The Week in Pictures: Mueller Encore Edition

The left’s obsession with Trump Russia Collusion and Obstruction has become the dead parrot sketch of American politics. It’s pushing up daisies, singing to the choir invisible. It’s an ex-scandal. No, CNN, it’s not just stunned, or pining for the fjords of decent ratings. The fat lady is singing. In fact she’s back in her dressing room starting her low-carb diet. It’s more over than your grandma’s overcooked roast beef. CNN anchors will be lucky to find work in a mime troupe, having been rendered laughable by the internet’s meme troupe. MoveOn, the left once said. No matter: this show is going to play off-Broadway probably for another five and a half years. Heh.

Adam Schiff’s bedroom

Headlines of the week:

And finally. . . a nod to the greatest of The Avengers (not this MCU junk):