Featured image Back in July, the MidValley Times reported, officials in Reedley, California, discovered an illegal laboratory harboring mice, blood, tissue and bodily fluid samples, along with “thousands of vials that contained unlabeled fluids.” Closer inspection revealed “bacterial and viral agents, including: chlamydia, E. Coli, streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 5, and rubella” along with “samples of malaria.” An outfit called Prestige Biotech had had been operating the »

Will America Lose the Next War?

Featured image My great teacher of strategic studies, the late Harold Rood, used to say the question of war is simple: if there’s going to be a war—and there will always be another war—who is going to win it? Our friends at Kite and Key Media have produced another of their short but information-rich videos on this question, and it is sobering: »

Podcast: A Conversation with Col. Austin Bay about America’s Proxy Wars

Featured image Herewith another bonus classic format edition, this time featuring an extended conversation with Col. Austin Bay, one of the proprietors of the indispensable Strategy Page, columnist for Creators Syndicate, and author of the splendid Cocktails from Hell: Five Complex Wars Shaping the 21st Century. His column last week is a brief and lucid tour through the proxy wars America is currently confronting (against Russia and Iran, by way of Ukraine »

Gavin Trudeau

Featured image “The only way we can solve the climate crisis is to continue our long-standing cooperation with China,” proclaimed Gavin Newsom during his trip to China. For the California governor, collaboration with one of the world’s leading polluters, a one-party Stalinist police state, is the “only way” to solve a “crisis” that is an existential problem. Gov. Newsom allegedly raised human-rights issues but failed to call for China to release David »

Anti-Semitism In China

Featured image If there is a conflict between good and evil going on anywhere in the world, you can predict which side the Communist Chinese will be on. In the case of the Gazan invasion of Israel, you would be right: Sitting in front of a map of the world, Chinese influencer Su Lin has been live-streaming rants in support of Hamas and against Israel since the war broke out. Coming almost »

The Nations That Dominate the Global Economy…

Featured image …will be those that adopt sane energy policies. Unfortunately, that group does not include the U.S. Our government is determined to drive the coal industry, and coal-fired power plants, out of business, with natural gas next on the list. Does that make any sense? David Blackmon writes in the Telegraph: As the United States continues to rapidly retire its dwindling fleet of coal-fired power plants in the name of fighting »

China’s Doll Departs

Featured image Sen. Dianne Feinstein has departed this life at the age of 90. The California Democrat can be remembered in several ways, especially as the American politician most faithful to the People’s Republic of China. In April of 2020, Missouri attorney general Eric Schmitt filed a lawsuit charging that Chinese Communist officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians.”  For Sen. »

Reading the UNGA tea leaves

Featured image Clifford D. May is founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and a columnist for the Washington Times. He is a veteran reporter, foreign correspondent, and editor for the New York Times and other publications. Cliff’s most recent column is “Reading the UNGA tea leaves” (at FDD, where it is posted with links). Cliff has kindly given us his permission to post his column on Power »

Jimmy Lai’s struggle

Featured image In John Updike’s short story “Bech in Czech” (collected in Bech at Bay), Updike’s fictional alter ego is sent to Czechoslovakia on a cultural exchange program through the United States government in 1986, while the country is still Communist. Bech attends a party of dissident writers, one of whom had been imprisoned. Bech reflects: Jail! One of the guests at the party had spent nearly ten years in prison. He »

Martyrs — and newsmen — for freedom

Featured image Clifford D. May is founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) and a columnist for the Washington Times. He is a veteran reporter, foreign correspondent, and editor for the New York Times and other publications. Cliff’s most recent column is “Martyrs — and newsmen — for freedom” (at FDD, where it is posted with links). Cliff has kindly given us his permission to post his column »

The spy who came in from the sold

Featured image Earlier this week House Committee Chairman Brad Wenstrup (Select Subcommittee on the Permanent Select Committee on Coronavirus Pandemic) and Mike Turner (Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence) released issued a press release that reads as follows: Staff on the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have heard testimony from a whistleblower alleging that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) offered six analysts significant monetary incentives to »

“I’ve never seen anything like this”

Featured image Local authorities in Reedley, California uncovered a warehouse lab that “they suspect was home to an illegal, unlicensed laboratory full of lab mice, medical waste and hazardous materials.” NBC News covers the story here. The CDC tested substances on hand and detected at least 20 potentially infectious agents, including coronavirus, HIV, hepatitis and herpes. The NBC News story buries this nugget and leaves it hanging: Officials were unable to get »

The truth about the Biden family business is becoming too big to hide

Featured image At a Jan. 26, 1998 White House event, with wife Hillary by his side, then-President Bill Clinton wagged his finger at reporters and said, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”  If not for the stains on Monica Lewinsky’s infamous “blue dress,” he would have been happy to leave it at that. But called upon to provide a blood sample for DNA testing that summer, Clinton »

Jake Sullivan on the Luft indictment

Featured image Yesterday I noted the unsealing of the indictment of Gal Luft. Reading the indictment, I could only imagine what the government might have done with Hunter Biden and the Biden family business if it had been so inclined. Luft himself anticipated my guilty thoughts in this pointed tu quoque in the video he released to the New York Post last week: “Why am I being indicted … for ghostwriting an »

In Beijing, Yellen kowtows

Featured image The position United States Secretary of the Treasury is exalted. It has been held by eminent officials in Democratic and Republican administrations. As Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen degrades the office she holds. She revealed herself as a political hack with her toeing of the administration’s “inflation is transitory” line. She toes every aspect of the administration’s line, including its humanly destructive abortion line and its economically destructive green »

Say it loud, I’m a dictator and I’m proud

Featured image A veteran reporter, foreign correspondent, and editor at the New York Times and other publications, Clifford May is the founder and president of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He writes a weekly column for the Washington Times that is cross-posted at the invaluable FDD site. Cliff has given us standing permission to publish his column on Power Line. This week Cliff writes “Yes, Xi Jinping is a dictator, and »

Gary Shapley on camera

Featured image In the matter of the Biden family business — CBS News has covered the testimony of IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley. This is a significant development. The story is posted under the headline “IRS whistleblower in Hunter Biden probe says he was stopped from pursuing investigative leads into ‘dad’ or the ‘big guy.'” I have posted video of the segment below. Something is happening here. The New York Times has confirmed »