Should We Cancel the Left?

Featured image At Ace of Spades, Buck Throckmorton has what I think is a brilliant idea: If Monster Tech can aggressively de-platform businesses and individuals for expressing forbidden opinions, then maybe it’s time for skilled tradesmen to respond in kind against the woke left. Leftists despise working class “deplorables” and seek to punish them for all their disapproved habits – you know – God, guns, motorized vehicles, and voting MAGA. Well, the »

Who Likes the Shutdowns?

Featured image COVID shutdowns have exposed one of America’s most basic class divides–that between those who can work from home, and those who can’t. For many, the shutdowns have been a disaster; for others, a convenience. I’m going to repost a chart on a survey that was part of Steve’s most recent The Geek In Pictures. Who thought 2020 was a terrific year? Urbanites with graduate degrees and high incomes: This comment »

“Multiracial Whiteness”

Featured image “Whiteness” is an elastic concept. It turns out that you no longer have to be white to be white. “White” basically means that you don’t swallow the nonsense being ladled out by the far Left. So, happily, people of all colors are now “white,” according to liberals. Is that unity and inclusion, or what? At the American Spectator, “Cockburn” writes about “The terrifying scourge of ‘multiracial whiteness.’” [T]here’s a small »

Who’s the Hatemonger?

Featured image Character assassination is the Left’s weapon of choice; these days, indeed, its only weapon. Recently, David Horowitz has been viciously defamed by an alleged journalist named Jean Guerrero. As is so often the case, Guerrero’s lies about David are mostly a pretext to smear President Trump. In this piece, written for Power Line, David describes his most recent encounter with the dishonest Left. It is well worth your attention as »

The Left Claims Another Victim

Featured image Cleta Mitchell is the top political and non-profit lawyer on the right. For quite a few years, she has been a partner in Foley & Lardner, a major national law firm that originated in Milwaukee. In recent years, she has been attacked and lied about repeatedly by the Left. This reached a crescendo over the last few days, following the leaked telephone conversation between President Trump and Georgia’s Secretary of »

NYT: Covering the Elites, Or Covering *for* the Elites?

Featured image Whatever else might have once been said about liberal bias at the New York Times, at least you could say that they covered the elites. What else can you say about their wedding announcements section, which, as I think David Brooks once joked, reads more like a mergers and acquisitions page, since the couples spotlighted are invariably ivy league uber-overclass climbers. But now it seems the Times mission is to »

The news, Hilaria style

Featured image The ladies and gentlemen of Saturday Night Live gave us a preview of the hilarity of Hilaria Baldwin in a November 1990 sketch (video below, courtesy of reader David Lunde). In the sketch NBC News staff accent-uate the positive pronunciation of Spanish names and words while new economics correspondent Jimmy Smits struggles to bear with them. Over in today’s New York Post Andrea Peyser traces the “outing” of Hilaria as »

Hilaria Gets Married

Featured image The Hilaria Baldwin story gets funnier and funnier. Scott wrote about it here. Briefly, “Hilaria” Baldwin, social media star and wife of the anti-Trump actor and activist Alec Baldwin, has been impersonating a Spanish immigrant for many years. In fact, her name is Hillary Hayward-Thomas, and she is from Boston. Her father was a Boston lawyer and her mother was an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital and, I believe, on »

What We Teach Our Children

Featured image Is there anything more important than how we raise our children? How we educate them, how we tell them what the world is like, who we are, and where we came from? I don’t think so. Leftists don’t think so, either, which is why they took over our public school systems long ago. My state, Minnesota, is typical. Our citizens lean right. I say that because my organization does quarterly »

Rebellion Brewing [Updated]

Featured image Every time I think that Minnesota’s Tim Walz must be the dumbest governor in America, I remind myself of two words: Gretchen Whitmer. Still, Walz is definitely a contender. Today he announced his most recent turning of the “dials” of his subjects’ lives. Gyms will reopen on a very limited basis, a tribute to the political clout of Bahram Akradi, the founder and CEO of Lifetime Fitness, who organized a »

Radical Son, Then and Now

Featured image David Horowitz’s classic memoir Radical Son was called by George Gilder “the first great autobiography of his generation,” and P.J. O’Rourke described it as “one of the best political memoirs I’ve ever read.” Post Hills Press has just published a second edition of Radical Son with a new preface by the author. What follows is David’s new preface, which focuses on the murder that is at the heart of his »

A Christmas Diversity Grinch

Featured image In St. Anthony, Minnesota, a St. Paul suburb, at least four families whose homes displayed Christmas lights received this letter from a neighbor: The letter is classic Woke-Speak. It is way too stupid to be taken seriously, but nevertheless, here goes: I couldn’t help but notice your Christmas lights display. During these unprecedented times… You hear this a lot. But how are our times unprecedented? Because of COVID? How about »

Rules Are For the Little People

Featured image Every day, it seems, we see another story about governors and mayors (all of them Democrats, seemingly) who impose orders on the rest of us and then break them themselves. This New York Post cover itemizes some of these instances, but by no means all: In California, a restaurant owner was shut down by order of Mayor Garcetti, only to find that she was in the wrong business–i.e., a small »

Suicide of a City

Featured image Most American cities are poorly governed, but some–Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis–are so badly governed that one wonders whether they can survive. Christopher Rufo documents the latest madness in Seattle: In October, the Seattle City Council floated legislation to provide an exemption from prosecution for misdemeanor crimes for any citizen who suffers from poverty, homelessness, addiction, or mental illness. Obviously, a large percentage of crimes are committed by people who fall into »

Mask Jacobinism Runs Rampant

Featured image I have seen no evidence that mask mandates have any discernible impact on the rate of spread of the coronavirus, let alone on its ultimate impact, which is a completely different question. Nevertheless, mask wearing has been adopted by a large segment of our society as the ultimate moral marker. Those who don’t wear masks, many allege, are endangering public safety. And informal Committees of Public Safety are all around »

NASDAQ Strikes a Blow For Discrimination

Featured image Today NASDAQ filed proposed rules with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would “mandate diversity in the boardroom for companies listed on its stock exchange.” [T]he new rules would require companies on the stock exchange to have at least one woman director and one who self-identifies as an “underrepresented minority” or member of the LGBTQ community — or face possible delisting. NASDAQ’s president provided the usual spin: Nelson Griggs, the »

David Horowitz: Where We Are, and What We Face

Featured image David Horowitz writes that today’s Left is the same as yesterday’s Left: irredeemably destructive and dishonest. Hating America and working toward its demise is the Left’s pole star. This piece is special to Power Line. My first political demonstration was a May Day parade in 1948. I was nine years old. We chanted in support of President Truman’s “Fair Employment Practices Commission” and his successful effort to integrate the civil »