Trump does GMB [updated]

President Trump sat down with Piers Morgan for a 30-minute interview on Good Morning Britain. Touting the interview as a world exclusive, GMB has just posted the video on YouTube. I have posted the video below.

Morgan’s interview covers Trump’s state visit and America’s relationship with the United Kingdom. “In the half-hour long chat in Churchill’s historic war rooms,” GMB notes, “Trump clarifies his ‘nasty’ comments about Meghan Markle and reveals why the NHS won’t be part of a post-Brexit trade deal.”

Morgan rides his hobby horses, but most notable to me is the good-humored and straightforward nature of the interview. It lacks the animus with which Trump would be treated anywhere but certain precincts of the world of FOX News.

Comments are disabled on the video posted at YouTube. Power Line commenters can have at it here.

UPDATE: What happened to the video of the interview posted at YouTube by GMB? Steve Cates locates it here in “PDT interview with Piers Morgan.”