The Power Line Show, Ep. 160: The Year in Review and 2020 Preview

Our final episode of 2019 brings together the entire Power Line gang—John, Paul, Scott, and me, along with “Ammo Grrll” Susan Vass—for a look at the current scene and a look ahead to next year. Consisting of excerpts from a recent Power Line VIP member live video chat, John hosts as we review the farce of impeachment, the state of the Democratic nomination contest (including how big a buffoon Joe Biden is), what blue states might actually be in play for Trump (including even Minnesota?!?!), along with a detour into the confused Israeli political scene, and culminating in a constructive proposal from Susan for replacing “The View” on ABC with a show a sane person might actually want to watch.

The excerpts here are only about half of the live chat from last Thursday, and we also had some technical problems keeping Susan connected (either that or she had to excuse herself to go shoot something), so if you enjoy this episode consider joining our VIP program. In the meantime, happy new year, and best wishes from the Power Line crew.

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