Happy Easter! [Updated]

Happy Easter to all of our Christian readers!

I confess to feeling surly about the fact that this is the second consecutive Easter on which we have not been able to actually go to church. In many quarters, the covid shutdown persists. I think that our collective reaction to the coronavirus will be studied for many years to come as an instance of terrible public policy, driven by emotion and politics rather than by data and common sense. The closing of the churches is just one facet of that irrational, fear-driven response.

Fear-driven, but obviously welcome in some circles. There is nothing like an alleged emergency to expand the powers of government and constrict ever more tightly the private sphere that once predominated in our culture. Churches closed for Easter–hey, don’t worry, there is a pre-recorded “service” available online!–are a powerful symbol of a society gone badly astray.

UPDATE: The Babylon Bee links Easter and covid in a more amusing way: