Illegal immigration

Josh Hawley’s master class

Featured image C-SPAN has just posted the video clip of Senator Josh Hawley’s beatdown of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas in the tweet below. This may be the most brutal and relentless interrogation of a senior administration official I have ever seen, certainly in the space of eight minutes. It graphically depicts the madness of the Biden open-door immigration policy in small as well as its utter indefensibility in large. Tense exchange between »

Fly ‘Em In, Joe!

Featured image Everyone knows that Joe Biden has deliberately encouraged seven or eight million illegals to cross our southern border during his administration. This is the most treacherous act by a president since Democrat James Buchanan shipped war materiel to the South, in hopes that it would be used thereafter by secessionist rebels. Assuming that historical nugget is correct. But there is no doubt about Biden’s treachery, and the Center for Immigration »

What friends aren’t for

Featured image In an interview that was recorded last week but aired last night on Univision — transcript and video here — President Biden criticized Israel’s conduct of the war and called for a ceasefire without tying the demand to the release of the hostages held by Hamas. Indeed, the name “Hamas” does not appear in the interview. “Well, I will tell you, I think what [Prime Minister Netanyahu is] doing is »

The Case For Secession

Featured image On Tuesday, a three-judge panel of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Texas cannot enforce its border control law, SB 4, because it conflicts with federal law that preempts the field of immigration. The decision is here. Jonathan Turley analyzes the issue here. Briefly, Turley thinks the panel decision is a correct interpretation of the Constitution and of case law on preemption. The constitutional issue turns on the »

“Migrants” on parade

Featured image Here we have the video of the day. It depicts a horde of illegal aliens breaking through the razor wire (mounted, I assume, by Texas authorities) and overrunning Texas National Guard soldiers seeking to resist them in El Paso. The video raises many questions, among them how many many “migrants” does it take to mount used to be known as an “invasion”? We have now entered year four President Biden’s »

Who’s Leaving Where?

Featured image We have written about the Great Sort many times, but frankly you can’t emphasize it enough. Americans are deserting blue states and cities in favor of red zones. Liberalism has proved to be a failure by the most reliable measure: fewer and fewer people want to live under liberal regimes. Here are two examples. First, the City of New York, which was thought doomed to dystopia in the 1970s, rallied »

What the Court Did On Immigration [Updated]

Featured image A showdown is coming on the conflict between the Biden administration, which is determined to negate federal immigration law, and the State of Texas, which bears the brunt of Biden’s open border policy and is determined to vindicate our immigration laws and protect its own citizens. The case is pending in the Fifth Circuit, but a shot across the bow was fired yesterday in the Supreme Court. This is the »

Terrorist Apprehended at Border?

Featured image This account in the New York Post is confused, not to say incoherent. It relates to the apprehension of a Lebanese man named Basel Bassel Ebbadi near the Mexican border: A Lebanese migrant who was caught sneaking over the border admitted he’s a member of Hezbollah, he hoped to make a bomb, and his destination was New York, The Post can reveal. Basel Bassel Ebbadi, 22, was caught by border »

A New Plan for Voter Fraud

Featured image Sen. Alex Padilla, the California Democrat appointed to fill Kamala Harris’s Senate seat after she became vice president, wants Americans to be more certain to register to vote by linking it with free tax preparation. Padilla is leading a push for the U.S. Treasury Department to provide voter registration services at federally funded centers that prepare taxes for low- to moderate-income people, disabled people and people with limited English at »

Important Voting Problems

Featured image As John notes, blue collar workers or minorities voting for policies that actually help them is an important trend, and a complement to Steve’s post about the border problem. As he showed, “immigration” helped to flip California from red to blue in presidential elections, so Democrats seek to repeat that trend “across the entire country.” That’s why Biden has brought in millions, and that’s a problem. The possibility of becoming »

Biden Waffles on Apology

Featured image A final (I hope) footnote to Joe Biden’s disgraceful SOTU performance: he referred to Jose Ibarra as an illegal, which was, as I said here, perhaps the only true statement in the entire speech. But Biden met with blowback from Democrats who don’t seem to mind that Ibarra is an (alleged) murderer, but were horrified by Biden’s admission that his presence here is illegal. So, as recorded at the link »

America’s Most Important Political Trend

Featured image This is a good complement to Steve’s post immediately below. Why did Democrats decide, seemingly in unison, that it would be a good idea to enable millions of illegal immigrants? Because they (or, in any event, their children) will be voters, and the Democrats assumed they could count on minority votes for many years to come. But that may have been a miscalculation: NEW 🧵: American politics is in the »

Illegal or undocumented?

Featured image Referring to an illegal alien as “illegal” in unscripted remarks during his State of the Union Address this past Thursday, President Biden inadvertently offended a core Democratic constituency (i.e., illegal aliens). That could not stand and it didn’t. As John notes nearby, Biden recanted and apologized within 48 hours. Illegal or undocumented — which is the correct term. As a matter of fact, “Illegal alien” is the correct term. When »

Biden Recants

Featured image In his State of the Union speech, Joe Biden correctly referred to Jose Ibarra, the alleged murderer of Laken Riley, as an illegal alien. Democrats aren’t at all concerned about the murder of a 22-year-old girl, but they were horrified that Biden didn’t use their preferred term, “undocumented.” Which implies, I guess, that the guy was perfectly legal but maybe misplaced his driver’s license. Biden has now apologized for telling »

How Illegal Can You Get?

Featured image Joe Biden can’t get far enough left to satisfy his base. In last night’s SOTU, he referred to Jose Ibarra, the career criminal who *allegedly* beat Laken Riley to death, as an illegal immigrant. Which is exactly what he is, although the correct legal term is “illegal alien.” Bizarrely, liberals were outraged, not that Biden referred to Ibarra as a murderer, but that he called him an illegal immigrant. This »

How to Beat Biden

Featured image Joe Biden is a pitifully weak presidential candidate, but elections don’t win themselves. Economic malaise ought to make any Republican challenger the favorite, but the issue that will clinch the election is illegal immigration. And the gloves need to come off. Like this: I am told that CNN is refusing to air this. They ran out the clock on a pre-SOTU ad buy — then rejected it, calling several of »

The Republican Rejoinder

Featured image Senator Katie Britt of Alabama delivered the Republican response to Joe Biden’s SOTU speech. Not many people watch these rejoinders–for that matter, not too many watch the SOTU–but Britt’s response is getting a fair amount of buzz. She likely was chosen to contrast with Biden’s angry, more or less demented persona; if so, she played that contrast to the hilt. Her speech was really a thespian performance, and not my »