Looking ahead to 2024

Just for fun, I assume, the folks at FiveThirtyEight decided to hold a “Way-Too-Early 2024 Republican Presidential Primary Draft.” The format was that of a fantasy football or baseball draft, with five members taking turns selecting potential Republican candidates for president in 2024.

It’s clear that the draft participants don’t like Republicans. However, they appear to have drafted objectively, at least until just before the end.

Based on the draft results, here, in order, are the 15 Republicans considered by the staff, collectively, as most likely to be nominated:

Donald Trump
Ted Cruz
Ron DeSantis
Nikki Haley
Mike Pence
Donald Trump Jr.
Kristi Noem
Josh Hawley
Tim Scott
Tucker Carlson
Mike Pompeo
Greg Abbott
Tom Cotton
Ivanka Trump
Marco Rubio

Actually, the last pick was Marjorie Taylor Greene. Rubio received some form of honorable mention. However, I’ve done the FiveThirtyEight gang the favor of cleaning this up.

I don’t have many opinions about the list other than to agree that it’s “way to early” to come up with a good one. I do think that Tom Cotton is too far down the list. Ted Cruz might be too far up it.

The list suggests to me that the GOP is not lacking quality candidates for president. At this point, subject to further review, I would be comfortable with about two-thirds of those selected in this “draft.”