Thoughts from the ammo line

Ammo Grrrll calls this one SOWING AND REAPING, OH MY! She writes:

It’s been all over the Internet for a couple of weeks now. A couple of mentions on Power Line as well by the fellas. I just wanted to add a few points from my valuable personal experience.

Although this Administration has been an unqualified disaster from January 21 on, The Left cannot quite do all the dastardly things it has in mind. That, it turns out, is not because they don’t have nefarious plans for us. It is because their dozens of woke organizations are filled with lazy, fragile activists who spend all their time on internal squabbles, fiefdom fights, Victim Entitlement Olympics and the equitable division of spoils. Not to mention regular “Hate Whitey and Whiteness” mandatory workshops, HR harassment investigations, pronoun obsession and, if government employees are any example, regular perusal of porn sites. Nothing gets done. The Play-Doh and Kleenex budget alone must be enormous.

Is there any Schadenfreude more delightful?

Far be it from me to interrupt when The Enemy is paralyzed with Woke Fever. But, I will give you just this one little hint, Commie comrades, since it will be dismissed out of hand: For the love of God, don’t hire ACTIVISTS. I can tell you from long, sad experience in the anti-war movement, that most politically motivated “workers” are lazy, useless slugs who are only fit to disrupt OTHER people’s enterprises.

What you most certainly do NOT want for employees are certifiable lunatics pretending to be “community organizers” who could not “organize” their way out of a wet paper bag. These are losers who are invested in shrieking about daily “microaggressions,” or humorless harridans with Karen Karenina in HR on Speed-dial in case some clueless shlub compliments them on their outfit, looks at them for over five seconds, or tells a blonde joke. We won’t even discuss the horror of mis-gendering someone. Or the sexual assault of asking someone to go out for a cup of coffee.

As we have confirmed over the last few weeks, many are also diehard racists despite years of Diversity Training. It is clear from their relentless attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas that they save the majority of their all around generic hatred for humanity for black and brown people who dare to step foot off the Democrat plantation. “How can we virtuous people SAVE you louts if you can get off your knees and save yourselves?” could be their mantra.

To accomplish anything, you need people who come from a culture that honors work and expects results – Mormons, other Christians, ex-military, small town people, small business owners, farmers, old-school geezers working part-time in retirement, entrepreneurs, Conservatives, and Central American immigrants!

Sadly, most of the energetic actual workers mentioned above will not be down with the company mission statements. A real Catch-22, eh? The SJW drones can’t or won’t work and the worker bees don’t cotton to the SJW drivel. The very definition of “irony.” (Which, by the way, is NOT the opposite of “wrinkly.”)

When I got out of college (not to be confused with “graduating”) in Chicago in the late ’60’s, there was near-full employment. “NOW HIRING” signs were hanging from every factory and page after page of “Want Ads” appeared in the Chicago papers. “Work” was what you did every single weekday and weekends if necessary, coming in on time, leaving at or after closing time and for that you got paid enough to make it to the next week. That was the bargain.

If you wanted “fulfillment” you formed a loving relationship, or wrote poetry, participated in a glee club or community theatre, or joined a church or synagogue. If you wanted “love,” you got married or bought a dog. (If you preferred “indifference,” you got a bad boyfriend or a cat. Haha. I kid cats. Both Joe and I have been Cat People since childhood.)

Work was never expected to provide fun or fulfillment. If you whined about anything work-related, some co-worker was bound to say, “See, Susan, that’s why they call it ‘work.’”

Sure, SOME people got fulfillment as a side benefit – wonderful teachers, dedicated doctors and nurses, rabbis and ministers, hair-dressers who made young ladies look extra-good for the Prom – but it was not a part of the contract. At least it wasn’t in the secretarial pools and night-shift typeshops I worked in before going self-employed.

The notion that your workplace was duty-bound to take extraordinary measures to “retain” you was laughable in the extreme. Haha. I’m so old that I remember when it was up to YOU to keep your job!

I had a friend once who didn’t come into her clerical job at the University of Minnesota for about 10 working days without even calling in with a lame excuse. (my “go-to” lame excuse was always something vaguely “female” which usually stopped further interrogation in its tracks, since back then the overwhelming majority of bosses were male). Imagine my friend’s surprise when she DID finally go in and found another lady at her desk which already had pictures of the lady’s family on it. She realized she not only no longer worked there, but her chances of getting a recommendation for a future job were slim and none.

Several years later she did land a great job as a management trainee with General Motors as one of the first female Affirmative Action hires. Sadly, at one of the management trainee retreats, she got drunk and engaged in a food fight which was termed by HR to be “inappropriate behavior.” And yet she was retained and “counseled” rather than fired because by that time she was in a protected category where normal rules do not apply and Reality dares not intrude. Today just being a woman (whatever THAT is…) would not save her unless she was not a Lighter Shade of Pale OR had once NOT been a woman (whatever THAT is)…

It was about that time that the only sin in PC World was being judgmental. I said, “Bertha June (not her real name), that wasn’t ‘inappropriate’; that was stupid and wrong. See, that wussy word would imply that there would BE a time – just not that particular instance — in which a 30-year-old adult female throwing banquet food at a work-related event would be considered ‘appropriate.’ And there IS no such time.”

Oddly, our relationship degenerated badly after that. Some people are beyond helping with timely advice. Let’s hope that the America haters and civilization wreckers are just as resistant to advice. Keep getting nothing done, kids. You’re on the right track. In fact, I’d suggest if you are asked to do anything that even resembles work that you go on strike! A work stoppage, and just for good measure, a sex strike as well. Activists in the Red States are asking for “time off to mourn” their recent inability to kill their babies when their labor pains are 3 minutes apart. Grieving time is also a good idea. Take all the way to November.

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