Anti-Semitism: Not What It Once Was

Featured image On Thursday evening, a comedian named Ilana Glazer was scheduled to perform at a synagogue in Brooklyn as a get-out-the-vote event. The performance was canceled when anti-Semitic graffiti was found scrawled throughout the synagogue. The New York Times reported on the story. The Times article looks to me as though it was initially written from a typically liberal point of view, and then, when the perpetrator was identified and caught, »

Farewell, Gay Patriot

Featured image Bruce Carroll, the Gay Patriot, was one of the most entertaining voices on Twitter. My daughters loved him, and his tweets often enlivened our family chat system. But Gay Patriot is no more: not on Twitter, anyway, which was his natural home. Twitter has permanently banned him for unspecified “hateful conduct.” Given that Twitter does not ban liberals who engage in hateful conduct like threatening to kill conservatives’ children, it »

The Democrats’ Leftward March

Featured image Years ago, back in the early 1980s, I had a conservative friend in England who liked to say, “The great thing about America is that you either vote Tory or you vote Tory,” meaning that the Carter-Mondale Democratic Party of that time wasn’t very far to the left at all. I tried to explain why American conservatives didn’t see it that way, but you have to understand that from his »

Democrats: The Constitution Is Unconstitutional!

Featured image A major theme on the Left these days is that any institution with elements other than pure, one-man-one-vote democracy is illegitimate. That would include, among others, the Electoral College and the Senate. This tweet by soon-to-be-Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one example among many: It is well past time we eliminate the Electoral College, a shadow of slavery’s power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic. »

Political Correctness, and Other White Elitist Fads

Featured image I’ve seen several people observe that the anti-Kavanaugh protests of the last few weeks in Washington were demographically embarrassing for the race-conscious left. I recall seeing one comment that the composition of the protests was “whiter than a suburban country club.” But a new study just out from a British study group makes the left’s fanaticism about diversity and political correctness look even worse. The study, Hidden Tribes: A Study of »

“Ban the Box” Gets Boxed in Again

Featured image We reported here last year about research showing that a favorite Obama policy initiative known as “Ban the Box” (that is, prohibit employers from inquiring about a person’s criminal history on employment applications) was having the opposite effect, and was increasing discrimination against blacks. Two women economists writing in the Quarterly Journal of Economics concluded: Our results support the concern that BTB policies encourage racial discrimination: the black-white gap in »

Et Tu, Taylor?

Featured image I have long admired Taylor Swift. Beginning as a teenager, she has been a positive influence on a generation of fans, mostly young girls. My three daughters have all been major fans, and I enjoy her music. Or I did, anyway, until she abandoned her country roots for the more boring world of pop. All together, I would guess my daughters have seen Swift in concert at least ten times. »

The Mean-Spirited Left

Featured image The mean-spiritedness of the American Left is a stark feature of our public life. In recent weeks, it has been a daily staple of newspaper headlines. But the Left’s mean-spiritedness manifests itself every day, in ways large and small. At The American Conservative, Rod Dreher offers a sad example from (where else?) Madison, Wisconsin: In Madison, Wisconsin, the city council has voted overwhelmingly to remove a cemetery marker noting the »

Two More Kavanaugh Cartoons

Featured image Michael Ramirez’s latest works came out too late to make The Week In Pictures, so consider this a supplement. This one nicely sums up the Democrat smear campaign. On Michael’s site, it is accompanied by my post from last night, Where Do We Go From Here?: I especially like this one. When Professor Alan Dershowitz spoke at an event sponsored by my policy organization last Monday, he expressed grave disappointment »

How Low Can They Go? [Updated]

Featured image There is no limit, apparently, to the depravity of the Left. This cartoon is by someone named Chris Britt. It appeared in the Illinois Times: (Via Rod Dreher.) Some of these people aren’t just misinformed, they are evil. How, exactly, are we supposed to coexist with them as fellow citizens of a republic? UPDATE: Steve passed along this tweet by a Provost’s Distinguished Associate Professor at Georgetown: Apparently Ms. Fair »

That’s Not Funny!

Featured image Swedes are known for a number of things, but a sense of humor is not one of them. You are no doubt familiar with this meme, which has been put to any number of humorous uses: The meme reflects well-known phenomena of human nature and is endlessly adaptable. But not in Sweden: For anyone unfamiliar with the story so far, Stockholm-based internet service provider Bahnhof shared the meme, officially titled »

Our Present Discontents, Then and Now

Featured image I’m deep into the weeds of Edmund Burke these days, in part for a recent lecture at Yale (video to come) and a series of seminars I’ll be doing soon on Burke (podcasts to come, I think), but even reading this great judicious man from more than 200 years ago can’t draw me away from our current catastrophic political scene. One of Burke’s famous essays was “Thoughts on Our Present »

Will the Lib Bubble Explode?

Featured image These days “owning the libs” seems to be a booming business. I own lots of libs.* I picked them up at a discount during the Obama years. Owning a lib is even cheaper than owning a house with Fannie Mae’s 3% down payment program during the housing bubble years. You can generally own a lib these days with as little as 1% down, because they are so easily acquired on »


Featured image I keep waiting for voters to notice that the Democrats are crazy. Of course, I’ve been waiting for a long time. Either a lot of people aren’t paying attention, or a lot of people have a higher insanity threshold than I do. Yesterday the RNC released this ad, “The Left Is Crazytown.” Maybe it will help: »

The Craziest Liberal Freakout of All Time

Featured image Did you know that the “okay” gesture with your index finger and thumb joined at the tip in a rough circle is some kind of (not so) secret symbol of white supremacy? Apparently just because Trump uses that gesture a lot when he speaks? There are a ton of liberals on Twitter today saying that former White House aide Zina Bash, sitting behind Judge Kavanaugh this morning with her fingers »

A Useful Reminder That Liberals Don’t Like America

Featured image John has already noted the controversy of the choice that the makers of the new film “First Man” to omit the scene of Neil Armstrong planting the American flag on the moon, with (Canadian) star Ryan Gosling making the preposterous claim that the late Armstrong—a former military test pilot and Korean War veteran—was some kind of general cosmopolite representative for all of humanity. They might have gone with a safe »

Why Normal Americans Hate the “Elites”

Featured image These are three news stories that came to my attention over the last 24 hours. I think they tell us a lot about the current, degraded state of public life in America. First, the Boston Globe organizes a media protest against the Trump administration’s “assault on the press.” The Boston Globe has been contacting newspaper editorial boards and proposing a “coordinated response” to President Trump’s escalating “enemy of the people” »