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What happened in Minneapolis?

Featured image The editors of City Journal asked me for an account of what happened in Minneapolis. They have just posted it as “Minnesota madness.” Please check it out. This is where I started, although the column as edited covers a little more ground in a little less space. George Floyd died in the custody of four Minneapolis police officers on May 25. The rest of the week we had a terroristic »

Security for me (Tucker Carlson edition)

Featured image Tucker Carlson beat the Star Tribune to the story of the three Minneapolis City Council members who want to ashcan the police but have retained private security to protect themselves at taxpayers’ expense. He invited me on his show to talk about it last night. Unfortunately for me, he covered it thoroughly in his introduction. I have taken the liberty of embedding the video below. As one thing led to »

Is It Minneapolis Or Is It Oakland?

Featured image When I moved to Minneapolis in 1974, it was considered a model city. Prosperous, clean, progressive, low-crime. It has been declining ever since. After four decades of monopoly Democratic Party rule, Minneapolis has deteriorated beyond recognition. The George Floyd incident and nearly a week of rioting, looting and arson, which did around $500 million in damages–no one has any plan to rebuild the destruction–has brought Minneapolis’s decline to public attention. »

Imagine there’s no MPD

Featured image The Minneapolis City Council has 13 members. Of the 13, 12 are leftist DFL loons. The 13th is a leftist Green Party loon. They are missing only a local member of the Legal Marijuana Now Party for the trifecta. Minneapolis sits within the congressional district represented by Ilhan Omar in Congress. Perhaps she makes the trifecta. The Minneapolis City Council made big news when 9 of its 13 members pledged »

Disgrace in St. Paul: Compounded

Featured image Yesterday afternoon Governor Walz called a press conference and assembled his band of racial gurus including “light-skinned Native woman” Peggy Flanagan. As always, the press conference was broadcast around the state. Walz called the press conference to pressure Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka into adopting the gurus’ agenda during the special session that convenes this week on account of Walz’s continues exercise of his emergency powers. That is the sole »

Third Precinct arsonist charged

Featured image The office of the United States Attorney for the District of Minnesota has charged a defendant with aiding and abetting the arson of the Third Precinct police headquarters that was abandoned and burned to the ground in south Minneapolis this past May 28. Here is the heart of the press release announcing the charge: United States Attorney Erica H. MacDonald today announced a federal criminal complaint against BRANDEN MICHAEL WOLFE, »

The night they drove old Minnie down

Featured image Alpha News live streamed the night they drove Minneapolis down as authorities stood down and let it burn. The video below was shot overnight late Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning May 27-May 28 at around 1:30 a.m. to document the destruction of the six-story affordable housing project that was under construction at Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis. The destruction of the project is representative of the »

The case for sending in the troops [UPDATED]

Featured image This morning, Secretary of Defense Mike Esper expressed his opposition to deploying active-duty troops to respond to protests around the country. He also ordered 200 active-duty soldiers from the 82nd Airborne’s immediate response force to leave Washington, D.C. and return to their home base. However, Esper later reversed this decision after a meeting at the White House. Esper argued that “the option to use active-duty forces in a law enforcement »

Live from Minneapolis

Featured image John served as the guest host on the June 1 edition of the Dan Proft show. John opened the show with an interview of Kyle Hooten, who has provided incomparable coverage of the Minneapolis meltdown. I have embedded a podcast of the entire show below. Kyle packs a lot of information into his two segments with John. The headlines on the home page of Minneapolis’s Star Tribune provide a glimpse »

Wailing Walz takes on MPD

Featured image Looking for yesterday’s Minnesota Health Department press briefing at 2:00 yesterday afternoon, I found instead Governor Walz and his crew announcing the filing of a state civil rights investigation of the Minneapolis Police Department (video below). I have posted the video below. Featured among the Walz crew yesterday was Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan — the self-advertised “light-skinned Native woman” who specializes in racial emoting. By her own account, she “grapple[s] »

Scenes from the MN apocalypse

Featured image I was one of the first customers in the door at the huge Cub Foods store in Eagan on Sunday morning. I found a surprising portion of the food shelves emptied like an old-time Soviet Union grocery and asked the employee stocking the vegetables what had happened. He said they’d had their biggest day ever on Saturday — the Eagan Walmart and Target stores were boarded up until Monday. Their »

What the riots tell us about policing in America

Featured image The rioting that’s taking place in cities all over America provides a glimpse of the kind of people police officers confront every day. I don’t deny Antifa’s involvement in the current chaos, but that group lacks the foot soldiers needed to carry out the widespread arson, looting, and vandalism our cities are experiencing. The foot soldiers are local thugs. Police officers deal with them as a matter of course on »

After last night

Featured image Watching yesterday’s news conferences and protests live on local television, I can only offer my impression that despite the arrests made by law enforcement the authorities are largely unable or unwilling to enforce the curfews they have set. The protesters have taken over city streets and highways more or less at will. I wonder if the authorities will throw in the towel today. My impression is that Governor Walz is »

Walz calls

Featured image After I wrote “Minneapolis goes Baghdad” in the early morning hours yesterday, Governor Walz called a 10:00 a.m. press conference. With the fires still smoldering in Minneapolis, Walz announced that he had activated our entire National Guard contingent and declared that the curfews in Minneapolis and St. Paul would be enforced yesterday evening (video below). Apparently between 4,000 and 5,000 National Guard soldiers enhanced the law enforcement officers in the »

Minneapolis goes Bagdhad

Featured image The Minnesota state authorities held a press conference at 10:00 yesterday morning. Governor Walz led the parade with a classic yammer yammer yammer blah blah blah performance. I have embedded the video below. He is — they are — over their head, out of their depth, out of it, clueless. You have to see it to believe it. Long-time race hustler Attorney General Keith Ellison is worse than out of »

Minneapolis meltdown spreads

Featured image Riots, looting, arson, vandalism, violence, destruction, and robbery continued for a third night in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd at the of hands of the Minneapolis police. We have quickly moved beyond “protests” to the shame and disgrace of a terroristic crime spree from which we will be a long time recovering. The Third Precinct police headquarters at 30th and Minnehaha was torched and burned to the ground »

“Inside Edition” looks for crime, finds more than it wanted

Featured image Smash and grab robberies are rampant in San Francisco, where authorities do very little to discourage them. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, more than 31,000 people reported smash and grab robberies in the city in 2017 alone. Hoping to document such a robbery, “Inside Edition,” a television program, placed GPS trackers inside items in a car parked in an area well known for theft. The items were a $250 »