Crime and Violence Reign

Featured image In many American cities, law enforcement is in a state of collapse. A combination of anti-police activism, spineless politicians, and left-wing prosecutors has turned the streets over to violent criminals. Yesterday in Manhattan, a gang of 25 to 50 “youths” attacked a vehicle stopped at a light: Another angle of the riotous youths swarming & attacking a driver in Manhattan after they shut down the road: — Andy Ngô »

This Week in Race Controversy

Featured image The latest racial controversy concerns the decision of the Washington Redskins “Football Team” (by the way, did you hear Al Michaels slip up and refer to the “Washington Redskins” in the NBC Sunday Night Football broadcast?) to release quarterback Dwayne Haskins for violating multiple team rules. The story comes with a slight twist, as ESPN football analyst Booger McFarland charged that the decision, while not perhaps racially motivated, reflects badly on »

Who Goes to Jail? One Governor’s Perverse Answer

Featured image We have often written here about Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and, among other things, his irrational response to the COVID virus. His fecklessness (or worse) is now becoming a national story, as in this column by Daniel Horowitz at The Blaze. Walz is now explicitly threatening to imprison Larvita McFarquhar for the “crime” of trying to feed her family by operating her restaurant, Havens Garden, in a small town in »

The opioid epidemic is getting worse

Featured image With the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic dominating the news, we don’t hear much these days about the opioid crisis. But that doesn’t mean it has gone away. In fact, opioid-related deaths are on the rise. In Washington, D.C., there were 282 fatal overdoses by the end of August, the latest month for which data is available. That’s one more than in all of 2019. 2020 looks like it will be the »

Suicide of a City

Featured image Most American cities are poorly governed, but some–Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis–are so badly governed that one wonders whether they can survive. Christopher Rufo documents the latest madness in Seattle: In October, the Seattle City Council floated legislation to provide an exemption from prosecution for misdemeanor crimes for any citizen who suffers from poverty, homelessness, addiction, or mental illness. Obviously, a large percentage of crimes are committed by people who fall into »

California Paid $400 Million to Incarcerated Criminals

Featured image How easy is it to defraud the State of California? This easy: The state of California sent roughly $400 million in fraudulent unemployment payments to state prisoners – nearly triple the amount disclosed last week, after nine district attorneys and a U.S. Attorney announced the state was impeding their investigation. The state approved fraudulent applications submitted on behalf of roughly 31,000 inmates, prosecutors discovered, made possible in part by inmates »

Police chief escapes from Washington D.C.

Featured image Peter Newsham is Washington D.C.’s police chief. He has been with the D.C. police force for 31 years. Newsham will step down from his job, which pays him nearly $300,000, right after Joe Biden is inaugurated. He will become the police chief of Prince William County, Virginia, a D.C. exurb, earning a salary of a little more than $200,000. Newsham’s resignation continues a trend of big city police chiefs stepping »

Crime In My Old Neighborhood [Updated]

Featured image The city of Minneapolis has become a lawless place, and the crime wave now extends to the city’s more prosperous neighborhoods. I lived in Tangletown, a part of South Minneapolis where the streets are a spaghetti-like maze, for some years. Yesterday morning a carjacking was photographed in progress in my old neighborhood: Picture sent from a page follower reportedly from the carjacking in Tangletown area of south Mpls this morning. »

Electing radical judges, the new frontier in wrecking our justice system

Featured image We have written often about the Soros-funded campaign to elect radical prosecutors. Its success has helped undermine the criminal justice system in St. Louis, for example. The next step for the same hard-left crowd might well be to elect radical judges. Doing so can erect a second barrier — a backup — to punishing criminals. In Maryland, four outside challengers won election to circuit courts this month. It’s extremely rare »

Fort Apache Minneapolis, Part Two

Featured image Last night, I wrote about the dramatic rise of violent crime in Minneapolis. I based my post on an article in the Washington Post called “Minneapolis violence surges as police officers leave department in droves.” The Post’s article cited statistics that show how drastically violence in Minneapolis has surged. It also highlighted the impact of the surge on the lives of Black residents of Minneapolis — residents who blame the »

Fort Apache Minneapolis

Featured image Yesterday, the Washington Post took a moment off from Trump bashing and Biden promoting to run an actual news story on its front page. The story had a surprisingly (for the Post) honest and direct headline: “Minneapolis violence surges as police officers leave department in droves.” Here are some excerpts from Holly Bailey’s report: The sound of gunfire has become so familiar across North Minneapolis that Cathy Spann worries she »

The next four years in civil rights

Featured image Bloomberg reports that the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department is “headed for a dramatic makeover” under Joe Biden. It quotes Linda Chavez, among others. She says that the Biden administration is certain to “undo the Trump years” the same way Trump tried to undo the Obama years — “but with a vengeance.” I don’t want to underestimate the extent to which a Biden DOJ will accommodate race-hustlers, but »

No justice, no peace, no tax payments [With Comment by John]

Featured image Marilyn Mosby burst into the nation’s consciousness when, following the death of Freddy Gray, she declared: To the people of Baltimore and the demonstrators across America. I heard your call for “no justice, no peace.” Your peace is sincerely needed as I work to deliver justice on behalf of this young man. Mosby, Baltimore’s top prosecutor, purported to deliver justice by charging six Baltimore police officers with crimes. If that »

Dick Durbin’s not so beautiful mind

Featured image In a post below, I complained about how, instead of questioning Amy Coney Barrett, Senators are using her as a prop while they make speeches. Not surprisingly, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, a world class grandstander, was the biggest culprit during three hours or so of the hearing that I watched. Sen. Dick Durbin did a fair amount of speechifying, too. Much of it was directed, not at the issue of whether »

The Gretchen Whitmer blame game [Updated]

Featured image The FBI has accused Michigan militia members of plotting to kidnap Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. The kidnapping was to be part of a wider plan to overthrow several state governments believed by militia members to be violating the Constitution, according to the FBI. Whitmer, her fellow Democrats, and their media allies are blaming President Trump for inciting the militia lunatics. Whitmer repeated the falsehood that Trump has refused to condemn white »

Baltimore’s next mayor can’t handle the truth

Featured image Brandon Scott will be the next in a long line of Democrats to run the city of Baltimore. He won the Democratic primary, and Baltimore is essentially a one party town. Like many big cities run by Democrats, Baltimore is plagued by violent crime. In Baltimore, this plague is the direct result of its politicians’ unwillingness to support the police following the accidental death of Freddy Gray. In last week’s »

Life In a Blue City

Featured image In the video below, filmed in Hollywood, a Prius driver is stopped by a mob of Antifa/BLM criminals. They try to haul him out of his car, but he gets away. They pursue him in multiple vehicles, and a pickup cuts him off. Again the criminals try to assault him, and again he saves his life by driving away. The video ends with the victim being arrested and handcuffed by »