The Biden bye bye

President Biden appeared in public at FEMA headquarters yesterday afternoon with the press in attendance. At the conclusion of his remarks Biden stated he “wasn’t supposed to take any questions,” but he took a question from Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs (video below). When Jacobs posed a question about Afghanistan, Biden demurred and skedaddled, both in the manner to which we have become accustomed. As I hear him, Biden responded to Jacobs’s question that he was “not gonna answer ‘ghanistan now.” He then pounded the lectern for emphasis, turned tail and departed.

On Twitter Sean Parnell asked the obvious question:

A humble request: Can someone in the White House press pool please ask @JoeBiden who behind the scenes keeps telling him not to take any questions & on the rare occasion when he does, who tells him which reporter he’s allowed to call on.



Even if they’re obvious, those are good questions.