Elizabeth Warren

Shocker: Media won’t cover Democratic race like it covered Republican race four years ago

Featured image Margaret Sullivan is a media columnist for the Washington Post. Her columns show her to be a liberal partisan and full-blown Trump-hater. Earlier this year, Sullivan urged reporters covering the presidential campaign to eschew “horse race” stories, avoid being distracted by gaffes, and focus on the substance of the candidates’ ideas. She lamented the fact that some outlets were talking about Elizabeth Warren’s likability (or lack thereof) and beer grab. »

Elizabeth Warren, Trumpist?

Featured image The Democrats hate Donald Trump, but do they hate his policies? In some cases, sure. But many elements of Trumpism are actually congenial to Democrats who want to run to Trump’s left…or is it his right? A reader unpacks Elizabeth Warren’s speech on “A Foreign Policy that Works for All Americans.” Setting the stage: Mistakes piled on mistakes. Reckless, endless wars in the Middle East. Trade deals rammed through with »

Dave Begley: Live from Council Bluffs

Featured image You may have heard that Elizabeth Warren is off and running for president, so yesterday she came to Council Bluffs. The Omaha World-Herald couldn’t get someone from its own staff to be there; instead it runs this excited news service report. We nevertheless had Nebraska attorney Dave Begley on hand to cover the festivities for us. Dave is a Nebraska attorney practicing elder law and estate planning in Omaha. He »

Do female candidates bear a special “likability” burden?

Featured image Expect to see plenty more whiny articles like this one in today’s Washington Post called “Women still bear special demands for ‘likability.'” Annie Linskey and Dave Weigel note that “just hours after Elizabeth Warren announced her plan to run for president, a question began surfacing about a possible weakness. . .Is she likable enough to be president?” They go on to assert that comparable demands to be likable are not »

Warren’s woes, Part Two

Featured image In this post about Elizabeth Warren’s prospects as a presidential candidate, I compared her to Hillary Clinton (without Bill). Like Hillary, Warren has little in her persona that’s likely to fire up voters, other than feminists of a certain age. She lacks the common touch. She can scold, but she can’t preach. Audiences, if they are well-disposed coming in, may come away impressed, but they’re unlikely to come away inspired. »

Warren’s kitchen cabinet

Featured image Elizabeth Warren rolled out her presidential candidacy yesterday. The Daily Mail captures the festivities here. The video below features her live feed on Instagram at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern) yesterday on Instagram (about 13 minutes) as captured Newzcaffe. The Instagram live feed found an extremely limited audience. Warren was able to greet viewers individually as they joined the feed. “Fight” is the motif of her remarks. She wants to duke it »

Elizabeth Warren is in

Featured image Yesterday, I opined that if Elizabeth Warren runs for president, she will face a steep uphill climb. Today, it looks like she intends to embark on that climb. The Boston Globe reports that Warren announced she is “exploring” a run for the presidency in 2020. She plans, according to a campaign source, to ramp up her operation right away, with travel to early primary states expected soon. With Warren “exploring” »

Warren’s woes

Featured image I wrote here about Elizabeth Warren’s commencement speech at Morgan State University earlier this month. In her address, Warren pandered shamelessly to her audience of African-Americans. The focus of my post was on the nonsensical content of Warren’s speech and how she was sending the wrong message to the graduates. As to the politics, I noted only that the audience probably would have preferred “a younger, more ‘with it’ speaker »

Elizabeth Warren panders

Featured image Elizabeth Warren delivered the commencement address at Morgan State University last week. It strikes me that the graduates would have preferred a younger, more “with it” speaker to Warren — a 69 year-old politician trying to restore her “intersectional” credentials after the embarrassment of her DNA test. But I’m just guessing. In any event, Warren used the occasion to pander. She stated: Under the rules of commencement speakers I am »

White like her

Featured image There are a few levels of Schadenfreude to be had in Astead Herndon’s New York Times story “Elizabeth Warren Stands by DNA Test. But Around Her, Worries Abound.” Warren’s absurd promotion of test results that contradicted her claim to Native American ancestry has somehow gone missing from the Times story. The Times story is amazing and laughable in its own way, but it represents our dystopian future. The Times story »

“Just a Standard White Guy”

Featured image Wouldn’t you know it? The South Park guys were a year ahead of this week’s Elizabeth Warren headlines when it comes to DNA testing, with this segment that aired in September of last year: Now, when are Parker and Stone going to get around to doing a sequel to Team America: World Police? With Trump in office, it would be epic times a thousand! »

Elizabeth Warren’s about-face on Indian gaming

Featured image That Fauxahontas thing isn’t Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s only Indian controversy. There’s also the fact that Warren, in a reversal of position, has been backing an Indian gaming bill tied to special interests. As we shall see, the two may be related. The Free Beacon reports: Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren is backing legislation that would heavily benefit a foreign gambling conglomerate and a string of special interests, despite pledging to end »

Mind games

Featured image The headline of this Washington Post article (paper edition) is “Warren dust-up shows Trump sway over Democratic contest.” A better title would substitute “minds” for “contest.” Trump certainly got in Elizabeth Warren’s head. His constant “Pocahontas” references induced her to take a DNA test, publicize its results, and thereby make herself a source of greater ridicule than before. Trump is also responsible for the fact that clownish Michael Avenatti is »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Fauxcahontas Edition

Featured image Future historians are going to look back on yesterday as the moment identity politics started to die. Did Lizzy Warren not consider that she was releasing her embarrassing DNA results on the same day the trial of the lawsuit over Harvard’s discrimination against Asians began? (Prediction: Harvard is going to lose this case, though perhaps narrowly. In any case, it is going to roil the waters of elite college admissions »

Why Elizabeth Warren’s Lies Are Good For America

Featured image Paul and Scott have joined in the general hilarity over Elizabeth Warren’s disclosure that she might be something like 1/1,000 Native American. (Then again, she might not be. There is so little Native American DNA in the database that several Latin American countries, including Mexico, are used as proxies. Warren may have a better claim to being Hispanic than Indian.) It turns out that Warren likely has less Native American »

Elizabeth Warren: The movie

Featured image Elizabeth Warren has proved that she is approximately as Native American as the average cigar store Indian. I won’t be persuaded until Ward Churchill has endorsed her claim. Warren released a video (below) in connection with her alleged vindication. She must think we’re really, really stupid, and she has more evidence to support that proposition than she does her claim to official Indianship of some kind. Committing the only kind »

Elizabeth Warren’s “vindication”

Featured image Elizabeth Warren claims that a study of her DNA she had performed by a Stanford professor backs her claim that she’s an Indian. Sen. Warren is calling on President Trump to donate $1 million to her favorite charity, based on Trump’s statement that he would do so “if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian.” As I read the results, however, they show that Warren is not »