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Annals of Biden weirdness

Featured image President Biden spoke at the renaming the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center as the Dodd Center for Human Rights at the University of Connecticut this past Friday. The White House has posted the transcript of Biden’s remarks here. (The transcript faithfully notes Biden’s use of the nonword “interdiced” in lieu of “introduced.”) Thomas Dodd was the father of Biden’s former Senate colleague Christopher Dodd — Senator Thomas Dodd. The elder »

What about the “Taiwan agreement”?

Featured image Winston Churchill’s career in politics was dogged by the gibe “What about the Dardanelles?” I wondered if anyone in the White House press corps might ask the psychedelic White House pspokesman Jen Psaki “What about the ‘Taiwan agreement’?” That would be the non-existent “Taiwan agreement” to which President Biden referred in comments on Wednesday. (The official White House transcript of Biden’s remarks referring to the “Taiwan agreement” is posted here.) »

That Fella From Down Under

Featured image “That fella from down under” is what Joe Biden called Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison. But on Saturday night (Sunday in Australia), I was the fella from down under as a guest on Sky News Australia’s excellent “Outsiders” program. We covered three or four topics from American news of the day. I think it was a fun and informative segment; I hope you enjoy it: Sunday’s entire Outsiders program can »

France hates it, but the U.S.-Australia submarine deal is praiseworthy

Featured image Every nation’s diplomacy is closely tied to its business interests. But for the French, as anyone who follows the Middle East knows, this approach is a fetish. If France’s claim to be the world’s foremost diplomats has any foundation, this is it. Any nation would be upset that the U.S. swooped in to sell submarines to Australia, overriding a deal France had in the works for years with the Aussies. »

Administration Admits Drone Strike Error

Featured image On August 29, military sources claimed that a U.S. drone had taken out an ISIS suicide bomber en route to the Kabul airport: American forces launched a drone strike in Kabul on Sunday that killed a suicide car bomber suspected of preparing to attack the airport, U.S. officials said, as the United States nears the end of its military presence in the Afghan capital. *** “We know that there were »

Our botched Afghan evacuation, by the numbers

Featured image Scott has provided video of the exchanges between Sec. Antony Blinken and several Republican Senators yesterday during a hearing on the Afghanistan fiasco. He has done a great service to those of us unwilling to watch Blinken in full. All of the clips Scott presented are worth watching. In this post, I want to focus on Sen. Rob Portman’s comments (the video is below). Portman presented the best data made »

Iran picks up nuke pace

Featured image Iran seems to be accelerating the pace of its nuclear program in the age of Biden. According to the report flagged by the Times of Israel, Iran could have enough enriched uranium for a nuke in a month. Posted online as “The IAEA’s Iran NPT Safeguards Report” and published under the auspices of the Institute for Science and International Security, the September 9 report is written by David Albright, Sarah »

Blinken firing blanks, day 2

Featured image Following up on his remote appearance before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in person yesterday. The State Department has posted the text and video of his opening statement here. ​ The song remains the same. Blinken continues to fire blanks. However, some of the senators had live ammo. Blinken faced a barrage of critical questions and »

Blinken firing blanks

Featured image Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified to the House Foreign Affairs Committee yesterday. He gave a 15-minute opening statement and responded in his fashion to questions posed by members. The State Department transcript and video of Blinken’s opening statement are posted here. The State Department video of the entire hearing is posted below. The hearing commences at about 45:00 of the video. The New York Times account of the hearing »

Blood On His Hands

Featured image John Ondrasik (Five For Fighting) released a song yesterday titled “Blood On My Hands.” It expresses his dismay at the consequences of Joe Biden’s inept withdrawal from Afghanistan. John has a long history of patriotism and of supporting American troops in many ways, including many performances overseas. This song expresses those values. Ondrasik wrote about it: Like all Americans, I was stunned and horrified at the images of falling bodies »

Meanwhile, In Afghanistan

Featured image I am not sure how much U.S. newspapers have been covering Afghanistan lately. I see that there is no reference to events there on the front page of today’s New York Times or my home town newspaper, the Star Tribune. The Times is back to waging its non-stop war against Republicans: “G.O.P. Seethes at Biden Mandate, Even in States Requiring Other Vaccines;” “False Election Claims in California Reveal a New »

Whole lotta lyin’ goin’ on

Featured image I’ve held off writing about the hostages stranded by Biden in Afghanistan while the facts are sorted out. I’ve gone from Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt yesterday “Secretary of State Blinken: This Is Not a Hostage Crisis” to Michael Goodwin’s New York Post column “Plane truth of Biden’s Afghanistan botch” to Peter Hasson’s FOX News story “State Department obstruction of private rescue flights from Afghanistan revealed in leaked email.” Joe Concha »

How Others See Us

Featured image The U.S. press is trying to pretend that everything is normal, Afghanistan is a blip on the screen, and Joe Biden has some idea what he is doing. The foreign press, and foreign commentators and politicians, have been much blunter in assessing recent events. Thus, the Telegraph reports: “Britain should ‘fill the void’ left by US as global leader after Afghanistan withdrawal.” Boris Johnson has been told to order a »

Where Is the Outrage?

Featured image If the Biden administration were deliberately trying to weaken America, what, exactly, would it do differently? David Horowitz asks that question, and also: why aren’t Republicans demanding an end to the outrage? David and Daniel Greenfield wrote this column for Power Line: Impeach the President, Court Martial the Joint Chiefs of Staff Only one man lost his job over Afghanistan. Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller challenged Biden’s incompetent and spineless Joint »

How Many Stranded Americans?

Featured image As Scott has noted, the Biden administration now claims that having extracted around 6,000 Americans from Afghanistan, only a very few remain–a few hundred, or maybe just one hundred. But these numbers are radically different from what the administration was telling us only days ago. The first estimate I saw from an administration spokesman was that there were between 5,000 and 10,000 Americans in Afghanistan. Just two weeks ago, Jen »

No Blinken way

Featured image Yesterday organs of the Biden administration at the Pentagon and the State Department held briefings to announce the the departure of American forces from Afghanistan. The Pentagon has posted the transcript of Centcom Commander Kenneth McKenzie’s Pentagon briefing announcing the completion of our evacuation here. The Facebook video of the statement followed by questions and answers is below. Hours later the State Department released a recorded statement by Secretary of »

More Terror In Kabul

Featured image There was a rocket attack in Kabul earlier today that reportedly killed a child. Meanwhile, a U.S. strike took out a vehicle that was en route to the Kabul airport with “miltiple suicide bombers.” So apparently a more serious terrorist threat was averted for now. Further, the U.S. Embassy has ordered all Americans to “leave the airport area immediately.” Given the short time available to complete the evacuation, it is »