Videos of the Week: Electric Boogaloo

Elon Musk is getting his usual attention for his latest gee-whiz stunt of running a mile of tunnel under Los Angeles and proposing to solve the city’s legendary traffic congestion by turning Angelenos into commuting Mole People—with electric cars, or course, and guess who makes those? I wouldn’t rule out the idea, and in general think that Musk gets more shade than he probably deserves. But surely he deserves some. Last weekend, Barron’s pointed out that Tesla, whose most recent annual earnings were zero, is valued by the stock market more highly than Daimler, whose most recent annual earnings were $10 billion.

Our pal Remy offers this new holiday video reminding us that Musk and his customers depend on significant government subsidies, which never seem to go away. It’s like Christmas all year long for Tesla owners:

Meanwhile, our pal Robert Bryce, who is simply the best energy journalist in America, has been working on a documentary film called “Juice,” and the first trailer for it is now out:

This video reminds me in many respects of the work of the late Hans Rosling, whose most famous video, “The Washing Machine,” infuriates feminists, and makes essentially the same point as Bryce (since washing machines run on electricity). I know I’ve shown it before, but it is worth repeating: