Biden Foreign Policy

War In Ukraine?

Featured image America’s adversaries are on the march. China has suppressed Hong Kong and threatens Taiwan, along with Japan and other Asian allies of America. ISIS is rearing its head again in the Middle East. And Russia is once again threatening Ukraine. Russia now has more troops along its border with Ukraine than at any time since 2014, and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has little hope that war can be avoided. Moscow’s »

What’s Going On In the World?

Featured image When we look out on the world scene and how the Biden Administration is positioning itself, everyone should keep in mind the summary statement of former Defense Secretary and CIA director Robert Gates (no one’s idea of a partisan firebrand, as he’s been serving presidents of both parties since the Carter Administration): Joe Biden, Gates said, “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the »

Are Liberals Getting Dumber?

Featured image I know, it is a silly question. But seriously, some news items over the weekend really make me wonder. First up, the New York Times—a former newspaper, as Andrew Klavan likes to remind us—has run an “explainer” about the growing universe of potential personal pronouns. The first expansion took us up to something like 60 or so, but now we have moved on to “neopronouns” (seriously), which takes us way »

Biden commences talks with Iran, but Trump’s sanctions loom large

Featured image U.S. negotiators, led by the ardently anti-Israel Robert Malley, will begin “indirect” talks with Iran. Team Biden craved direct negotiations, but Iran wouldn’t oblige. Thus, the U.S. representatives won’t actually attend the talks, which will take place in Vienna. Instead, the European members of the Iran nuclear deal — Britain, France, and Germany — will serve as go-betweens with Iran. Iran is demanding that the U.S. lift all sanctions against »

Whose Side Are They On?

Featured image The Trump administration scored notable foreign policy successes in the Middle East. Abandoning decades-long, futile attempts to secure a negotiated peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Trump came down foursquare on the side of our ally Israel. Among other things, the Trump administration helped to broker peace agreements between Israel and the Emirates and Bahrain. Predictably, the Biden administration is committed to returning to a “peace” policy that consists »

America Is Back?

Featured image Democratic politicians and their press adjunct are promoting the absurd idea that “America is back!” As though we had gone away during the Trump years, when American interests were pursued aggressively, successfully and peacefully–a pretty good combination. What is actually happening now is that we have a senile president surrounded by leftists who have no interest in defending American interests or American allies. Hostile powers are moving to fill the »

Who Will Stand Up To the Chinese and Russians?

Featured image It is early days, obviously, but nevertheless it is reasonable to expect the Biden administration to return to the passive posture of weakness and international retreat, including, at times, outright anti-Americanism, that characterized the Obama years. With both Russia and, especially, China resurgent, is there anyone else who can stand in their way? Actually, there may be. Foreign Policy has a surprisingly (to me) optimistic assessment of the strategic situation »

Washington Post spins the fiasco in Anchorage

Featured image Yesterday, John wrote about “the fiasco in Anchorage,” in which a Chinese diplomat excoriated the U.S. for 20 minutes, using the American left’s favorite talking points. Secretary of State Blinken had opened the door for the attack by criticizing China in a two minute statement. Blinken knew that China would respond in kind, but figured it would limit itself to two minutes, as the parties had agreed. Apparently, Blinken hasn’t »

Fiasco In Anchorage

Featured image On Thursday, delegations headed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi met at the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage. It was the first such meeting of the Biden administration. There were both public and private sessions. The parties agreed that the public session would begin with a two-minute statement by each. Blinken spoke for two minutes, after which Yang contemptuously ignored the agreed-upon protocol and delivered »

On Biden’s new clothes

Featured image Reuters relates the news from Secretary of State Antony Blinken: “U.S.’s Blinken: ‘The path to diplomacy is open right now’ with Iran.” I infer that talks with the mullahs are underway in some form. Whether or not that is the case, the Biden administration is embarrassingly eager to make nice with the genocidal madmen running the Iranian regime. The gentleman from Madame Tussauds has appointed an impressive roster of knaves »

Biden’s limp reaction to Houthi terrorism reads like a parody

Featured image Last week, I wrote about the Biden administration’s attempt to appease Iran by removing the terrorist designation from the Houthis, a bloodthirsty proxy of the mullahs in Yemen. Biden also announced that “we are ending all American support for offensive operations in the war in Yemen, including relevant arms sales.” How have the Houthis responded? By stepping up their offense, of course, and by increasing their level of terrorism. On »

Abate Abbas et al.

Featured image The Palestinian Authority is a fundamentally disordered political regime. Earlier this year PA President Mahmoud Abbas, age 85, entered the fifteenth seventeenth year of his four-year term. Abbas recently made news of a kind. He issued a decree calling for new parliamentary and presidential elections within the next several months. Barak Ravid has a brief Axios item with relevant background here (or here via Yahoo News). Aaron Boxerman’s Times of »

Nevertheless, Xi persisted

Featured image Dominic Green’s Spectator USA column “Nevertheless, Xi persisted” is certainly the column of the day and perhaps the month. The eminent historian and journalist who wrote it has no fear of cancelation, yet he dares to say this out loud: The Biden administration can do no wrong in the media’s eyes, unless it’s on matters of racial or gender “equity.” Even then, no one complained that the first recipients of »

Biden’s appeasement of Iran begins

Featured image Joe Biden is determined to appease Iran, and the appeasement has already commenced. Its public manifestation centers now on Yemen, and the Houthi rebels there. The Houthis have long received considerable Iranian financial and military support, including in recent years cruise missiles and drones. They have used Iranian weaponry not just against the government of Yemen, but also against Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Iran’s arch enemies and allies of »

Diplomacy, Iranian style

Featured image Barack Obama realigned the position of the United States in the Middle East with the regime whose motto is “Death to America” rotating with “Death to Israel.” When it came to the regime’s nuclear program, Obama sought to extend the timeline while extending generous financial support. Why would he do that? The mullahs never even offered a timeout from the “Death to America” routine. I think the simplest hypothesis explaining »

Anti-Israeli staffers keep joining the Biden administration

Featured image Joe Biden is loading the State Department with officials who loathe Israel. Yesterday, I wrote about one of them, Hady Amr, the Hamas-supporting new Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine. I wrote about another, Robert Malley, the new envoy to Iran and longtime foe of Israel, here. The latest addition is expected to be Matt Duss, a former foreign-policy adviser for Sen. Bernie Sanders. According to Jewish News Syndicate: »

Biden appoints anti-Israel, pro-Hamas man to key Middle East post

Featured image Joe Biden has selected Hady Amr to be Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israel-Palestine. A more accurate title would be Deputy Assistant Secretary of State against Israel and for Palestine. . .and for Hamas. Daniel Greenfield, at FrontPage Magazine, shows why. He points to the following dots that hardly need to be connected: Item: In 2002, discussing his work as the national coordinator of the anti-Israel Middle East Justice »