Video Games Join the Propaganda Machine

I know virtually nothing about video games, but I got this chilling email today from a Power Line reader. First the email, then a brief comment.

Long time Power Line reader. I thought I would bring something to your attention that wouldn’t otherwise be on your radar.

One of the world’s most popular videogames is “Fortnite”. Played by tens of millions of (mostly) kids on a daily basis, the game is widely regarded as one of the most popular and widely-played videogames in the world. The concept of the game is simple: 100 players are dropped onto an island, and they must gather weapons to kill each other until only one person is left.

There are several different modes a user can play. They can play “Solo”, they can play in “Duos” or “Squads” of four people. And there is another mode in the game, called “Party Mode”. During “Party Mode”, players can log in instead of killing each other, they can watch music concerts, film previews, and other entertaining videos.

This weekend, “Party Mode” will be filled not with a country music concert or a clip of the latest Disney film…but a panel discussion on white privilege. Specifically, the program will be educating our youth about “how to change the systemic racism in media, culture, and entertainment.”

Who is on this panel? I think Power Line will love the experts gathered. And by “love,” I mean “not love.”

The moderator is Van Jones, who famously called the 2016 election a “whitewash.”

He will be joined on the panel by journalist Jemele Hill, who was fired from ESPN for calling Donald Trump a white supremacist.

Also on the panel is rapper “Killer Mike.” I admit I wasn’t familiar with Killer Mike’s music, so I looked him up. On iTunes, his most popular song is called “Burn” It contains the lyrics:

Police in the ghetto, they is killing (n-word) daily/But when we get to busting back they say that we crazy/Prison is overcrowded and school is too/Cause they under educate you and got a place for you, yeah

If those lyrics, don’t ring a bell, perhaps you will recognize the much catchier chorus of the song which goes “Bomb, yeah, yeah, yeah, this m****f****er down Yeah, yeah, yeah I will bomb this m****f****er down.”

Also on the panel is another rapper, “Lil Baby.” He wrote a song about the George Floyd killing, so I looked up those lyrics. They include the Lennon-McCartney-esque line:
“It’s too many mothers that’s grieving/They killing us for no reason/Been going on for too long to get even/Throw us in cages like dogs and hyenas.”

Rounding out the panel is write/editor Elaine Welteroth, most famous for turning Teen Vogue from a fashion magazine into one of the most overtly left-leaning publications on newsstands. See also “How Teen Vogue Became a Champion of Democratic Socialism.”

Strangely, the Fortnite videogame is debuting the live conference at 6:45 a.m. on Saturday (when it’s unlikely many of the pre-teen and teenage users will be awake), however they will be re-airing this drivel every hour on the hour inside the Fortnite game.

This is how our kids are being brainwashed. If you have readers whose kids play Fortnite (and I’m sure most of your readers who have kids do play), you should warn them of this awful conference.

I’m attaching artwork for the ad they are running. Here is a link to the press release announcing the panel.

Please spread the word!

Submitted anonymously as I don’t want to be doxxed and have my life ruined for not going with the narrative!

If you feel besieged, you are right. Our country is indeed under siege, but, weirdly, it comes from within. I have no idea who runs Epic Games or why they hate America. By rights, they should be grateful for what must be extraordinary financial success, not to mention the freedoms they enjoy along with the rest of us. Why has nearly every element of our culture gone on an insane anti-American, anti-freedom binge? I can’t explain it. I will say this, though: if the forces of evil win in November, the country we know may be doomed.