The case for Terry McAuliffe

President Biden spoke on behalf of Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia gubernatorial race yesterday. His speech had a predictable motif that is captured in the video below. The New York Post reports on it here.

I think we can infer that the race against Republican Glenn Youngkin is tight and that the case for McAuliffe is weak. Biden appeared in heavily Democratic Arlington, where enthusiasm for McAulliffe must be less than optimal. McAuliffe himself had previously acknowledged that Biden’s unpopularity was a drag on his campaign. With Biden’s appearance yesterday the McAuliffe campaign was seeking to turn out core Democratic voters.

Following the speech Biden let his hair down, so to speak. The Post reports: “After his remarks, Biden mingled mask-less with supporters at the outdoor venue — a rarity for the president, who often wears a mask outdoors, including when he greets officials on airport tarmacs.”