In free lunch fraud: Judge calls out Walz & Star Tribune

Featured image Yesterday I posted Ramsey County District Judge John Guthmann’s Order and accompanying Memorandum that Governor Tim Walz has alleged compelled his administration to keep pouring money out to the Feeding Our Future fraudsters. On Thursday Judge Guthmann authorized release of a statement calling out Walz for this lie and the Star Tribune for regurgitating it. John wrote about it here. Judge Guthmann’s statement is posted online here. I quote it »

In free lunch fraud: The Walz variations

Featured image Earlier this week United States Attorney Andrew Luger called a press conference to announce federal charges in the massive Feeding Our Future scandal. Luger revealed charges against 48 defendants in six indictments and three criminal informations. He took questions following his excellent presentation. When Luger called on me I observed that the fraud he had documented in his presentation was open and obvious. I inferred from what he said that »

What Comes of Taking Joe Biden Seriously

Featured image I don’t believe we have covered the story of Cayler Ellingson, the 18-year-old North Dakota boy who was murdered by 41-year-old Shannon Brandt. Why did the murder happen? Brandt says he ran Ellingson down with his car following a “political argument” because he thought Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist group.” Where might he have gotten that idea? From the President of the United States. So far no details »

Democrats Move to Criminalize Opposition

Featured image A hallmark of banana republics is that those who lose power are apt to wind up in prison, or on the wrong end of a firing squad. Even more advanced countries, like Israel, sometimes have a regrettable tendency to prosecute former political leaders. It is hard to think of anything more destructive to a democracy, and yet the Democrats are going down that path. It seems clear that they intend »

In free lunch fraud: The press conference

Featured image Alpha News covers United States Attorney Andrew Luger’s press conference announcing the filing of federal charges in the massive free lunch conspiracy in editor Anthony Gockowski’s story “47 charged in alleged $250 million Feeding Our Future fraud scheme.” Supplement Anthony’s story with Bill Glahn’s Center of the American Experiment’s backgrounders here (an invaluable scandal timeline with links) and here (on the related Partners in Nutrition story). The Alpha News story »

In free lunch fraud: The charges

Featured image United States Attorney Andrew Luger called a press conference to announce indictments in the massive Minnesota free lunch fraud that we have covered in the linked series of posts since that date back to this past January. At that time the FBI executed a search warrants and property seizures all over the Twin Cities. The fraud involved hundred of millions of federal tax dollars. It was massive, as I say, »

If You’re Going to San Francisco…

Featured image No, stop! Don’t even think about going to San Francisco. The place is a disaster area, possibly as bad as Portland. If you think that is impossible, check out this photo essay in the Daily Mail. The story is about the city’s new “soft touch” approach to drug addiction and homelessness. “Nobody’s going to jail,” city officials say. No, they’re going straight to the morgue. San Francisco has seen nearly »

Portland, RIP

Featured image There must be a reason why some people still live in Portland, but I don’t know what it is. The city has become a hellhole, devastated by crime and overrun by homeless drug addicts. Antifa is rampant, and the city’s political leaders are–if this is possible–even more ineffectual than the leaders of San Francisco, Chicago and Minneapolis. The Daily Mail takes note, in a story titled “‘I’m done with Portland’: »

Walz failed, crime edition

Featured image Governor Tim Walz isn’t happy about it, but he’s up for reelection and his record is subject to scrutiny. He has a pathetic record and a thin skin, which is a poor combination in a politician. We support GOP gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen. He knows what he is talking about and was a formidable critic of Walz during the period of one-man rule that did so much damage to »

Best Ad of the Cycle

Featured image So far, anyway. We need many, many more like this. It is introduced by Rita Panahi of Outsiders: Via InstaPundit. »

A Shooting at the Fair

Featured image The State Fair is Minnesota’s most beloved institution. Held over 12 days culminating on Labor Day, it attracts up to, or more than, two million visitors annually. After a shutdown in 2020 and a slowdown last year, the Fair is back in 2022, as big as ever. My organization had a booth at the Fair on Saturday, August 27. The place was thronged, but we noticed something new: metal detectors. »

Who Fact Checks a Democrat?

Featured image The self-appointed “fact checkers” generally fall silent when a Democrat tells a whopper. We are seeing a lot of that in Minnesota these days, with incumbent Governor Tim Walz locked in a tight race with Dr. Scott Jensen. Walz didn’t have a lot of composure to start with–he is an angry, intemperate man–and whatever composure he had seems to be crumbling under pressure. The result is frequent departures from the »

Samantha Belcourt’s story

Featured image Samantha Belcourt is a former Minneapolis police officer who turned in her badge following the Saint George Floyd riots of 2020. In her reporting for Alpha News Liz has been providing a multidimensional view of Minneapolis’s descent into the gutter. Liz writes up Belcourt’s story here based on her interview in the video below. The subhead on Liz’s story extracts one thread: “Giving up the Third Precinct was intentional, according »

Run from the Rosas

Featured image Townhall senior writer Julio Rosas scheduled a ride-along with the Minneapolis Police Department to cover the dire issues of public safety with which we are contending. Rosas is the author of Fiery But Mostly Peaceful: The 2020 Riots and the Gaslighting of America, published by DW Books this past May. Rosas caught the Saint George Floyd riots that devastated Minneapolis in 2020 and he sought to update his research. As »

The Frey intervention

Featured image It’s nerve-racking to live in the Twin Cities for all the obvious reasons we have written about. It is also disquieting to see local Minnesota stories become national news without making it into the local press. They may make it into the New York Post, the Daily Mail, or FOX News without passing through the Star Tribune, which dominates local news coverage. Such is the case of Townhall senior writer »

How a City Dies

Featured image Over the last several years, Scott and I have chronicled the sad decline of the city of Minneapolis. The city’s collapse has several causes, starting with inadequate policies at the local, county and state levels. Over the last two years, of course, crime has become the biggest driver of decline, with covid lockdowns contributing. But it didn’t start with George Floyd, or with covid. Before covid and well before George »

The crisis of crime in Minneapolis and beyond

Featured image On Friday United States Attorney for Minnesota Andrew Luger called a press conference to discuss the strategy he is pursuing with other state and federal law enforcement agencies to address violent crime in the Twin Cities. Alpha News has posted the CrimeWatch account of the press conference here. Stephen Montemayor’s longer and more detailed Star Tribune story is here. Both stories reflect telling statements by Luger on the local crisis »