Loose Ends (63)

I assumed that the following letter from President Trump to Speaker Pelosi was a fake, like yesterday’s fake edition of the Washington Post, but no—it’s real, and it’s spectacular! 

The White House has clarified that all congressional junkets will be postponed, not just Pelosi’s trip, which was supposed to depart this afternoon according to press reports.

Speaking of Democrats, save up for this, which sounds like the best day ever:

Well, when your colleagues are mostly twits, it makes sense.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin’s stooge, is taking more steps to kowtow to Moscow, like. . . wait, what?

Trump To Rapidly Expand Missile Defenses

President Trump announced a major shift in U.S. defense strategy on Thursday, ordering the Pentagon to rapidly expand current missile defenses and build new interceptors, space sensors, and advanced technology to neutralize foreign missiles at multiple stages of attack.

The president announced during a speech at the Pentagon that missile defenses, currently limited to countering North Korean long-range missiles and future Iranian missiles, will no longer be constrained to rogue states.

American missile defense systems will be expanded and new capabilities added that for the first time will prepare to counter much larger and increasingly advanced missile threats from Russia and China. . .

Both China and Russia, the president noted, are fielding more missiles, both current ballistic missiles, and newer, more lethal cruise and hypersonic missiles. Hypersonic missiles travel faster than five times the speed of sound and maneuver to evade missile defenses.

Worst Russian stooge ever.


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