Londoners to Climate Protesters: Drop Dead!

A radical group called Extinction Rebellion, which purports to be acting on behalf of the Earth’s climate, has caused serious disruptions in England, attempting to shut down airports and other modes of transportation. This morning, the group tried to close down London’s morning commute by climbing on top of subway trains. Commuters did not take kindly to this arrogant and pointless act, as these videos show.

I love the part in this one where a normal climbs on top of the train and chases the bad guy, much like a Western of the 1950s:

Here a group of normals confront an Extinction Rebellion protester and ask her how she traveled to the protest. Good question!

These privileged protesters don’t seem to have any demands on their time, but the rest of us have to go to work. They should be treated with dispatch when they try to disrupt our lives.