Trump Doubles Down (2)

I agree with Paul that President Trump is making a bold move by calling on both Ukraine and China to investigate corruption involving the Biden family while Joe Biden was vice president. Unlike Paul, I see Trump’s call as entirely defensible.

There is strong evidence that the Biden family accepted bribes from both Chinese and Ukrainian interests. Those who bribed the Bidens obviously thought they were buying influence with the Obama administration, or at least hoped they were doing do. This is old-fashioned, unvarnished corruption. It is certainly unethical, and likely illegal. It deserves to be investigated. Because the bribes involved Ukraine and China, and those who offered or paid the bribes are located there, it makes sense for those governments to participate in the investigation.

Politically, I think it is better for Trump to call a spade a spade (or corruption corruption, or a bribe a bribe) than to dance around the issue. Doing so, over and over again, puts the focus where it belongs: on the corruption, and willingness to sell out American interests, of the Biden family in particular, and the Democratic Party in general. If Nancy Pelosi thinks the China/Ukraine/Biden story can be told without damage to her party, I believe she is mistaken.