Tyre Nichols Videos Released [Updated]

Featured image I was scheduled to be a guest on Laura Ingraham’s television show tonight, but I was bumped for breaking news from Memphis. On January 7, Tyre Nichols was stopped by Memphis police for what is said to be a routine traffic violation. For some reason, he fled and officers pursued him. One or more “altercations” followed, and Nichols ultimately was transported to a hospital, where he died. Five Memphis police »

Crackpot Leftism In Minnesota

Featured image Hennepin County, Minnesota, includes the City of Minneapolis and generally two tiers of suburbs. In recent years it has swung radically to the left–it is, after all, Ilhan Omar territory. An indication of how far out of whack politics are in this area is the election in November of Mary Moriarty as Hennepin County Attornety. Alpha News covers Moriarty’s swearing in ceremony, which was yesterday. Did Moriarty place her had »

The World Economic Forum, the Speaker Battle, and Crime

Featured image Along with occasionally guest hosting national radio shows, I do a lot of guest spots on local radio. I have weekly spots on two groups of radio stations in Minnesota and North Dakota with terrific hosts Scott Hennen and Al Travis. I also frequently appear on Howie Carr’s show out of Boston (also Grace Curley’s show in Boston), Seth Leibsohn’s show in Phoenix, and the morning drive time talk show »

Root Cause of the Crime Problem

Featured image I wrote on Christmas Eve about the murder that took place at the Mall of America. An update: the five gang members who were involved in the crime celebrated at a White Castle and were arrested the next day. It turns out that at least one of those arrested was a veteran of the criminal justice system who was under court “supervision” at the time of the murder. David Zimmer »

A Christmas Murder at the Mall

Featured image Yesterday afternoon I went to the Nordstrom store at the Mall of America, which is not far from where I live, to buy my wife a Christmas present. A few hours later, there was a murder in that store: A shooting inside the Nordstrom department store at the Mall of America on Friday night left a 19-year-old man dead, according to Bloomington Police Chief Booker Hodges. Hodges said during a »

Will Anyone Pay a Price for Suppressing Freedom of Speech?

Featured image We know now that tech companies cooperated with government officials to suppress Americans’ freedom of speech. Was that legal? Of course! say liberals: the First Amendment doesn’t apply to private companies. (This is the first and only time when liberals accord such unfettered discretion to private industry.) But is that really the end of the story? In yesterday’s Wall Street Journal, law professor Philip Hamburger took up the question. He »

Sam Brinton: Their physics, their husband

Featured image Randy Newman’s “Mama Told Me Not To Come” is a funny song. The Tom Jones video that I posted here over the weekend milks the humor by placing Jones’s performance at the party depicted in the song. I observed that the premise of the song is wide-eyed shock, but added that nothing is shocking anymore. The saga of Department of Energy Deputy Secretary Sam “Not the Man” Brinton tests the »

Feeding our fraud: The video

Featured image Complementing this year’s Center of the American Experiment Golden Turkey Award to the Feeding our Future fraud, the center has released Bill Glahn’s 20-minute video summarizing the story so far (below). Bill is the indefatigable chronicler of the fraud’s highways and byways. He shot the video before the first wave of informations and indictments in the case were handed up on September 19, but I concur with Bill’s assessment that »

Organized Theft Is Big Business

Featured image Target Corporation reported its third quarter results today. The report wasn’t good, in large part because Target stores are being robbed left and right: Target stores are getting looted, and it’s taking a huge bite out of profits. The discount retailer told reporters on a call to discuss its third quarter earnings results that inventory shrinkage — or the disappearance of merchandise — has reduced its gross profit margin by »

Thought for the Day: “Broken Windows” Revisited

Featured image With crime and urban disorder at the “top of mind” these days, we should recall that we once knew what worked: “broken windows” policing. And since the left attacked broken windows policing by distorting it, it is worth recalling a key portion of the James Q. Wilson/George Kelling argument: And an important virtue of enforcing the rules against “minor” offenses like jumping the turnstile, peeing on the street, or carrying an »

The dope on DePape

Featured image Paul Pelosi, the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked by a man with a hammer at the couple’s home in San Francisco early Friday morning. CNN has strung a series of reports on the attack here. CNN’s first report of the assault was posted at 11:08 a.m. on October 28. By 2:25 p.m. Gavin Newsom had attributed the attack to “divisive and hateful rhetoric.” By 7:25 p.m. President »

Cloak and Dagger In the Free Food Scandal

Featured image Earlier this week, an anonymously-mailed package arrived at the American Experiment office. It was addressed to Bill Glahn, an American Experiment employee who has probably done more than anyone else to delve into the intricacies of the Feeding Our Future scandal. Regular Power Line readers may recall that more than $250 million was stolen brazenly by fraudsters operating under the umbrella of the nonprofit Feeding Our Future and two other »

How Keith Ellison fed our fraud

Featured image The nonfeasance of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison led to the losses taxpayers sustained in the $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud, according to the Star Tribune story “Could Minnesota officials have stopped Feeding our Future fraud sooner?” The story by reporters Jeffrey Meitrodt and Ryan Faircloth essentially answers the headline question in the affirmative. The headline question should have been reformulated as a declarative sentence: Attorney General Keith Ellison »

Zeldin’s zinger

Featured image When he won New York’s Republican primary for endorsement to challenge Governor Kathy Hochul in this year’s election, Lee Zeldin declared Hochul “in over her head” and described her as “a walking identity crisis.” In their debate last night Zeldin zeroed in on the rampant crime in New York and got off a zinger while Hochul remained utterly impassive: Lee Zeldin nukes Kathy Hochul over violent crime in New York »

Has Portland Had Enough?

Featured image Whenever I get depressed over the steep decline suffered by the city of Minneapolis, I console myself with the thought that it could be worse: we could be Portland. Portland, home of Antifa; site of a skyrocketing violent crime rate; abandoned by one business after another; beset with homelessness. But now, maybe Portlanders–those who are left–have had enough. The city’s far-left Mayor Ted Wheeler has announced plans to deal with »

Speaking of disinformation

Featured image The explosion of crime in the Twin Cities is a problem for Democrats running for public office in Minnesota this year. Many of us think they are responsible and should be held to account. Indeed, we are living with the consequences of their nonfeasance in the George Floyd riots. When Kamala Harris came to town yesterday Esme Murphy took the opportunity to let Kamala dissemble about her promotion of the »

In search of Umbrella Man

Featured image Who can take a city, burn it to the ground? Umbrella Man can, at least according to the search warrant application/affidavit filed by Minneapolis police officer Erika Christensen in the summer of 2020. Former Star Tribune reporter Libor Jany told me he came across Christensen’s affidavit in a routine review of court filings. (Libor has moved on to the Los Angeles Times.) Libor reported on the allegations of Christensen’s affidavit »