Betsy Ross and the Spirit of ’76 [with comment by Paul]

Featured image We have written about Nike’s disgraceful withdrawing of a show that featured the “Betsy Ross flag” on the ground that, per Colin Kaepernick, it is somehow emblematic of slavery. This attitude may strike you as insane, but it is common on the Left, has been endorsed by Democratic presidential candidates, and, evidently, has penetrated corporate America. Michael Ramirez comments succinctly: Of course, as so often happens when the Left suddenly »

Happy Father’s Day Everybody! [Updated]

Featured image You know who’s really enjoying this Father’s Day? Donald Trump, that’s who. With these two tweets early this morning, he’s ruined Father’s Day for the media and The Resistance (but I repeat myself): You can just hear liberal heads exploding from coast-to-coast—especially over the bit about staying on if the people demand it. Heh. UPDATE: Sometimes I wonder if Trump is actually the reincarnation of Dr. Pavlov. Certainly USA Today »

Happy Easter!

Featured image A belated Happy Easter to all of our Christian readers and friends. I took this picture in church this morning: Unfortunately, Easter wasn’t so peaceful in Sri Lanka, where some people did something: Islamic terrorists carried out at least six more or less simultaneous attacks on churches and tourist hotels. Most of the attacks reportedly were done by suicide bombers, and 13 terrorists reportedly have been arrested. More than 200 »

More April Foolery

Featured image Trump is a godsend not just to the media, but to meme generators and parodists everywhere. This one may be my current favorite though: But then there’s this terrific story in today’s Los Angeles Times about New York City’s severe culinary deprivation: For Cramped New York, an Expanding Dining Scene The bright lights of New York City beckon to the restless and the hungry. In the city that never sleeps, »

A Very Remy April Fool’s Day

Featured image So it’s April Fool’s Day—the day when you’re supposed to fall for  . . . fake news. Which means it’s just another day for CNN. Yet another great American custom the media has ruined for everyone. (Though I am still skeptical of today’s news that Mick Jagger is getting a heart valve replacement operation soon. I think this is a deep cover story for his unfolding plan to become the »

Happy New Year! [With Polar Bear Comment by John]

Featured image Happy New Year from the left coast. If I can get my newfangled mobile technology to work right, I’m going to attempt to livestream the Cayucos Polar Bear swim right at 12 noon sharp Pacific time, on Facebook. I don’t think you need to belong to Facebook to watch. Just try my address here.  I’ll probably spin it up and go live around 11:56 am or so, and give some »

Merry Christmas in Video

Featured image Ian Bremmer’s “Puppet Regime” videos are pretty good, even if slanted a bit center-left. This Christmas video is good for a chuckle: And for balance, how about the Black Rifle Coffee Company tapping out “Jingle Bells” and other classics with varying calibers of ammunition: And as a special bonus: P.S. Oh why not: »

Merry Christmas!

Featured image To all of our friends and readers who celebrate the holiday, Merry Christmas! Christmas is, in principle, a good time to stay offline. On the other hand, there really isn’t much to do, as most things are closed. If you are a Lutheran, like me, you can’t even go to church. So quite a few of us will find ourselves web surfing before the day is over. A fun fact »

Videos of the Week: Electric Boogaloo

Featured image Elon Musk is getting his usual attention for his latest gee-whiz stunt of running a mile of tunnel under Los Angeles and proposing to solve the city’s legendary traffic congestion by turning Angelenos into commuting Mole People—with electric cars, or course, and guess who makes those? I wouldn’t rule out the idea, and in general think that Musk gets more shade than he probably deserves. But surely he deserves some. »

The Ultimate Photobomb for the Holidays

Featured image Bear with me for a brief preface for the video below. Years ago—like almost 50 years ago—there was a thriving annual “UFO-Flying Saucer” convention out in the California desert that drew thousands of UFO believers from all over the country. (You can read about it here or here.) It was full of full-scale nutters. I know because I went several times as a little kid. Not to participate in UFO »

Attn: Shoppers—The Perfect Stocking Stuffer!

Featured image Looking for the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop for person? Well, this may not be the perfect gift, but tomorrow Encounter Books will release—just in time for Christmas stockings!—the paperback edition of Patriotism Is Not Enough, available on Amazon at the bargain price of just $11.59 ($5.50 off the cover price). The paperback edition features an all new preface. Because I finished writing the book before Trump was even nominated, let »

It Is *Too* A Christmas Movie

Featured image For some reason, the debate rages on about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Of course it is! And this video—really an exercise in Straussian esoteric interpretation—proves it once and for all—just look at all the clear Christmas call-outs embedded in the movie: And a reminder: »

Baby, It’s Dumb Outside

Featured image The silly season has returned, with radio stations (do they still exist?) declining to play “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” because #MeToo or something. The best takedown of this silliness remains Michele Bregande’s great article about it a year ago over at American Greatness. But a couple of merry pranksters have given it the old YouTube try: And from the great J.P. Sears: Of course, maybe the left has a point, »

Happy Easter!

Featured image …to our Christian friends and readers. I have been in Texas for the last few days, mostly for an aunt’s 100th birthday party. This morning, as our group was eating breakfast at the hotel where we are staying, a waitress invited everyone to a church service at the hotel that was to begin in 20 minutes or so. After the announcement, she and another member of the staff burst into »

Happy Power Line New Year

Featured image I hear it is cold where most of our readers live. At least that’s what John says. Well out here at Power Line’s Western Command, it’s another ludicrously sunny and clement New Year’s Day. Which could only mean one thing. Polar bear swim at noon, followed by an afternoon of grilling and football in the sun. »

Christmas Day Greetings

Featured image For those of you who are simply addicted to the Internet, rather than taking the day off as you should, a few seasonal thoughts and observations. First, as the pic nearby attests, I was on Santa’s Not-Naughty List this year. Obviously. And isn’t “Dividing Opinions Since 1815” the perfect motto for the perfect whiskey for a polemicist? Next, it has been some time since I last dipped into my usual »

Merry Christmas!

Featured image Here in Minnesota, Christmas morning dawned clear and cold–in fact, where I live, the temperature isn’t expected to rise above zero today. So we are battening down and enjoying our Christmas presents. Through the miracle of Google, over the last 48 hours more than 11,000 people have made their way to this “Merry Christmas” post from 2015, presumably because they Googled “Merry Christmas.” Not sure why anyone would do that, »