Amy Klobuchar

Klobuchar bows out to make room for “woman of color”

Featured image Amy Klobuchar says she called Joe Biden on Wednesday to tell him that “this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket.” Woman of color. Does that include pale Elizabeth Warren who has a tiny drop (apparently less than that of the average American) of Indian blood? Biden has already decided to discriminate on the basis of gender in selecting his running mate. Now Klobuchar is »

Did Amy Let It Slip?

Featured image In yesterday’s podcast, Steve asked whether I had heard any rumors about Amy Klobuchar being promised the vice-presidential slot in return for dropping out and endorsing Joe Biden. I hadn’t. But (via Ann Althouse) Amy herself may have let the secret out yesterday: { WATCH } A slip this morning by Sen. Amy Klobuchar during a campaign event for Joe Biden in Grand Rapids. “I could not think of a »

Cancel this

Featured image Nekima Levy Armstrong was one of the Black Lives Matter “protesters” who shut down Amy Klobuchar’s homecoming rally at St. Louis Park High School on Sunday night, before Klobuchar shut down her presidential campaign. The rally had been called in anticipation of Minnesota’s Super Tuesday primary today. Bernie Sanders is coming on strong in Minnesota. Sanders appeared for a rally with Ilhan Omar at St. Paul’s Roy Wilkins Auditorium yesterday. »

“A disappointing state of affairs”

Featured image Minnesotans from all over the Twin Cities and beyond drove to St. Louis Park High School yesterday evening for the rally that was to feature Minnesota Senator and favorite daughter presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar. Following the cancellation of the rally as a result of the thugocratic works of Nekima Levy Armstrong and her BLM colleagues, Star Tribune editorial editor and vice president Scott Gillespie sent out this Star Tribune Opinion »

BLM comes for Klobuchar

Featured image “Protesters” of the BLM variety shut down Amy Klobuchar’s planned rally in St. Louis Park last night. The Star Tribune has posted Torey Van Oot’s antiseptic Star Tribune story here. This is a bloody outrage, abetted by the Klobuchar campaign’s surrender to the protesters. St. Louis Park police were on the scene but took no action. Who are these people? Van Oot fails to name the name of a single »

When the shrieking stopped

Featured image One of the incompetent CBS debate moderators — someone should interview them to ask how they “feel” to have done such a poor job — gave the Democratic presidential candidates a chance to sign off last night by providing their personal motto. Does everyone have a personal motto? What a stupid question. My own, thanks to my grandfather S. Paul Johnson, is Courtesy is cheap and pays big dividends. Nobody »

Will Amy Klobuchar be the last woman standing?

Featured image Half a year ago, I thought that the Democratic nominee for president would be one of these four candidates: Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, or Kamala Harris. This wasn’t just my view, it was widely shared among those who, unlike me, are sometimes right about modern political horse races. Now, Kamala Harris is long gone, and the Biden and Warren campaigns are on life support. With Harris gone and »

“Making room for pro-life Democrats.” What does it mean?

Featured image Amy Klobuchar charmed Meghan McCain today by saying that, although she’s always been “pro choice,” she “believe[s] we’re a big tent party, and there are pro-life Democrats and they are part of our party, and we need to build a big tent.” That’s mighty big of Klobuchar. Pete Buttigieg may or may not be as big. He doesn’t read pro-life Democrats out of the party, but says he won’t “trick” »

Is Klobuchar closing strong in New Hampshire?

Featured image Amy Klobuchar had a strong debate performance last week in New Hampshire. Although I had written her off after her lackluster showing in Iowa, it seemed to me that, with the excellent debate and endorsements from three leading New Hampshire newspapers, Klobuchar “might make a surprisingly good run in New Hampshire.” However, I concluded that “a top three finish seems out of reach.” Today, as New Hampshire votes, a top »

The New York Times Never Disappoints!

Featured image There’s a joke from way back in the 1980s about how the major media would report the announcement that the world is going to end tomorrow. The Wall Street Journal’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow; Markets to Close Early.” USA Today’s headline would say, “World Ending Tomorrow, but We’ll Grin and Bear It.” And the New York Times headline would say: “World Ending Tomorrow: Women and Minorities Hardest Hit.” Lo and »

Elizabeth Warren in desperation mode

Featured image I didn’t watch the Democratic candidates’ presidential debate last night. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t even know it was taking place. Based on accounts of the debate, I wish I’d tuned in. I take perverse enjoyment in seeing candidates I don’t like trying desperately to ward off defeat. Elizabeth Warren is such a candidate. Not long ago, she was right on the heels of frontrunner Joe »

A Klobuchar surge?

Featured image I believe there’s a market among Democrats for a presidential candidate who is not radical, who is not old and frequently confused, and who is not a straight white male. Who might that candidate be? It might have been Kamala Harris. However, she opted not to fill that lane. Now, she’s an ex-candidate for president. It might be Pete Buttigieg, except it’s not so clear that he’s non-radical. Buttigieg seemingly »

Meet Amy Whinehouse

Featured image I have observed Amy Klobuchar up close for a long time. The first time I saw her in court the court reporter asked her to spell her name for him. The judge asked his court reporter in open court, “Good God, man, don’t you read the newspaper?” Klobuchar’s rise in Minnesota politics is attributable in good part to her father’s prominence as a sports reporter and daily columnist for the »

Amy’s complaint

Featured image Amy Klobuchar is upset. She had hoped to become the second string non-radical choice for the Democratic presidential nomination behind Joe Biden, who she thought might fall by the wayside. Instead, Pete Buttigieg has grabbed that slot. How did his happen? Klobuchar declines to give Buttigieg any credit or to accept any blame. Instead, she attributes Buttigieg’s success and her her failure to sexism, expressing doubt that people would take »

Amy K., giant of the Senate

Featured image Former funnyman Al Franken titled his poorly timed memoir Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, just before Chuck Schumer shoved him and Franken resigned. Franken posed for the self-mocking cover of his memoir. The title and the photograph made a small concession to self-awareness, or to the public relations value of pretending self-awareness, but he deserved credit for the thought. It was a joke. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar pretends no »

Dave Begley: Live from Atlantic

Featured image Our occasional correspondent Dave Begley was on hand when Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar brought her campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination to a Cass County party event in Atlantic, Iowa on Monday (thumbnail photo courtesy of Dave). Dave — a Nebraska attorney practicing elder law and estate planning in Omaha — posed a question that Senator Klobuchar is unlikely to be asked by any other correspondent on the trail and »

Four Pinocchios for Amy Klobuchar

Featured image Glenn Kessler is the Washington Post’s “fact checker.” He writes a column reporting on his fact checks. In my opinion, Kessler usually does a good job of analyzing claims by partisans, both Democrat and Republican. He identifies what’s correct and/or plausible about a given claim and what’s incorrect and/or implausible about it. He provides useful background information and often offers nuance. Kessler concludes his columns by awarding “Pinocchios” — one »