An update from Dr. B.

A few weeks ago John posted Peter Robinson’s highly informative interview with Stanford Medical School’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya (it is accessible here on YouTube). As Peter notes in the introduction to the April 17 installment of his interview with Dr. Bhattacharya (below), that video went viral, no pun intended. Dr. Bhattacharya had mentioned that he himself would soon be conducting tests for COVID-19 in Santa Clara County, California. In this video Dr. Bhattacharya returns to discuss the results of that study and one currently under way for Major League Baseball.

Peter and Dr. Bhattacharya discuss a few hopeful signs and specific ideas about how the economy can be restarted. Dr. Bhattacharya also gives some (unsolicited) advice to Dr. Anthony Fauci, California Governor Gavin Newsom, and President. Of particular interest to me is Dr. Bhattacharya’s discussion of the impracticability of contact tracing if the infection rate is as high as the Santa Clara results suggest, but the entire discussion of the Santa Clara results makes a crucially important contribution to the issues confronting us.