Normal America Returns [Updated]

Last year in the small rural town where I’m temporarily residing while the COVID-delayed major renovations on my house get started, the town “officially” canceled the July 4 parade, but the town mostly ignored officialdom and held a spontaneous parade anyway, mostly without masks. This year’s parade was more than “back to normal,” with a huge crowd, and lots of great small-town spirit.  I made a short highlight reel:

Meanwhile, some of you have been asking when I might post a new train video. Well here’s some raw footage I shot with my new FPV drone in super fast “sport” mode, and I’m not totally happy with it, but it was nerve wracking to fly under a bridge and power lines, not to mention a narrow ravine, for the first time.

UPDATE—Well what do you know? Here’s the early evening view of some of the many *unofficial* fireworks shows going on around this small rural burgh. ‘Murica!