Democratic Socialists Double Down on Crazy

Yesterday we noted that the Democratic Socialists of America were having a convention, and providing lots of free comedy. Well, there’s more, courtesy of the Young Americans Against Socialism.

First up, an earnest young gentleman (I take the risk of presuming his gender) warns the attendees about all the things they need to be sensitive about (strong scents?), and also a warning against talking to journalists and “right-wing” agitators, oblivious to the fact that this scene would end up on YouTube:

And more upset about potential triggering from “he/him” James Jackson:

Wait—did he use the word “trump” (even in its ordinary meaning), and then stumble a but when he realized what he’d done?!  I suspect he triggered a lot of people with that mistake.

Michael Harrington, the leading Democratic Socialist back in the 1960s and 1970s, must be rolling in his grave right now.

UPDATE: This is definitely the Tweet of the day for this story: