(DHS) Magical mystery tour: Tentative finale

Featured image The editors of City Journal have given me permission to post my account of the 2016 Somalis-only security tour of the Twin Cities airport. The City Journal piece includes links I have omitted. My account represents 18 months of work off and on. It took a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed on my behalf here in federal district court earlier this year by Dorsey & Whitney attorneys Theresa Bevilacqua »

Sunday morning coming down

Featured imageFolk singer Tom Rush performed at the Dakota this past Thursday evening. He brought his young sidekick Matt Nakoa along to accompany him on piano and spell him briefly during the two sets he performed over more than two hours. My cousin DeeDee and our friend Mike Frost joined us for a trip down memory lane with the sempiternal Mr. Rush. We sat next to my old Faegre partner Jim »

The Prophet of Affirmative Action

Featured imageIn the late 1960s, Yale Law School adopted a quota system for African-American applicants. Putting aside its normal criteria for admission, Yale decided that future law school classes would be 10% black, regardless of qualifications. Other law schools and academic institutions did the same thing at around the same time. On June 9, 1969, California appellate judge Macklin Fleming, a Yale Law graduate, wrote a letter to Dean Louis Pollak »

Trump vouches for sincerity of Putin’s “meddling” denial

Featured imagePresident Trump returned today to the question of Russian meddling in 2016 president election. He stated that Vladimir Putin, in response to his questions about the matter, has repeatedly denied meddling. Trump added that he believes Putin’s denials are sincere. Trump didn’t say he believes Putin’s denial, only that the denial is sincere. It’s unlikely, however, that if Putin meddled, his denial is sincere. Putin almost surely has a firm »

McCarthy compares and contrasts

Featured imageIn his weekly NRO column Andrew McCarthy compares and contrasts the Obama administration’s investigation of the Hillary Clinton email matter under former FBI Director James Comey with the metastasizing collusion investigation under the auspices of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Reviewing the course of the Mueller investigation so far, my friend Mr. McCarthy catches up and links to newsworthy items we haven’t gotten around to. One such item is the earliest »

The Week in Pictures: Chainsaw Bayonet Edition

Featured imageJohn has already clobbered USA Today for its greatest banana-peel slip ever—the “chainsaw bayonet” graphic for an AR-15. And USA Today wonders why people think it is a purveyor of fake news. They’d do better if they just stuck to trivializing the news. Meanwhile, tax cuts are back! How can you tell? Because liberals are complaining about the idea that people might get to keep more of their own money. »

The presumption of guilt

Featured imageAs Scott wrote this morning, the proposition that a man is presumed innocent until proven guilty is to be applied by a jury sitting in a criminal case. The proposition need not be applied in an election campaign and, if one chooses to apply it, one should not demand proof beyond a reasonable doubt. But in the case of Roy Moore, as a friend emailed me to say, “the Left »

The allegations against Roy Moore

Featured imageThe Washington Post’s story about Roy Moore persuades me that, when he was in his early 30s, he liked to date teenage girls. It does not persuade me that he engaged in inappropriate sexual touchings with the 14 year-old girl who claims he did. There are three main reasons why. First, the other teenagers the Post interviewed don’t allege inappropriate touchings. It seems likely that, if Moore inappropriately touched one »

Today in Campus Protest

Featured imageSo I’m making my way across Sproul Plaza on the Berkeley campus a couple days ago, past all the student tables that advocate for human rights for left-handed gay Klingons and whatnot, and I hear the familiar sound of a student yelling through a megaphone on the steps of Sproul Hall. What is it this time? Well, it turned out to be a spirited protest against. . . veganism! There »

The Moore miasma

Featured imageYesterday the Washington Post published a long article on Roy Moore and his inappropriate relationships with four teenage girls more than 35 years ago. The story focuses on a then 14-year-old girl with whom Moore had sexual contact in 1979, some 38 years ago. All the relationships discussed in the story are of this vintage, when Moore was in his early 30’s and serving as an assistant Etowah County district »

Is the backlash over NFL kneeling racist?

Featured imageThe Washington Post found “experts” (its term in the paper edition) who think so. I don’t (though there must be white racists who are criticizing the kneelers, just as there must be black racists who are praising them). The Post’s experts seize on the fact that some who criticize the kneelers cite the players’ wealth and accuse them of being ungrateful. For example, Newt Gingrich said that players should be »

What Will Mitch McConnell Do About the Democrats’ Disgraceful Senate Blockade?

Featured imageDespite being in office for nearly a year, President Trump has been unable to staff his administration. In the early days, he was slow to make nominations–not surprisingly, given that he wasn’t surrounded by a cadre of former officials and government hangers-on. But that is no longer true. Now, the problem is that Senate Democrats are stalling Trump’s nominees. In one agency after another, they are carrying obstructionism to unprecedented »

Who Pays For “Green” Energy?

Featured imageThese days, there is considerable obfuscation about the true costs of “green” energy–basically, wind and solar. Politicians, regulators and sometimes utilities assert that wind and solar are efficient–that they actually are price-competitive with reliable energy sources like coal and natural gas. If you know anything about energy, you know this is an absurd claim. If it were true, we could do away with all subsidies for wind and solar, but »

(DHS) Magical mystery tour: Tentative finale

Featured imageI have been writing for the past 18 months about the Somalis-only security tour of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport that Star Tribune reporter Stephen Montemayor mentioned in a March 2016 article related to the case of the “Minnesota men” subsequently convicted of seeking to join ISIS. It has taken two Freedom of Information Act requests, two FOIA appeals and one FOIA lawsuit filed in federal district court here to »

Chain lightning

Featured imageOn Monday the Department of Justice brought unusual denaturalization proceedings against one “Minnesota woman” and her alleged family of “Minnesota men.” The Star Tribune reported the proceedings here. The story was also picked up in the national press by Charles Fain Lehman for the Washington Free Beacon and Katie Pavlich for Townhall. In 2008 the use of the relative preference in our immigration law was found to be riddled with »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured imageAmmo Grrrll DON’T CARE WHO “LOOKS LIKE ME”! She writes: When I was a kid, back in the era of the single black rotary wall phone and the kerosene guitar, we could watch sporting or cultural events and appreciate the performance rather than obsess over bean-counting the race, gender or sexual orientation of the performer. What wonderful innocent days! How much we all have lost with wretched identity politics. When »

Kevin Spacey: A modest proposal

Featured imageKevin Spacey will be excised from the movie All the Money in the World. The film, in which Spacey was to play J.Paul Getty, has already been shot. But due to multiple allegations of sexual assault against him, Spacey’s scenes, of which there surely are plenty, will be reshot with Christopher Plummer in the Getty role. I understand the decison, but does it go far enough? I think Hollywood should »