Illegal immigration

Biden’s secret flights

Featured image Miranda Devine and a raft of reporters have the New York Post cover story Biden secretly flying underage migrants into NY in dead of night.” The story opens: Planeloads of underage migrants are being flown secretly into suburban New York in an effort by President Biden’s administration to quietly resettle them across the region, The Post has learned. The charter flights originate in Texas, where the ongoing border crisis has »

Understanding the stalking of Sinema

Featured image The LUCHA thugs who stalked Senator Sinema into the ladies’ room at Arizona State yesterday were not out to win friends or influence people in the style of Dale Carnegie. In lieu of decency or an argument, they applied time-tested tactics. At the opening of chapter 4 of Radical-in-Chief: Barack Obama and the Untold Story of American Socialism (2010), Stanley Kurtz relates a well-sourced story illustrating the precedent for LUCHA’s »

Stalking Sinema

Featured image The stalking of Senator Kyrsten Sinema into a bathroom stall during her return to Arizona over the weekend (video below) is disgusting. I would like to say it is disgusting beyond comment, but there is much that might be learned or inferred from it. Here are 10 notes and queries that occur to me this morning. • Did you know that this happened yesterday at Arizona State University? If I »

That was the week that was

Featured image The Democrats’ dystopian dreams are packed into the prospective Reconciliation bill whose fate we have been following. Michael Goodwin takes up the spectacle of last week’s Democratic infighting and opines: “By giving his blessing to the radicals’ refusal to vote on the bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal until they get a vote on the $3.5 trillion grab bag of socialist trash, he turned his back on the central promise of »

Hispanics Hate Biden

Featured image If you are looking for the reasons why Joe Biden’s approval numbers are nose-diving–I know, they are legion–one explanation among many is that Hispanics can’t stand him. These numbers relate to Hispanics in Texas, who have been exposed to Biden’s disastrous border policies: What's driving Biden's declining popularity with Texas Hispanics? The poll found that *two-thirds* disapprove of his handling of the border crisis. Approve: 25%Disapprove: 66% Contrary to myths »

Bordering on criminal

Featured image The New York Post’s features an editorial on its cover this morning. The editorial is titled “Alejandro Mayorkas’ 7 border lies.” The cover flags the editorial in block letters: LINE OF DECEIT. (It may also refer to Miranda Devine’s companion column “Biden White House’s lies a matter of life and death.” However, the cover story link in the Post’s Morning Report email goes to the editorial.) The Post editorial performs »

Biden Administration ‘Fesses Up…

Featured image …on the border. Sort of. On Fox News Sunday this morning, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that thousands of Haitians (or former Haitians) have made their way into the U.S. Mayorkas was followed on the program by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The videos are at the link, but I will go with the New York Post’s quotes. This morning’s program also signals, apparently, the return of Chris Wallace to »

Joe Biden, Immigration Enforcer?

Featured image The London Times offers a perspective on the Haitian assault on our Southern border that is both weirdly ill-informed and unintentionally revealing: “Joe Biden treats us like slaves say deported Haitian refugees.” The story is told entirely from the perspective of the Haitians who, having left that country years ago for destinations like Brazil, have now been sent by the U.S. to Haiti: His hands were bound and his ankles »

Biden gets tough

Featured image When it comes to the defense of the United States, Joe Biden would prefer not to. For all practical purposes, he’s not on our side. Biden’s refusal to defend our southern border undermines both our sovereignty and security. It’s a two-fer. Yesterday Biden took a bold stand…against the CBP agents who have sought to protect the border (video below). He came down on them like the proverbial ton of bricks. »

Who’s whippin’ who: Tentative finale

Featured image My point, and I do have one, is that the Biden administration is whipping the American people daily with lies misrepresenting basic facts bearing on our national sovereignty and security. The point bears specifically on the matter of CBP agents on horseback seeking to round up illegal Haitian immigrants at the border. I can’t keep up with the administration’s lies in this matter. I give up. Absent an irresistible impulse »

Who’s whippin’ who, cont’d

Featured image The psychedelic Jen Psaki is blowing my mind. She conducted a White House press briefing and appeared on a show or two yesterday. She falsely called out CBP officers on horseback trying to contend with the flood of illegal Haitian immigrants crossing the border in the vicinity of Del Rio. NR’s Zachary Evans covered Psaki’s comments at the briefing here. Psaki said officials had watched “horrific video of the CBP »

Life imitates “Clueless”

Featured image Over the weekend the Biden administration leaked the story that it was commencing deportations of Haitians under the bridge in Del Rio. This may be true as to individual adult men and women. However, as they say in the fact-checking business, it is mostly untrue. As I note in the adjacent post, the lead story in the AP’s Morning Wire email news roundup is this one, datelined Del Rio: “Officials: »

Who’s whippin’ who

Featured image The left has found a scenario it thinks it can retail to defuse the invasion of the United States by Haitians and hundreds of thousands of others via our former southern border. They want us to believe that overwhelmed immigration enforcement authorities on horseback are whipping Haitians. We went from “whip,” to “whip-like chord,” to “horse reins.” — Brandon Darby (@brandondarby) September 21, 2021 Kamala Harris emerged from seclusion »

Haitian divorce (or not)

Featured image The Biden administration is promulgating two big lies about the Haitian invasion at the Del Rio port of entry and the press (such as the AP here) is obscuring the lies. This is what you need to know. Yesterday at the White House press briefing the psychedelic Jen Psaki explains what happens “as individuals come across the border…” She omits to mention what happens to families that are deemed to »

Haitians moving out from under the bridge

Featured image Miranda Devine devotes her New York Post column to the invasion of the Haitians — the 15,000 Haitians who mysteriously crossed the Rio Grande to enter the United States at the Del Rio port of entry. It is a poorly covered story — the Biden administration doesn’t want it covered — that is hard to get straight. Drawing on Todd Bensman’s work, Devine penetrates the fog in “The truth behind »

Haitians under the bridge: An update

Featured image If you want to keep up with the current invasion of Haitians and others crossing the Rio Grande at Del Rio, Texas, seeking the port of entry there, you may need to follow FOX News reporter Bill Melugin’s Twitter feed. The most recent FOX News story on the invasion is Adam Shaw’s here yesterday. Since Shaw’s report that the Del Rio port of entry has been shut by Customs and »

Haitians back to Haiti?

Featured image The Associated Press has reported a long story on the Haitians under the bridge and more on the way. According to the story, the Biden administration is sending them back to Haiti: The Biden administration plans the widescale expulsion of Haitian migrants from a small Texas border city by putting them on flights to Haiti starting Sunday, an official said Friday, representing a swift and dramatic response to thousands who »