The Week in Pictures: The Un-Convention Edition

Anybody remember years ago when the 7-Up people marketed their clear cola as the “un-cola”? Well this week we got the GOP “Un-Convention,” a format that was not really a convention, but which showed, in contrast to the Democrats’ Zoom-a-Thon last week, that the supposed advantage of having Hollywood talent on your side doesn’t actually count for much. And how nice of all those “spontaneous” and “mostly peaceful” pro-Trump rallies (otherwise known as “riots” and “looting”) to provide a backdrop for the GOP message.

Headlines of the week:

I guess they didn’t practice social distancing. Even on the volleyball court.

Does anyone give a rat’s rear end about this story?

This is what happens when you set the Flux Capacitor to 2020.


Worst. Party. Ever.

The Decline of the West in one outfit.

In honor of Mr. Connery’s 9oth birthday this week:

And finally. . . Congressional candidate Lauren Boeberts and her pals at Shooters Grill in Rifle, CO: