Tie a Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon

Tucker Carlson opened his show last night with a reported editorial that FOX News has posted under the title “The mainstream media doomsday cult and the growth of the police state” (video below). It strikes me as some kind of a classic. Excerpt:

Just how dangerous is QAnon? Here’s the answer: the District of Columbia National Guard announced Friday that all troops who took part in the mission to protect our democracy from internet conspiracy theorists will now receive medals in recognition of their heroic sacrifice.

The primary medal is called the Presidential Inauguration Support Ribbon. That’s for people who were there for President Biden’s inauguration. But that medal will be supplemented, in cases in which our heroes have earned it, by the Emergency Service Ribbon. So if you’re a D.C. Guardsman who’s been on duty in the city since late January, protecting America from Trump voters, you can add another medal to your chest. More may be coming. According to Air Force Lt. Col. Robert Carver, “Other federal decorations are also being considered.”

That seems like a big deal. For context, more than 60,000 American soldiers and Marines fought on Guadalcanal in the South Pacific during the Second World War. About 15,000 of them died or were wounded there. Not one of those men got an official Guadalcanal medal for the experience, because the Pentagon didn’t offer them. Guadalcanal may have been horrible and bloody, but it just didn’t justify its own ribbon. Guadalcanal wasn’t North Capitol Street. The Imperial Japanese weren’t as fanatical as Trump voters and not half as dangerous.

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Via Tom Lifson/American Thinker.