Democrats Embrace Citizens United!

When the Citizens United decision that said the federal government can’t censor political speech came down back in 2010, many Democrats said it was literally the worst decision since Dred Scott, because it would allow for “big money” to sway an election. Remember that the issue presented in the case was a documentary film, “Hillary: The Movie,” produced by the non-profit Citizens United group.

Well, Democrats must feel differently now, as Showtime released today the trailer for a two-part dramatization of “The Comey Rule,” which, judging from the trailer, recycles the long-discredited Russia hoax.  No matter: it is clear from this trailer that it is an anti-Trump film, being released within the 90 day window before an election—the window of restriction that the Supreme Court struck down in Citizens United. Big money trying to influence an election, eh? I wonder how much this production cost. If the Supreme Court had upheld this provision of the McCain-Feingold Act, Trump could likely sue successfully to have the release of this film enjoined.

Remember this the next time a liberal complains about Citizens United or “big corporate money” in politics.