This Week @ Yale: How “Progressive” Is Progressivism?

This Thursday I’ll be returning once again to Yale for the eighth lecture in my ten-part series for the William F. Buckley Program, this time on the topic in the headline above. I notice that Kamala Harris has freshly declared that she is not a socialist, but a “Progressive Democrat.” So it is timely to consider once again the nature and legacy of Progressivism in deforming America’s political life for more than a century now. How do today’s progressives compare to the original progressives of the “Progressive Era” a century ago? What effects has progressivism had on politics and political institutions?

As before, the lecture will go off at 4:30 pm in WLH Room 207, at 100 Wall Street right in the middle of the Yale campus. If you’re not a local resident, not to worry: the Buckley Program posts videos of the lectures on YouTube, and I’ll eventually post the audio as a podcast here.

But if you absolutely can’t wait, here’s the video of my most recent lecture, on the question of why socialism has become popular again: