Illegal immigration

The Border Overflows With…Formula

Featured image My colleague Jenna Stocker, the editor of Thinking Minnesota, has an excellent column at Fox News about her travails as a young mother trying to find infant formula for her baby. I recommend it. Meanwhile, in the latest outrage from the Biden administration, one group that doesn’t have to worry about the formula shortage is illegal immigrants. The nationwide shortage of baby formula that has sent mothers desperately rushing from »

Baghdad Bob does DHS

Featured image Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas appeared for a segment on FOX News Sunday yesterday. He alternated between avoiding questions and dissimulating in response to them. If he weren’t addressing matters of life and death, he would be a laughable clown. As it is, he and his colleagues are a menace to the well-being of the United States. They are doing great damage and lying volubly about. He has »

Sheriffs Protest Joe Biden’s Border Disgrace

Featured image On April 19, the National Sheriffs’ Association and the Border Sheriffs wrote to Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, urging them to retain Title 42 authority for Customs and Border officers. The letter, embedded below, is brief but powerful. Here are a few highlights: We simply have no border left in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas or Southern California. The Administration since day one, phased out remain in Mexico (overturned by courts), »

Philosophizing disgrace

Featured image The Biden administration’s erasure of our southern border sets the backdrop to “The lonesome death of Bishop Evans.” As Victor Hanson put it in his recent column on our descent to la la land: “The once secure border of 2020 vanished. Two-million people have crossed the southern border illegally in the last 12 months. Millions more are on the way. The Biden Administration unilaterally and simply destroyed existing immigration law.” »

The Voters Are On To Biden

Featured image This Harvard Harris poll has lots of interesting results, pretty much all of which are positive for us conservatives. Among other things, it finds the GOP with a 51% favorability rating, compared with 43% for the Democrats. But I want to focus on voters’ perception of Joe Biden. Anyone who pays attention knows that Biden is more or less senile. Yet the press has tried to gaslight Americans into thinking »

The lonesome death of Bishop Evans

Featured image Bob Dylan expressed rage over the racist murder of Hattie Carroll and the official complacency related to it in “The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll.” Thanks to the song, although William Zantzinger is deceased, he lives in infamy. As Dylan tells the story, he repeatedly intones in the chorus: “You who philosophize disgrace and criticize all fears / Take the rag away from your face / Now ain’t the time »

Who’s whippin’ who: Fulfillingness’ first finale

Featured image My point, and I do have one, is that the Biden administration has whipped the American people daily with lies misrepresenting basic facts bearing on our national sovereignty and well-being. The point bears specifically on the matter of CBP agents on horseback who rounded up illegal Haitian immigrants at the border. President Biden and other administration officials falsely condemned the CBP agents for whipping the Haitians. I followed the the »

Gerontocracy, Gender Confusion and Where to Put Illegal Aliens

Featured image On Saturday night I made one of my regular appearances on Outsiders, a terrific news program on Sky News Australia. Outsiders is hosted by Rowan Dean, James Morrow and Rita Panahi. They do excellent commentary and also have some fun. Some of the themes of my interview may be familiar to you from Power Line posts: »

Where to Put the Illegals

Featured image The “Biden administration” apparently intends to lift the Title 42 restriction on illegal immigration that was imposed by the Trump administration. This move is deeply unpopular, but the radicals who run the administration don’t care. They know they are going to lose control of Congress in November and most likely will lose the presidency in 2024. So they are determined to bring about as much irreversible change as possible, as »

Jen Psaki, call your psychiatrist

Featured image White House press psecretary Jen Psaki conducted the press briefing yesterday. The White House has posted the transcript here. The following exchange with Peter Doocy suggests that the Biden administration thinks we have lost our minds. Here it is in its infuriating entirety (emphasis added): DOOCY: Thank you, Jen. First, on immigration: Our team in Texas is that saying that you guys are starting to give smartphones to border crossers, »

After last night

Featured image President Biden gave his long-awaited [?] State of the Union address last night. The White House has posted the text here. A few observations. • The spectacle of Biden speaking in front of Vice President Harris and Speaker Pelosi was chilling. We are not a serious country. • How silly and small did they look by contrast with President Zelensky and every Ukrainian official we have heard from over the »

Price of the ticket

Featured image One might think the fact and cost and multifarious impact of the Biden administration’s redistribution of illegal immigrants around the United States would be big news, but we know it isn’t. It is somehow a preserve of the right. The left favors it and would prefer that those in the middle be kept in the dark. They like it this way just fine. We thus turn to Breitbart News for »

Florida vs. Biden On Immigration

Featured image The Biden administration, having opened the Southern border to a massive wave of illegal immigration, is covertly distributing migrants around the country. The State of Florida has now told the administration that enough is enough. Embedded below is a letter from Governor Ron DeSantis’s General Counsel, Ryan Newman, to the Deputy General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The letter tells HHS that Florida will no »

Miranda Devine: GOP is all talk

Featured image My wife is a naturalized American citizen who seethes over illegal immigration. When we see the stories on FOX News that highlight the cancellation of our border under the Biden administration, she always asks why the GOP isn’t doing a blessed thing about it. Drawing on the recent news that we have followed on Power Line, Miranda Devine channels and amplifies my wife’s thoughts in the New York Post column »

Inside CBP

Featured image The leaked video of Customs and Border Protection agents confronting their boss Raul Ortiz in Laredo turned up on Twitter late Friday night. Misty Severei and Anna Giaritelli promptly followed up on it in the excellent Washington Examiner story “Leaked video shows tense exchange between Border Patrol chief and agents.” The men of CBP are not happy about the position in which they have been put by the Biden administration. »

Betraying the American people

Featured image Miranda Devine covers the invasion of the United States by illegal aliens in her New York Post column “‘Betraying the American people’: Leaked video reveals Joe Biden’s ‘hush hush’ migrant invasion.” The column opens this way: While Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi go all out to protect Ukraine’s national sovereignty, at the same time they are orchestrating a clandestine invasion of America across the southern border. Two million illegal immigrants »

Planes, trains & automobiles for thee

Featured image Bill Melugin of FOX News has just tweeted out the video below. FOX News has posted the companion news story here. Melugin’s story embeds the video of an illuminating interview of Mark Krikorian by Griff Jenkins. In the linked story Melugin reports: Fox witnessed men go into a small, unmarked office, then re-emerge moments later as multiple taxi cabs then showed up to collect the migrants — who were then »