More Riots, Looting In Minneapolis [With Multiple Updates]

Tonight, while we were doing our VIP Live show, rioters attacked downtown Minneapolis, looting among other things a Target store that is part of Target’s corporate headquarters:

More looting on Nicollet Mall:

Apparently a criminal shot someone in a parking ramp, and then shot himself:

Police arrived shortly thereafter and started administering CPR. Bystanders immediately accused the police (falsely) of shooting the man who killed himself:

With the exception of that last incident, the lack of law enforcement in these videos is striking. Criminals have taken over the city’s streets. The Minneapolis City Council has voted to defund and disband the Minneapolis Police Department. Look for the flood of businesses and residents leaving Minneapolis to accelerate.

UPDATE: We need leadership of the kind Ronald Reagan provided when he was Governor of California:

Happily, there are a few politicians following in Reagan’s footsteps:

FURTHER UPDATE: My friend Kyle Hooten, a college student who is a reporter for Alpha News, was robbed at gunpoint tonight, I assume while he was reporting on the Minneapolis riots:

MORE: The rioting and looting are ongoing, with many stores, restaurants and pharmacies being broken into. A police officer reportedly was attacked and injured by rioters an hour ago. According to witnesses reporting on Twitter, he was attended to by medics and evacuated from the area.