Columbus Day in Pictures

Featured image John has already dilated the self-abuse of liberals with regards to Indigenous Peoples Day Columbus Day, so I won’t add more here (except to say that when it comes to the supposed sin of “assimilation,” people ought to meditate on the deeper meaning of the seldom-noted clause in the Constitution which reads “excluding indians not taxed”—there’s a serious principle embedded in that seemingly technical phrase that is totally lost on today’s »

From the Land of the Free

Featured image We often go to South Dakota for the Fourth of July, in part because fireworks of pretty much all kinds are legal here, and in part to enjoy the general air of patriotism and freedom. We didn’t have any kids with us this year, so we enjoyed others’ fireworks rather than setting off our own. We went for a long boat ride on Lake Kampeska, where I spent summers as »

Normal America Returns [Updated]

Featured image Last year in the small rural town where I’m temporarily residing while the COVID-delayed major renovations on my house get started, the town “officially” canceled the July 4 parade, but the town mostly ignored officialdom and held a spontaneous parade anyway, mostly without masks. This year’s parade was more than “back to normal,” with a huge crowd, and lots of great small-town spirit.  I made a short highlight reel: Meanwhile, »

Happy July 4!

Featured image It is especially worth repeating, in Year 2 of Our Lord and Savior George Floyd, Ronald Reagan’s great quip that July 4 is every conservative’s favorite day of the year, while the liberal’s favorite day is April 15. Meanwhile, did you see that the White House is fighting back against inflation worries with the calculation that your July 4 barbecue is SIXTEEN CENTS cheaper than last year? Sixteen whole cents! »

Happy Easter! [Updated]

Featured image Happy Easter to all of our Christian readers! I confess to feeling surly about the fact that this is the second consecutive Easter on which we have not been able to actually go to church. In many quarters, the covid shutdown persists. I think that our collective reaction to the coronavirus will be studied for many years to come as an instance of terrible public policy, driven by emotion and »

New Years News You Can Use—In Pics!

Featured image By the time the regular TWiP is posted Saturday morning, New Year’s eve and New Year’s Day will be receding in the rear view mirror already. So in the spirit of this quasi-holiday, here’s some news you can use today: And for breakfast tomorrow morning: Cheers! »

Merry Christmas!

Featured image This is the 19th time we have wished our readers a Merry Christmas. The holiday season is always a time for reflection; now so, perhaps more than usual. We look forward to a troubled 2021, as the Evil Empire plans for a decisive onslaught that will destroy (or at least silence) the rest of us. Important battles will be fought, and soon. But for now, let’s just say Merry Christmas, »

A Christmas Story

Featured image I posted this, my favorite Christmas story, in 2012. It harkens back to a better time, or, at least, a more inspiring one. Some years ago, the sportswriter Rick Reilly wrote: You can take all your Tiny Tims and your Grinches and your Miracles on Whatever Street and stuff them in your stocking. The best Christmas story is about a boxer. It starts the day in 1918 when a doctor »

From the Land of the Free

Featured image I’ve been offline for a day or two, visiting family in South Dakota for Independence Day. (Or “Independence” Day as CNN would have it.) We had a big group: three of my kids, a daughter-in-law, two grandchildren, a fiance and a boyfriend. This year, more than ever, it was good to spend the 4th in a land of freedom and unabashed patriotism. South Dakota was in the news, too, with »

“Creating the New Ignorance”: A Christmas Day Idyll with C.S. Lewis

Featured image Christmas Day seems like a suitable occasion for a diversion from the political ephemera of the day with an extended reflection on the great C.S. Lewis (because repeating the self-evident arguments about why Die Hard is a Christmas movie is getting boring). I have previously quoted here the liberal grandee Arthur Schlesinger: “Ignorance is never any bar to certitude in the progressive dreamworld.” This remark appears in his best book, »

Thanksgiving? College Students Say It’s Unacceptable

Featured image On behalf of the College Fix, my friend Kyle Hooten went to Macalester College in St. Paul to interview students on the subject of Thanksgiving. Is it acceptable to celebrate the holiday? The students’ answers validate the adage that however bad you think America’s universities are, they are worse. »

Betsy Ross and the Spirit of ’76 [with comment by Paul]

Featured image We have written about Nike’s disgraceful withdrawing of a show that featured the “Betsy Ross flag” on the ground that, per Colin Kaepernick, it is somehow emblematic of slavery. This attitude may strike you as insane, but it is common on the Left, has been endorsed by Democratic presidential candidates, and, evidently, has penetrated corporate America. Michael Ramirez comments succinctly: Of course, as so often happens when the Left suddenly »

Happy Father’s Day Everybody! [Updated]

Featured image You know who’s really enjoying this Father’s Day? Donald Trump, that’s who. With these two tweets early this morning, he’s ruined Father’s Day for the media and The Resistance (but I repeat myself): You can just hear liberal heads exploding from coast-to-coast—especially over the bit about staying on if the people demand it. Heh. UPDATE: Sometimes I wonder if Trump is actually the reincarnation of Dr. Pavlov. Certainly USA Today »

Happy Easter!

Featured image A belated Happy Easter to all of our Christian readers and friends. I took this picture in church this morning: Unfortunately, Easter wasn’t so peaceful in Sri Lanka, where some people did something: Islamic terrorists carried out at least six more or less simultaneous attacks on churches and tourist hotels. Most of the attacks reportedly were done by suicide bombers, and 13 terrorists reportedly have been arrested. More than 200 »

More April Foolery

Featured image Trump is a godsend not just to the media, but to meme generators and parodists everywhere. This one may be my current favorite though: But then there’s this terrific story in today’s Los Angeles Times about New York City’s severe culinary deprivation: For Cramped New York, an Expanding Dining Scene The bright lights of New York City beckon to the restless and the hungry. In the city that never sleeps, »

A Very Remy April Fool’s Day

Featured image So it’s April Fool’s Day—the day when you’re supposed to fall for  . . . fake news. Which means it’s just another day for CNN. Yet another great American custom the media has ruined for everyone. (Though I am still skeptical of today’s news that Mick Jagger is getting a heart valve replacement operation soon. I think this is a deep cover story for his unfolding plan to become the »

Happy New Year! [With Polar Bear Comment by John]

Featured image Happy New Year from the left coast. If I can get my newfangled mobile technology to work right, I’m going to attempt to livestream the Cayucos Polar Bear swim right at 12 noon sharp Pacific time, on Facebook. I don’t think you need to belong to Facebook to watch. Just try my address here.  I’ll probably spin it up and go live around 11:56 am or so, and give some »