Warren’s kitchen cabinet

Elizabeth Warren rolled out her presidential candidacy yesterday. The Daily Mail captures the festivities here. The video below features her live feed on Instagram at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern) yesterday on Instagram (about 13 minutes) as captured Newzcaffe. The Instagram live feed found an extremely limited audience. Warren was able to greet viewers individually as they joined the feed.

“Fight” is the motif of her remarks. She wants to duke it out for us, the little people. Indeed, appearances to the contrary notwithstanding, she is one of us. She cracks open a beer to prove it. She can “fight” while guzzling it down. Like the Okies out of Grapes of Wrath, she recalls mama and daddy. She makes no mention of Indian ancestry.

Warren disapproves of pharmaceutical companies making “ginormous profits.” (What about technology companies like Amazon and Apple? I hear they are somewhat profitable too.) Warren also disapproves of for-profit colleges. The common factor is profits; we can extrapolate Warren’s bogeymen to free enterprise generally. She favors consumption over production, so long as she has a hand in distribution.

Incidentally, while we are on the subject of the pharmaceutical companies, perhaps we should note that their products save lives. The only thing Elizabeth Warren has ever produced is bogus scholarship.

Warren sought questions from viewers, though none seemed to be forthcoming. She did not put either her children or her grandchildren on display; she didn’t mention them. Husband Bruce Mann and dog Bailey make cameo appearances. I hesitate to draw conclusion from the video, but I think one can make out here what Paul called “Warren’s woes.”

Via Peter Barry Chowka/American Thinker.