The Power Line Show, Ep 225: Can We Transition? Charles Lipson Says Yes, We Can!

Charles Lipson

Can American democracy walk and chew bubble gum at the same time? Charles Lipson thinks so, arguing in the Wall Street Journal today that normal transition activities can and should take place even as President Trump pursues his legal challenges to the election results.

Lipson, professor emeritus of Political Science at the University of Chicago, is no shrinking violet when it comes to thrashing the left; he’s been arguing for months that the FBI’s attempted coup against President Trump is the biggest scandal in American history, but nonetheless thinks that proceeding with a normal transition process will “show that amid deep political division, we can rely on constitutional norms, procedures and institutions.”

From there we ponder the truly mind-boggling aspects of this election (such as the fact that Trump got 10,000 more votes in San Francisco than he did in 2016!!), and what are the prospects for “Biden-Harris” Administration, as it now being strangely called. Hmmm, what could that nomenclature be about?

You know what to do now. Here, or there.