Meet Rachel Rollins

Meet Rachel Rollins. I came across the video clip below in my Twitter feed yesterday. Brief as it is, the video tells you just about everything you need to know about her. She is a racist. She is a race hustler. She is vulgar. She is vile. She is a nut. A decent person wouldn’t want anything to do with her. And yet, as of Wednesday, she is the new United States Attorney for Massachusetts. FOX News has a good story on the video with background here. She is of course a Biden appointee. She was confirmed on a 50-50 Senate vote with Vice President Harris casting the tiebreaker.

Tucker Carlson has been on Rollins’s case for a while. He first respectfully took it up directly with her in September 2018 (video below). Tucker is percipient. His interview is prescient.

Last night Tucker returned to her case in his opening monologue (video below). FOX News gives it the title “You cannot make these people federal prosecutors.” And yet, here she is.