Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Will Never Be President

Featured image In 2016, I was one of a small number of pundits who predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election. This was not because I fully appreciated Trump’s appeal to voters; rather, because I had been saying for years that Hillary Clinton would never be president. She was an appallingly bad candidate, which her party inexplicably failed to understand. I am now ready to say the same about Elizabeth »

Bernie and Liz differentiate

Featured image When the presidential campaign season began, Bernie Sanders may have figured, as many of us did, that Elizabeth Warren would not make a strong run for the nomination. Polls did not place her at or near the top of the pack. Warren may have figured that Sanders, though polling well, would fade. To many, he seemed like yesterday’s man. Whether for these reasons or some other, neither Sanders nor Warren »

Elizabeth Warren Condemns US “Genocide”

Featured image Campaigning in Iowa earlier today, Elizabeth Warren nodded along while a lefty in the audience catalogued American foreign policy sins, including “genocides in Palestine and Yemen.” She responded, “I like your frame on this.” The rest of her answer is not preserved, but she gave every indication of being on board with the questioner’s radical critique: Watching the Democratic presidential candidates, I feel like I am experiencing some awful kind »

Thin Lizzie’s Wedge

Featured image I’m starting to wonder whether Elizabeth Warren is another Karl Rove/Steve Bannon dirty trick—a plant inside the Democratic Party with the perfect appeal to make the party sign up for the biggest political suicide note since the Labour Party decided to run on unilateral disarmament against Margaret Thatcher in 1983. (Labour lost in a historic landslide.) Warren’s Medicare-for-All will depend apparently on a 6 percent wealth tax on the super-rich, »

Warren’s ignorance: Worse than we think

Featured image A knowledgeable reader who asks to remain anonymous writes to comment on John’s post condemning the ignorance of Elizabeth Warren. I’m not sure ignorance is the right word, but our reader follows up on John’s point: Her ignorance is even worse than you think. In the first place nationalization of health insurance affects more than just those purchasing individual or employer-sponsored insurance. Most Medicaid beneficiaries have private sector insurance that »

Warren Loses the Lawyers

Featured image Elizabeth Warren has come up with a plan to pay for her “Medicare For All” proposal, which has a price tag in the tens of trillions of dollars. Part of the plan is a “wealth tax,” which means taxing unrealized capital gains at ordinary income rates. Combined with other elements of her plan, this implies that unrealized capital gains will be taxed at more than 50%. Megan McArdle wonders whether »

Elizabeth Warren Shows Her Ignorance

Featured image Elizabeth Warren is the current favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, but one wonders how voters will react when they learn about her bizarrely radical agenda. Warren openly advocates making all private health insurance–the kind that a large majority of Americans have–illegal. She hasn’t begun to think through the implications of this extreme proposal, but when voters begin to contemplate it, my guess they will vote against her, enthusiastically. Yesterday »

An open letter to Elizabeth Warren

Featured image Elizabeth Warren — United States Senator, Democratic presidential candidate, fake Indian, fake victim of pregnancy discrimination — recently counseled billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman via Twitter: “Leon, you were able to succeed because of the opportunities this country gave you. Now why don’t you pitch in a bit more so everyone else has a chance at the American dream, too?” Warren was responding to Cooperman’s dissent from the substance »

Warren works the memory hole

Featured image Yesterday’s Washington Free Beacon Extra included this condensed report for the record: VIDEO GOES UP IN SMOKE… WFB’s ALEX GRISWOLD, “Elizabeth Warren Scrubs DNA Test Video From Twitter”: Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren deleted a video from her Twitter account that announced to the world that she had a fraction of Native American DNA … By Wednesday morning, the tweet was gone. The deletion comes after the Warren campaign scrubbed »

Elizabeth Warren wraps herself in the victimhood of others

Featured image In a post called “Not just a fake Indian,” Scott discussed Elizabeth Warren’s claim that, as a young teacher, she was let go because she became pregnant. The claim is false, as demonstrated by records of the school board in question and confirmed by what Warren herself said in 2007. Warren is sticking to her story. She is an inveterate liar. One point that Warren keeps making is that her »

Not just a fake Indian!

Featured image When it suited her purposes in the world of academia, Elizabeth Warren absurdly presented herself as an American Indian, and it suited the purposes of academia to buy it. Running for the Democratic presidential nomination, Warren now poses as a former victim of benighted authorities who fired her from her first teaching job in 1971 because she was pregnant. She somehow overcame to become a Harvard law professor, though we »

Bye-Bye Bernie?

Featured image The stars seem to be aligning for Elizabeth Warren. First, female rival Kamala Harris proved not ready for prime time and failed to achieve lift-off. Next, Joe Biden reminded voters why his previous presidential campaigns have gone nowhere. He is perhaps the one candidate who–to be blunt–was never smart enough to be president, even when in full possession of his faculties. And now, he is neck-deep in the only real »

Warren stammers on Biden ethics issue

Featured image I got a kick out of this report by the Daily Caller: Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren appeared to stammer and waffle Wednesday when a reporter asked her if it would be ethical if her hypothetical vice president’s son served on the board of a foreign company. “No,” Warren told a reporter at a campaign stop in New Hampshire before pausing to reconsider her answer. Warren added, “I don’t know. »

Who is Elizabeth Warren? Her fundraising tactics provide a clue

Featured image It’s not easy to distinguish the policy positions of Elizabeth Warren from those of avowed socialist Bernie Sanders. Yet, the establishment fears Sanders and seems comfortable enough with Warren. Why? I think it’s because they suspect that Warren’s radicalism isn’t nearly as sincere as Sanders’s. This New York Times article about Warren’s fundraising confirms both the establishment’s comfort with Warren and her lack of sincerity. The Times documents that Warren »

Bidding for black votes, sometimes it’s not easy even for Democrats

Featured image I’ve mentioned before that it’s difficult, if not impossible, for Republicans to win the votes of African-Americans through policy proposals. These voters are loyal to the Democratic party. In any case, the Dems invariably will outbid the GOP through more blatant race conscious policies than the ones Republicans propose. Democrats too can find it difficult to bid for black votes — when they are running against each other. Take the »

Polls: Biden leads by double digits

Featured image Earlier this week, a Monmouth poll caused quite a stir by showing, in effect, a three-way tie for the lead in the Democratic presidential race among Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders. We noted, however, that Monmouth surveyed fewer than 300 people and that its results appeared to be an outlier. Five more recent polls confirm this assessment: Quinnipiac: Biden 32, Warren 19, Sanders 15 Emerson: Biden 31, Sanders »

Police chiefs: Warren’s false claims are putting police officers’ lives in danger

Featured image I wrote here about Elizabeth Warren’s statement that Michael Brown was murdered by a police officer. This claim is so contrary to the facts that even the Washington Post gave it four “Pinocchios” — the most adverse rating it awards to false statements. Warren’s lie about Michael Brown is part of her campaign to disparage law enforcement. Through that campaign, she hopes to win over left-wing and African-American voters. There’s »