Babylon Bee: Biden Likes All Races, “Even the Bad Ones”

The Babylon Bee is an excellent satire site, but this one–Biden Clarifies: ‘I Like All Races, Even The Bad Ones’ is hilarious:

Joe Biden has apologized for his recent seemingly racist comment, where he said that poor kids are sometimes as smart as white kids.

“Everyone who knows me knows I’m not a racist,” said Biden. “I even have a black friend, Barry. Smart, articulate guy.”
Aides were then seen signaling him to stop talking, but Biden pushed on.

“Rest assured,” Biden said. “I like all races, even the bad ones.”

And the Bee’s conclusion couldn’t be truer:

Media immediately jumped all over Biden’s comments, responding to his horrifying gaffe by calling on President Trump to resign.

The Bee is carrying on a running battle with Snopes, which has repeatedly “fact checked” its posts, even though Snopes obviously has figured out that the Bee is a satire site. Snopes is not so much a fact checker as a defender of liberal orthodoxy. Its attitude toward the Babylon Bee is “That’s not funny!”