Iran takes the measure of Joe Biden

In case you missed it — and it’s easy to have done so given media lack of coverage — pro-Iranian forces launched a drone attack last week on a U.S. outpost in Syria. No U.S. casualties have been reported, but that’s no thanks to the attackers.

Iranian media celebrated the attack, which it credited to something called Allies of Syria. This is a militia controlled by Iran through its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Iran declared that this attack will help change the balance of power in Syria. Hezbollah called the attack “a new phase in the confrontation” by which Iran and its allies will “liberate” Syria from U.S. troops. It noted that the U.S. left Afghanistan “under the pressure” of military operations.

According to the Washington Post, Iran and its proxy militias left the small contingent of U.S. forces in Syria alone until recently. But that is no longer the case.

How will the U.S. respond to this attack? We know how President Trump would have responded. He would have hit back, and hit back harder.

Joe Biden doesn’t seem so inclined. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby tried to downplay the attack. He refused to blame Iran. Kirby didn’t rule out a military response, but at this late date, one would be surprising.

Accordingly, it wouldn’t be surprising if Iran, whether directly or more likely via proxy, launches more attacks. If Biden isn’t willing to respond forcefully to protect our troops, he owes it to them to pull out of Syria, or at least out of any portion of the country in which they are highly vulnerable.

Iran has taken the measure of Joe Biden. I assume China has, as well.

Biden measures small.