Klobuchar bows out to make room for “woman of color”

Amy Klobuchar says she called Joe Biden on Wednesday to tell him that “this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket.” Woman of color. Does that include pale Elizabeth Warren who has a tiny drop (apparently less than that of the average American) of Indian blood?

Biden has already decided to discriminate on the basis of gender in selecting his running mate. Now Klobuchar is advising him to discriminate on the basis of “color.”

Or was it the other way around? Maybe Klobuchar got the message that Biden intends to discriminate and, good soldier that she is, graciously helped clear the way.

Discriminating on the basis of gender and/or race is morally wrong. It’s also bad practice because it shrinks the pool of qualified candidates.

Klobuchar’s removal shrinks the pool of candidates on Biden’s reported shortlist who can pass as less than hardcore left-wing. Arguably, it shrinks that pool to zero.

But Biden probably has decided that he wants to ride black turnout and left-wing enthusiasm to the White House. I don’t think he’s looking for someone who can pass as relatively moderate (or, anyway, someone who has to defend her record as a prosecutor in Minnesota). Or maybe Biden thinks that Susan Rice or a more obscure “woman of color” said to be on his list can pass.

Watching Klobuchar reveal to Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC that she has bowed out reminds me of how cloying and phony she is. I’m glad there’s no chance she will be our next vice president.