Strong Men Lean Right?

Featured image I think most people intuitively think of physically strong, macho men–guys like Scott, Steve and me, for instance–as conservative. Of course, the stereotype doesn’t always hold true. But a recent study confirms that the stereotype does, indeed, exist: [C]onservative men are perceived as physically stronger than liberals, according to scientists. The University of Arkansas-led research carried out four experiments to investigate the link between political orientation and chiselled physiques. As »

U.N. Says: Build With Bamboo!

Featured image Has there ever been a time in world history when so much stupidity has been generated by a patently false ideology? Well, sure, socialism. But climate hysteria is making a run for it on the outside, now closing rapidly with socialism. The latest is the United Nations telling us to completely revamp how we construct buildings. Actually, its message is to stop building at all. So as to achieve “net »

Betsy’s Beach Encounter With a Liberal

Featured image I spend half the year on Cape Cod. As with most beach towns, once Labor Day rolls around, the summer crowds have left. Although some return on weekends throughout September and October, the two most beautiful months of the year on the Cape, during the week, the beaches are generally empty, especially at 7 a.m. As I do every morning, I took my dog Reggie for a beach walk. A »

If you’re indicted, you’re invited! Journalism Is Dead

Featured image As with every political party, there exists a broad spectrum in terms of extremity among Democrats, whose members range from the sane, such as Bill Maher and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley, to the rabid, such as Fox News’ token liberal Juan Williams and the New York Times’ Frank Bruni.  Obviously, I am a creature of the Right, and perhaps I’ve become intolerant with age, but I can »

Wind Energy Will Never Be Affordable

Featured image There is a financial crisis in the wind industry. You can see it in headlines like Support for offshore wind sinks as costs soar, and The ill wind of offshore wind projects. At the Telegraph, Matt Ridley sums up the ineluctable reasons for the current crisis: The MPs who have forced Rishi Sunak into a U-turn on onshore wind power love to repeat the favourite slogan of the wind industry: »

A Neoconservative Is a Liberal Who Has Been Mugged

Featured image That formula goes back, I think, to the 1980s, and while “neoconservative” has taken on a different meaning, it still holds true. The latest case in point is Shivanthi Sathanandan, a vice chairwoman of Minnesota’s Democrat-Farmer-Labor party. Like most Democrats, Sathanandan was anti-police and pro-criminal. In June 2020, she wanted to “dismantle the Minneapolis Police Department”: But that all changed on Tuesday. Ms. Sathanandan was carjacked and viciously beaten: The »

Kids Have Stopped Going to School

Featured image Pretty much everyone now agrees that shutting down our schools during the covid epidemic, at the demand of teachers’ unions, was one of the most catastrophic policy decisions of modern times. As I have said before, it is unfortunate that some old and very sick people had their demises hastened by covid, but what government did to our children, for no good reason, was a crime. Having skipped school for »

The Penguins Are OK

Featured image First it was polar bears, now it is emperor penguins. Liberals love to select animals they can anthropomorphize and portray as threatened by “climate change.” Polar bears didn’t work out well for them, since their populations are at record levels. The penguins aren’t promising either, as biologist Susan Crockford explains: Despite the hype last week over the newly published paper by Peter Fretwell and colleagues, there is no plausible ecological »

Here We Go Again?

Featured image News reports indicate that a new variant of covid–now, basically the common cold–is in the air. Some people are alarmed. Driving to work this morning, I passed a young woman walking by herself, outdoors, no one within a block of her. She was wearing a mask. Are we about to enter a new era of shutdowns, masks and general hysteria? If governments try to impose such neo-fascist measures, will citizens »

“Poor Cat”

Featured image This video made me laugh. Riley Gaines munches on breakfast cereal with a deadpan expression while watching a lib’s self-absorbed TikTok video. The funny thing, as Riley notes, is that TikTok banned the video even though Riley does not utter a single word. Her only commentary is “poor cat,” which you will understand if you watch the lib woman’s litany: This video just got removed from my tik tok for »

How Crazy Are Liberals?

Featured image We get a pretty good volume of hate mail from several directions. Sometimes we get threats, occasionally death threats. A couple of years ago, a guy emailed me to say that he was going to bring a gun to my office and murder me. I reported him to the local police, and also brought a gun of my own to the office for a week or two, just in case. »

Blue Cities: Getting It Good and Hard

Featured image Why does anyone still live in San Francisco? Why would any group hold a convention or similar event there? Why would a tourist set foot there? That city has been so badly governed for so long that the question is no longer whether it will thrive, but rather, whether it will survive. Many San Francisco businesses have closed their doors, while others are barely hanging on. Gump’s is an upscale »

The Left Is Awash In Money

Featured image There is vastly more money on the Left than the Right. You can see this across the country, but Minnesota provides a useful case study. It was the topic of Episode 2 of the American Experiment podcast. In the 2022 election cycle, if you add up all of the various sources of money as best public records allow, the Democrats and their supporters spent two to three times as much »

Echoes of American Politics In the Netherlands

Featured image Politics in the Netherlands have been increasingly contentious of late. The most recent coalition government fell earlier this month, and now Finance Minister Sigrid Kaag has not only resigned her post, but says she might be leaving the country. This article in the London Times illustrates how liberal elites see themselves and their opponents. But if you read between the lines, reality begins to glimmer through. Just two years ago, »

A Kinsley Gaffe

Featured image A Kinsley gaffe, of course, is when a politician inadvertently tells the truth. So, a footnote to yesterday’s IRS whistleblower hearing: Congressman Kweisi Mfume of Maryland denounces the Republicans’ criticisms of the Department of Justice, the FBI and the IRS. Why? Because it is the job of those agencies to “keep this democracy in check.” That is perhaps, in a single sentence, the clearest statement of the difference between the »


Featured image Who would want to live in San Francisco? Who would want to do business in San Francisco? Who will want to live in San Francisco when there is no one left doing business there? Via InstaPundit, another marker in that city’s downward slide: NEW: The Walgreens at 16th/Geary in San Francisco has chained up the freezer section ⛓️ Workers said normally shoplifters clean out all the pizza and ice cream »

Just For Laughs

Featured image If you are looking for a little Sunday evening entertainment, check this out. Maybe it’s just me, but it made me laugh. And it is emblematic of a lot of things going on in our culture: Neither of you look like you could break the seal on a pickle jar — Ashley St. Clair (@stclairashley) July 16, 2023 »