Does Liberalism Work?

Featured image In my opinion, conservatism–i.e., freedom–is superior to liberalism–i.e., state power–on philosophical and moral grounds. But then there is the added argument that freedom, unlike socialism, actually works. We have seen this repeatedly: e.g., Jimmy Carter failed, while Ronald Reagan succeeded. Donald Trump (by no means a perfect exemplar of conservatism, but still, a sponsor of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) succeeded, while Joe Biden failed. In recent years, we »

The Beepocalypse Is Over

Featured image Fifteen or twenty years ago, and for some years following, there was a great deal of publicity about bee colonies dying out. The cause of the decline was unclear, but most people assumed it was somehow our fault. Where I live, “Save the Bees” signs started cropping up in yards and in front of apartment dwellings, along with “All Are Welcome Here” and “We Believe In Science.” Some people let »

Why Trump Will Win

Featured image I predicted that Donald Trump would win the 2016 election, one of only two semi-prominent pundits, along with Michael Moore, to get that one right. I picked Trump to win again in 2020; one out of two isn’t bad. And I am picking him again in 2024. Trump has horrible liabilities as a presidential candidate. Close to half the country wouldn’t consider voting for him, he is dodging jail as »

More Evidence That Liberals Have Lost Their Minds

Featured image Let’s assume the House of Representatives votes to impeach Joe Biden. Assume further that Fox News were to hire conservative Hollywood actors–both of them–to do dramatic readings from the Articles of Impeachment, with sinister background music. What do you suppose the reaction would be? The stunt would be ridiculed as the dumbest political move in history, and rightly so. But, amazingly enough, that is exactly what the Democrats have done. »

World’s Dumbest NCAA Bracket

Featured image It was Scott who first referred to the sacramental view of abortion, some years ago now. Abortion (much like slavery over the course of the 19th century) went from being a regrettable but sometimes unavoidable evil to being a positive good–indeed, these days, the noblest good to which political life can aspire. To see this perverse attitude in full flower, you almost have to live in Minnesota. Minnesota’s lieutenant governor, »

Who’s Leaving Where?

Featured image We have written about the Great Sort many times, but frankly you can’t emphasize it enough. Americans are deserting blue states and cities in favor of red zones. Liberalism has proved to be a failure by the most reliable measure: fewer and fewer people want to live under liberal regimes. Here are two examples. First, the City of New York, which was thought doomed to dystopia in the 1970s, rallied »

Trump Is Funny? Who Knew?

Featured image For years, liberals have obtusely refused to acknowledge that part of Donald Trump’s appeal is his sense of humor. Often they have branded his comments as outrageous, when in truth they were intended as jokes, and understood as such by his audience. Now, for whatever reason, liberals are belatedly conceding the point. As in this Politico piece, which is, in its own unintentional way, funny. Politico acknowledges that Trump’s sense »

God Save Us From Altruistic Billionaires

Featured image There are days when I’m tempted to join the Elizabeth Warren/Bernie Sanders/Joe Biden crusade to impose confiscatory taxes on billionaires. Not for economic or fiscal grounds, or even less for making billionaires “pay their fair share” (“fair share” in liberal speak just means “more”). To the contrary, I’m starting to think we should take the fortunes from many billionaires to stop them from doing more harm than the government does »

The Dark Side of Art?

Featured image Cambridge University’s Fitzwilliam Museum has an excellent collection that includes, among others, paintings by John Constable, one of my favorite artists. Like this one: A lovely image of the British countryside, right? Not according to the museum. It now comes with a warning: The Fitzwilliam Museum has suggested that paintings of the British countryside evoke dark “nationalist feelings”. You might think England is a pretty country–I do–but how is that »

Who Needs DEI?

Featured image Black college athletes do, according to the NAACP. The NAACP is urging black athletes not to go to college in Florida: The NAACP asked Black student-athletes to reconsider their decisions to attend public colleges and universities in the state of Florida, in response to the University of Florida and other state schools recently eliminating their diversity, equity and inclusion programs. In a letter sent to NCAA president Charlie Baker and »

How Illegal Can You Get?

Featured image Joe Biden can’t get far enough left to satisfy his base. In last night’s SOTU, he referred to Jose Ibarra, the career criminal who *allegedly* beat Laken Riley to death, as an illegal immigrant. Which is exactly what he is, although the correct legal term is “illegal alien.” Bizarrely, liberals were outraged, not that Biden referred to Ibarra as a murderer, but that he called him an illegal immigrant. This »

The Liberal Freakout Sweepstakes

Featured image Last week I observed in “Liberal Fragility” how liberal law professors supposedly break down in tears they are so depressed that the Supreme Court has taken a turn away from the palmy days of their beloved Warren Court (which, recall, Barack Obama once said did not go far enough in the direction of true “equality”). Just imagine how much Xanax is being ingested after yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that leaves »

Pope Francis Is a Fool

Featured image Pope Francis says that all nations have a moral duty to disarm: Pope Francis said Sunday that military disarmament is not optional but constitutes a “moral obligation” for all nations. *** “How many resources are wasted on military expenditure, which, because of the current situation, sadly continues to increase!” he told the estimated 20,000 tourists and pilgrims gathered in the square. Actually, I think it is a fact that a »

Squad Sneaks Off to Cuba

Featured image There was a time when, if you said that liberals suffer from Communism envy, they would deny it. Is that still true? Perhaps not, as to the Squad, two members of which were among a delegation that made a more or less secret trip to Cuba: A delegation of the U.S. Congressional Progressive Caucus traveled to Cuba last week in a trip that has not previously been disclosed by the »

Red States Getting Redder

Featured image The Great Sort is under way, as normal people move to red states and liberals move to blue states. (That last is hypothetical and hasn’t actually been observed.) When massive numbers began leaving blue states like California and New York for red states like Texas and Florida, many conservatives worried that those blue staters might bring their bad voting habits with them. Happily, that doesn’t seem to have happened. This »

How Dumb Are These People?

Featured image I wrote here about the Left’s current bugbear, “Christian nationalism.” Despite being a Christian and a nationalist, I have no idea what that phrase means, and have never met anyone who describes himself in those terms. On MSNBC, a Politico reporter explained the meaning of “Christian nationalism.” You have to hear it to believe it: Oh, my. 'They are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…' — Byron »

What Is Christian Nationalism?

Featured image Leftists love to make up categories of people to hate, whether those categories have any basis in reality or not. Lately, “Christian nationalism” has become an obsession of the left. But who are these people? I am a Christian and a nationalist, so am I a “Christian nationalist?” If not me, then who? I am personally acquainted with a great many conservatives, and a great many Christians, and I have »