Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll is done agonizing over the choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. She endorses President Trump for reelection in THE STRANGEST COUP EVER. She writes:

I am not talking about the grotesque Hillary/Obama/Comey/Brennan coup to strangle the nascent Trump presidency at birth, a little practice coup for which nobody will ever do a day of time. No, I am talking about the obvious all-out war of our worthless “elites” against the rest of us – the middle and working classes of this great country. To paraphrase Sally Fields’s much-mocked Oscar speech: “They hate us. They really really hate us.”

Instead of the traditional starving, raggedy masses storming the Bastille or Russia’s Winter Palace, the richest, most well-fed, most privileged people in the history of the world – social media billionaires, obscenely-paid media hacks, unfunny comics, marquee athletes, movie moguls and their potty mouth aging stars – have done everything in their considerable power to drive the people who work for a living to penury and serfdom, especially entrepreneurs.

When you have almost all the money, it’s natural to believe you also deserve absolute power. Power to decide things for the smelly Walmart peasants for their own good. Left to their own devices, those peasants are apt to neglect their dental hygiene and, worse yet, vote for someone who doesn’t insult them. So our betters need to control all the information Deplorables have access to and monitor all the words we are allowed to speak in order to encourage thoughts that are correct to think.

My favorite meme is of Washington crossing the Delaware for the attack on the Hessians and the slogan “America! We will sneak up on you in a blizzard and kill you. On Christmas!”

In 2016 the ruling elites of the Democrat Party were not unlike the Hessians. For example, like the Hessians, many were also mercenaries who would say anything for money. They never believed that a Reality TV Star upstart could beat the pants-suit off their handpicked harridan. Sure, DJT had a few billion of his own, but he had that annoying hairdo and was from Queens. He spoke favorably of ketchup and insisted on two scoops of ice cream. Worst of all, he didn’t seem to be at all embarrassed about being American! How gauche!

On that blizzardy Christmas in 1776, the Hessians, eyeing the impossible weather, were fortified with booze and supreme confidence in their own superiority. Washington would not dare to attack. Similarly, in November 2016, the Hillary crowd was ready to “smash the glass ceiling” and par-tay all night with maniacal glee at defeating a mean old white toxic male. To lose was unthinkable. Or as the smirky little Ms. Maddow said when the results were in: “This is your life now. No, you didn’t die and wake up in Hell.” It’s still hilarious.

In 2016, Democrats and their Media Muppets convinced themselves of the invincibility of their own rotten polls. Hillary in a landslide! She was fixin’ to flip TEXAS! The fake polls continue today, big-time. They are meant to demoralize us and convince us that resistance is futile. But the whole Biden campaign smells of desperation.

It behooves us to mention what this new woke world they seek will look like. Picture Oberlin College from sea to shining sea. There will be no thought crime too small to escape their notice. In the old-time soap operas, the producers guarded against their stars becoming too uppity by filming every character’s death scene at the outset.

The billionaire social media giants can essentially do the same to ANY human being they want. And at any time. The Internet Cloud is forever. They can find, will find, and have found every Tweet, Facebook picture, every unauthorized Halloween costume, every Wrong Opinion. As long as the serfs play ball, they will be allowed to have food and shelter, maybe the occasional trip to Disney World. For the right bribe to the Death Panel, Grandma might get that operation. But the Cloud contains the modern-day equivalent of the soap opera Death Scene film, always there, always in reserve to bankrupt a family or destroy a career.

Brave New Woke Cancel World would keep you constantly on your toes. The rules change without notice. One week it is racist NOT to adopt children of color. Many woke movie stars did so. Next week, it’s “colonialist” to do so. That joke that you emailed your sister in 2005 could now be prima facie evidence of racism, transphobia, or at least an antipathy to blondes. In a few years from now, you could be imprisoned for something unflattering you said about pedophiles. Mark my words. Can’t happen here, you say?

Please note how quickly we have degenerated from Bitter Clinger to Deplorable to Maggot. This from Keith “Crazy Eyes” Olbermann a couple of days ago. What is the difference between “maggot” and the time-tested “vermin” of the Third Reich?

What if Crazy Commandante Olbermann gets to decide which “maggots” need to be “removed from society” (his words)? Once psychopaths get a taste for extermination, things can escalate quickly. Why, Eric Swallwell has tooted out, excuse me, I mean Tweeted out, support for NUKING Americans who insist on their Constitutional right to bear arms. What if Komrade Keith finds a Facebook picture from 2010 of a lunch entrée featuring over-fished Halibut? Out with the maggot, mandatory groveling apology, as usual, ineffective.

Thank the Lord, we aren’t there yet. We are smart, tough, and numerous, and we still get a say. That’s why they hold the election. On November 3 the American working and middle class will defeat the senile kleptocrat placeholder who doesn’t even know what office he is running for, how many grandkids he has, or Mitt Romney’s name. Say his name, Joe!

Friends, it’s crunch time. If you fancy permanent riots and looting without a beleaguered, defunded cop in sight, Biden is your man. If you are white and agree your kids or grandkids are innately racist, vote for Joe. If you are black and want your offspring to be taught that they are powerless to live good lives because reason and hard work are racist and the whole system is stacked against them, then Biden is your go-to geezer.

If you hated the pre-COVID Trump Economy with the lowest unemployment ever recorded for blacks, Hispanics, and women, and the most robust stock market ever, then vote Biden. If you want your guns confiscated, and your churches shut down for Wrongthink about whether men need tampons in their restrooms, and also for singing hymns, Biden-Harris are for you. If you think America’s energy independence is just plain wrong, vote Democrat.

I don’t believe you want any of that. I don’t believe America does. Trump will win. Big. Remember when Nattering Nancy giggled in an interview that “Donald Trump will never be President and you can take that to the bank!” He was, he is, and he will be again.