took it upon himself to decide not to apply consistent procedure in conducting »

Cartoon of the Day

Featured image Given the news of the day, this one can’t wait until The Week In Pictures. It’s by A. F. Branco. Click to enlarge: »

Comey responds to IG report

Featured image Former FBI Director James Comey led the FBI into crisis, scandal and disgrace. Fired from the job by President Trump, he presented himself as a model of ethical leadership with a best-selling how-to book. The IG report released yesterday documents his failures, notes his duplicity, calls him out for his high handedness, and gives us his endless self-justification. In the tweet below responding to the IG report, we see that »

Hillary Responds to IG Report

Featured image I’ve been on the move all day and haven’t had a chance to dip into the IG report on the FBI’s behavior during the 2016 election campaign that was released today, but I did catch up with Hillary Clinton’s response. It is three words long. Here it is: It’s still a total mystery why she lost the election. »

More lyin’ lovers of the FBI

Featured image Eric Felten extracts the story of the FBI’s other Trump-hating lovers from the Department of Justice Inspector General report released earlier today. Felten’s account is devastating. Please check it out. I want only to add one point to Eric’s outstanding article. Forget the culture of leaks at the FBI (one of the report’s institutional criticisms of the bureau). There was a culture of lying shot through the top ranks of »

Notes on the IG Report

Featured image I haven’t read all 500 pages of the DOJ Inspector General’s report on the FBI’s and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation, but I have tried to pick out some of the salient points. If I come across more items of interest, I may add updates to this post. Here are some observations: 1) It is important to remember that the IG has not looked into the FBI’s “Russia »

Analyze this

Featured image The Department of Justice IG report on the Clinton email investigation includes a chapter (Chapter Five) reviewing the investigative methods used by the FBI in the Clinton email investigation. At the end of Part X (“FBI Inspection Division Internal File Review of the Midyear Investigation”) of that chapter (“Inspection Division Internal File Review of the Midyear [i.e., Clinton email] Investigation,” the report quotes from the FBI September-October 2017 Inspection Division »

Report on the Clinton email investigation

Featured image The Department of Justice Inspector General report on the FBI’s treatment of the Clinton email investigation was released today under the somnambulistic title A Review of Various Actions by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice in Advance of the 2016 Election. It is posted online at the link. I have embedded it below via Scribd. I’m not saying it’s worth reading, but I want you to have »

In search of lost text

Featured image Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray on Friday, seeking more information about heavily-redacted documents. Senator Johnson revealed new information under some of the redacted text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and reiterated his May 11 inquiry concerning the FBI redactions of material pertinent to the committee’s oversight. The Weekly Standard’s Eric Felten recently gave us a look at “the »

Senator Grassley requests (again)

Featured image I will try to omit continued professions of difficulty keeping up with the true scandals surrounding the fabricated scandal of Trump-Russia collusion, or of disbelief over the bureaucratic obstruction that amounts to defiance when oversight beckons. In the spirit of Ciceronian praeteritio and rhetorical disgust, I wonder how long the authorities at the Department of Justice can abuse the patience of the Senate with their continued resistance? We have grown »

Just say no to…McCabe

Featured image Is there anyone who really thinks that Andrew McCabe should be given immunity in exchange for his testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee next week? If so, Andrew McCarthy explains why this is a very bad idea in “Andrew McCabe seeks immunity for…what?” Let us hear what McCabe has to say, by all means, but let us not give him a get out of jail free pass without the usual »