Nikki Haley among friends

Featured image US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley addressed the multitude assembled at the AIPAC policy conference in Washington this past Monday (video below, text here). I am reliably informed by my friends who were there that, with the possible exception of Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech, Ambassador Haley’s remarks constituted the highlight of the event. They also emphasized to me that you had to have been there to understand why. »

The Worst College President in America

Featured imageThe competition for the Worst College President in America is surely hard fought, but George Bridges of Evergreen State College in Washington State has to be the early favorite at the betting window. We’ve taken note of Bridges’ craziness before, here and here. He is an especially egregious example of the rot in college administrations where invertebrates thrive as a matter of course. Bridges presided over the disaster of craziness »

For Ellison, 4 Pinocchios down…

Featured imageOn Friday Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler took a look Minnesota Fifth District/DNC Vice Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison’s statements about his relationship with hate cult leader Louis Farrakhan. Ellison’s relationship with Farrakhan goes way back, but it turns out that Farrakhan has several fans in the Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus as well. This long suppressed 2005 photograph of Farrakhan & Friends was only recently disclosed. “We few, we happy »

California’s Suicide, the Cartoon Version

Featured imageSteve has been writing about California’s suicide attempt, most recently here and here. There can’t have been many places in world history blessed with as many natural advantages as California, but that state’s far-left governing class is rapidly destroying its seemingly invincible heritage. Michael Ramirez tells the story in graphic form (click to enlarge). It is hard to foresee a happy ending for California: »

EEOC and left-wing judges strike a blow against religious freedom

Featured imageThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit has agreed with the EEOC that a funeral home engaged in unlawful discrimination when it fired a male funeral director who was “transitioning” to female and dressing as a woman at work. The case is EEOC v. Harris Funeral Homes. The opinion is by Karen Nelson Moore, a Clinton appointee and one of the most left-wing federal appeals court judges in »

Stormy Daniels and Ted Kennedy

Featured imageThe Democrats are trying to make something out of Donald Trump’s alleged dalliance, twelve years ago, with porn performer Stormy Daniels. I wrote about it here. Frankly, I don’t think anyone cares. But the story is interesting because it raises questions about what, in our era, constitutes a scandal. Trump’s long-ago romps with Daniels–assuming the stories are true–don’t qualify. There is one person, of course, who has a right to »

Trump’s 2013 letter to Putin

Featured imageA front-page story in the Washington Post informs us that, in 2013, Donald Trump wrote a note to Vladimir Putin inviting him to attend the Miss Universe pageant in Moscow. As the Post puts it, “Donald Trump was so eager to have Vladi­mir Putin attend the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow that he wrote a personal letter to the Russian president inviting him to the event, according to multiple »

Jane Mayer’s Dossiad (4)

Featured imageJane Mayer’s 15,000-word New Yorker profile of Christopher Steele is a sort of mash note to the man Mayer views as an intergalactic hero. One doesn’t need to be a sophisticated reader to see that she has fallen for the guy big time or that she reveals herself to be an unreliable narrator. For reasons I suggested yesterday in part 3, I think Steele made himself a willing dupe of »

The Week in Pictures: Int’l Women’s Day Edition

Featured imageThursday was International Women’s Day, which sounds like something Austin Powers, the International Man of Mystery, would have thought up. What—just one day? Blacks get an entire history month. This sounds like the beginning of a bad Jewish mother joke that ends: “Never mind, I’ll just settle for one day.” And I have a further confusion: if gender is a social construct, isn’t having a “Women’s Day” problematic? Whatever, the »

Stormy Daniels? Seriously?

Featured imageThe Democratic Party New York Times headlines: “The Stormy Daniels Scandal Gets Serious.” Let’s just pause on that. President Trump’s alleged dalliance with Ms. Daniels occurred, if it occurred at all, 12 years ago. Long before he was a presidential candidate, let alone president. How much interest has the Democratic Party New York Times shown in sexual relationships entered into by John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, or »

Videos of the Week

Featured imageYesterday, in honor of International Women’s Day (because I guess National Women’s Day would be too Trumpian??), I offered up this mischievous tweet: Of course I had in mind something like the Lady Ghostbusters remake that was a total bust. But guess what? Someone beat me to the idea. (Language warning—but if you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you already know that): Meanwhile, Remy has a new one out this week, »

Democrats’ Tax Plan: Back to the Future?

Featured imageThe Democrats have rolled out the tax plan on which they intend to run in November. It is, I think, revealing. The Democrats propose to raise the top personal income tax rate back up to 39.6%, instead of the 37% to which it was reduced under the Trump tax cuts. But the other personal income tax cuts in the Republican package–the “crumbs”–will remain in place. So the Democrats have given »

California’s Suicide Attempt, Pt. 4: High Speed to Nowhere

Featured imageReally, the situation in California requires very little commentary or analysis. Just reporting the news does all the work for you. • OC Homeless Camp Cleanup: 400+ Tons Of Debris, Nearly 14,000 Needles, 5,300 Pounds Of Human Waste ANAHEIM (CBSLA/AP) — The Orange County Public Works department says 404 tons of debris has been removed from a former homeless encampment where more than 700 people lived until they were recently moved »

Tragedy at the Pathway Home

Featured imageYesterday a vet and former patient at the Pathway Home at the Veterans Home of California-Yountville in northern California took hostage and then murdered the program’s executive director, Christine Loeber, Dr. Jen Golick, the program’s clinical director, and Dr. Jennifer Gonzales, a psychologist with the Department of Veterans Affairs in San Francisco. The Pathway Home lost two-thirds of its leadership team yesterday. Only the director of development and communications remains. »

New York Times and Washington Post have helped promote Russia, for a price

Featured imageFacebook has come under heavy fire from the New York Times and the Washington Post for uncritically spreading Russian misinformation. But Lee Smith makes a strong case that the Times and the Post are guilty of the same offense on a larger scale. These organs spread Russian propaganda via “Russia Beyond the Headlines,” a multi-page full-color broadsheet laid out just like a newspaper and distributed for newspapers like the Times »

More Good Economic News, Plus Tariffs [Updated]

Featured imageThe news on the economic front continues to be excellent. The Labor Department’s February jobs number came in at 313,000, smashing all forecasts. In addition, jobs numbers for both December and January were upgraded. The number of those employed surged in February by 785,000. The sectors where jobs increased the most are significant, too: Construction jobs led the way, with 61,000 new positions, followed by retail and professional and business »

The pros and cons of talking with Kim Jong Un

Featured imageSo President Trump’s bellicosity towards North Korea hasn’t led to nuclear war, after all. Instead, from all that appears, it has led to the negotiating table and face-to-face talks between the president and Kim Jong Un. But is that a good place for the U.S. to be? And will it lead to a denuclearized North Korea? Let’s keep in mind that North Korea has benefited significantly from past talks with »