What Causes Looting? Covid!

Covid has become the all-purpose excuse for failure in today’s world. But the execrable Jen Psaki broke new ground, earlier today, when she claimed that covid is responsible for the organized looting of stores across the United States, especially in the Bay Area but spreading across the country, in recent days:

One feels a bit sorry for poor Ms. Jen. Her job is to defend not only the indefensible, but the incomprehensible, since her nominal boss is non compos mentis. Still, blaming organized looting on covid is a stretch. What, exactly, is the theory? The only connection between covid and organized looting that I can see is that covid furnishes the looters with an excuse for wearing masks to avoid identification.

That may be the ultimate legacy of the Biden administration: billions of dollars in destruction and a sharp decline in our quality of life, caused by criminals who, like bandits through the centuries, wear masks. Only this time, the criminals get to claim that their mask-wearing is a sign of moral superiority. It is hard to imagine a more inept administration.