Stalking Sen. Sinema, Continued [And Updated] [And Updated Again]

Far-left crazies continue to harass Senator Kyrsten Sinema, most recently on an airplane. I assume she was flying back to D.C.:

Sinema chose not to engage with the crazy (and the second crazy who was filming). Probably a good decision, although I doubt that I could have been so restrained.

The question this raises is whether we should provide senators with security. Currently, I believe the Senate Majority Leader gets security, and maybe the Minority Leader, but no one else. Almost all senators walk around by themselves, vulnerable to attacks by the criminally insane or by Democratic Party activists like James Hodgkinson. (To be fair, that was the House.)

We have a long tradition of politicians mingling with the public. During the Civil War, President Lincoln rode freely around Washington, where there were lots of Confederate sympathizers, on a horse. Of course, we have also had some assassinations. Personally, I would be happy to pay for security for senators and, to the extent appropriate based on experience, members of the House, if left-wing crazies continue to violate all laws of decency. Someone is going to get hurt.

UPDATE: Christian Toto comments:

All positions taken by liberals are provisional at best, subject to revision as soon as the winds change.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The great Comfortably Smug adds:

And who can disagree with this observation?

And finally:

That strikes me as fair comment. The people who dominate the Democratic Party are about as intelligent, and as self-controlled, as toddlers.