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Talkin’ ’bout their (money) generation

Featured image Last week John posted the email chain between Hunter Biden and his attorney about the Biden blues. Hunter’s lawyer was at the Faegre Baker Daniels firm where John worked for 42 years. I overlapped there with John when it was still Faegre and Benson but somehow missed the email chain when the New York Post first unearthed it from the infamous laptop. I am reposting it at the bottom of »

I Can’t Believe I Miss Jimmy Carter

Featured image I’m slowly working up to a long piece about the parallels between the hapless Jimmy Carter Administration and the Biden Clown Show that go beyond inflation, energy market disruptions, foreign policy cluelessness, and other totems of the dismal 1970s. Carter, we tend to forget today, was the Democratic establishment’s necessary and acceptable choice to outflank George Wallace, who had a real shot of winning the Democratic nomination in 1976. In 2020, »

The madness of slow Joe, Iran edition (14)

Featured image Gabriel Noronha has some ideas about how Congress might be able to bollix up the nightmarish Iran deal in the making. So long as Nancy Pelosi rules the Democrats control Congress, it’s not going to happen. However, he adds, “it would only take Republican control of one chamber of Congress to dismantle a fledgling deal next year—which is precisely what top Republicans are planning to do.” Noronha is a former »

Ukraine, the Russian Perspective

Featured image It is hard to think of a recent policy issue on which American public opinion has been so unified: just about everyone is pro-Ukraine, but hardly anyone wants American troops to fight on the ground. Despite this apparent consensus, various public figures, including Donald Trump, have been vilified as pro-Russia. It light of recent revelations about Russian atrocities, it is safe to assume that essentially no one–certainly no politician or »

Our Ukraine Dilemmas

Featured image A certain amount of caution is recommended about reporting and commenting on the Ukraine War, mostly because solid facts are hard to come by (the “fog of war” and all that), and judgment about what to do is in equally short supply, especially inside the head of our president. A few things appear certain. First, the Ukrainians have fought with great skill and effectiveness, and surprised the world with their »

The madness of slow Joe, Iran edition (13)

Featured image Iran’s ruling mullahs are intent on inflicting maximum humiliation on President Biden as he seeks to bless, fund, and facilitate their nuclear program. They will not meet with our diplomats face to face. They relegate the administration to interlocutors including the friends of Vladimir Putin in Vienna. Twilight Zone has nothing on the Biden administration. In the latest development out of Vienna, AFP reports: “Iran says it will return to »

Thanks for clearing that up

Featured image We’ve sought to follow a variety of “walkbacks” from President Biden’s logorrhea over the past week. Biden has a chronic case of the malady, but he aggravated it in Europe. That logorrhea — as in Jimi Hendrix’s “Manic Depression,” it’s a frustrating mess. Speaking with the 82nd Airborne in Rzeszów, Poland, on March 25 — White House transcript here — Biden sought to excite them over the sights they would »

Biden Sails Down a River In Egypt [Updated]

Featured image Joe Biden took questions from the press today, most of which focused on his foreign policy blunders of the last few days. He chose to brazen it out, denying that his comments had been walked back on multiple occasions and denying specifically that he had called for Vladimir Putin to be ousted. Under the circumstances, there is not much else he can do, and he is far past the point »

The madness of slow Joe, Iran edition (12)

Featured image With the world focused on Vladimir Putin’s effort to appropriate Ukraine for Russia, the Biden administration has devoted itself to an arrangement that would fund and facilitate Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons in the name of doing the opposite. The administration has relied on the servants of Vladimir Putin to work out the details with the Iranians insofar as they refuse to treat directly with us. That is okay with »

“Never mind”

Featured image In a nearby post John documented President Biden’s call at the Royal Castle in Warsaw for Vladimir Putin’s removal from power. John’s post includes the video. The White House has posted the transcript here. At the conclusion of what must have seemed an eternity — video of the speech runs 25 minutes — Biden pronounced: “For God’s sake, this man [i.e., Putin] cannot remain in power.” Those who work for »

International Condemnation of Joe Biden

Featured image Joe Biden’s call for regime change in Russia, which likely was a manifestation of his worsening dementia, has caused consternation around the world. Joe Biden is facing an international backlash from his own allies after calling for regime change in Russia. Emmanuel Macron led a chorus of disapproval following the US president’s comments, in which he called Vladimir Putin a “butcher” and insisted the Russian premier “cannot remain in power”. »

Chaos In the White House [Updated]

Featured image I wrote yesterday about Joe Biden’s Warsaw speech in which, at the end, he called for regime change in Russia: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” Predictably, that seemingly unscripted outburst has provoked a crisis in international relations. The Washington Post headlines: “How Biden sparked a global uproar with nine ad-libbed words about Putin.” Because the WaPo story is behind a paywall, and because Ann Althouse’s comments »

Regime Change In Russia

Featured image Earlier today, Joe Biden delivered a fiery speech in Warsaw, in which he harkened back to the anti-Communist leadership of Pope John Paul II. At the end of his speech, in what must have been an unscripted moment, he called for Vladimir Putin to be overthrown: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power. God bless you all and may God defend our freedom.” Here is the speech: The »

Got half a mind to ramble

Featured image President Biden’s public appearances in Europe this week have made for a dangerous spectacle of debility and senescence. It does not serve Biden’s interest to take notice. The media have therefore pitched in to airbrush the spectacle. That is the point Kyle Smith makes in the New York Post column “Media works overtime to clean up Joe Biden’s word salads.” In his Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column »

The madness of slow Joe, Iran edition (11)

Featured image The Biden administration’s efforts to arrive at another deal with Iran are beyond absurd. They belong in a Twilight Zone preface. “You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a land of delusion, self-abasement, suicidal ideation, and madness disguised as statecraft. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, the Twilight Zone!” Barak Ravid supplies the material for »

The madness of slow Joe, Iran edition (10)

Featured image In her JNS column on the Biden administration’s imminent deal with Iran, Melanie Phillips concludes: “Its’s hard to believe, but through its double-dealing with both Russia and Iran, America is now working with a lethal enemy of the west — to empower a lethal enemy of civilization.” That has been my point in this series, though I am afraid that isn’t the half of it. Foundation for the Defense of »

The Kamala korrections

Featured image Many noted Vice President Harris’s apparent confusion about the status of Ukraine as a member of NATO (or not) in her remarks at the DNC winter meeting last week. It may deserve a place in the work in progress that I call Veep Thoughts by Kamala Harris. I thought it was nothing more than the usual blather. The clip — Alex Thompson (@AlexThomp) March 14, 2022 Politico’s Alex Thompson »