VIP Live Tomorrow!

Featured image Tomorrow evening, starting at 7 p.m. Central time (5 Pacific, 8 Eastern), we are doing a VIP Live event. If you are a VIP member, you will get an email with a link to a live YouTube address where you can watch the event and submit your own comments and questions on the issues of the day. We have quite a few new VIP members; if you have joined recently, »

Thin Lizzie’s Wedge

Featured imageI’m starting to wonder whether Elizabeth Warren is another Karl Rove/Steve Bannon dirty trick—a plant inside the Democratic Party with the perfect appeal to make the party sign up for the biggest political suicide note since the Labour Party decided to run on unilateral disarmament against Margaret Thatcher in 1983. (Labour lost in a historic landslide.) Warren’s Medicare-for-All will depend apparently on a 6 percent wealth tax on the super-rich, »

What’s wrong with this picture?

Featured imageThe impeachment farce continues unabated behind closed doors for the time being under the leadership of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff. One is invited to ponder the imponderables. Why behind closed doors? Why the House Intelligence Committee? Is there a more vile figure in American public life than Adam Schiff? And — related question — who is leaking the “secret” testimony to which we are treated in the daily »

Warren’s ignorance: Worse than we think

Featured imageA knowledgeable reader who asks to remain anonymous writes to comment on John’s post condemning the ignorance of Elizabeth Warren. I’m not sure ignorance is the right word, but our reader follows up on John’s point: Her ignorance is even worse than you think. In the first place nationalization of health insurance affects more than just those purchasing individual or employer-sponsored insurance. Most Medicaid beneficiaries have private sector insurance that »

“High and Low” revisited

Featured imageWe went to the current arthouse smash Parasite last week. It is a South Korean film written and directed by Bong Joon Ho. It won the top prize in Cannes earlier this year. The New York Times has raved about Ho and the film in five reviews and articles or features accessible here. Unlike the Times crew, I don’t recommend the film for its insight or uplift. I don’t recommend »

The ‘it takes a Trump to change Washington’ defense of the president

Featured imageSome supporters of President Trump have adopted the following defense of the (at times) nasty, over-the-top rhetoric Trump uses against his adversaries: Trump is “no Mr. Nice Guy,” but “sometimes it takes a Donald Trump to change Washington.” In fact, Trump’s recently released campaign ad makes this pitch in just that language. As a means of making ethical Trump supporters feel better about backing the president, this defense has appeal. »

Washington Nationals to visit White House, minus their closer

Featured imageWhen the Washington Nationals won the first two games of this year’s World Series, I started thinking about a White House visit for the team. I assumed that President Trump would invite the Nats and that they would accept. But I wondered which players would decline to come. Trump has extended an invitation, and the team will visit on Monday. The players were in town today for a victory parade, »

Elizabeth Warren Shows Her Ignorance

Featured imageElizabeth Warren is the current favorite for the Democratic presidential nomination, but one wonders how voters will react when they learn about her bizarrely radical agenda. Warren openly advocates making all private health insurance–the kind that a large majority of Americans have–illegal. She hasn’t begun to think through the implications of this extreme proposal, but when voters begin to contemplate it, my guess they will vote against her, enthusiastically. Yesterday »

The Week in Pictures: Media Blowout Edition

Featured imageIt is hard to think of a week more embarrassing to the legacy news media that this week. Never mind the Washington Post‘s self-satirizing headline about the death of “religious scholar” Al-Baghdadi; it seems the New York Times still hasn’t laid off enough of its newsroom, since it took two Times reporters to break the scoop that President Trump indeed appeared in a photoshopped pic with . . . a »

BDS Comes to Minnesota

Featured imageThe Students for Justice In Palestine are holding their annual national conference at the University of Minnesota, beginning today and concluding on Sunday. SJP is a virulently anti-Semitic organization that promotes the boycott, divest, sanction (BDS) movement and advocates the destruction of Israel. This is from the SJP’s own description of the 2019 conference that is now taking place: Support for the Palestinian cause is increasing within mainstream politics. The »

The impeachment Schiff show

Featured imageJulie Kelly calls it “The impeachment Schiff show” (emphasis on “show”) and sets it in the proper context. As Adam Schiff becomes the face the Democratic Party at the moment, what is to be said? The Democrats deserve that face. Jerry Nadler’s is to follow. They deserve his too. With an almost entirely partisan vote yesterday, the House adopted the resolution that will govern the impeachment “inquiry.” (I have posted »

Warren Loses the Lawyers

Featured imageElizabeth Warren has come up with a plan to pay for her “Medicare For All” proposal, which has a price tag in the tens of trillions of dollars. Part of the plan is a “wealth tax,” which means taxing unrealized capital gains at ordinary income rates. Combined with other elements of her plan, this implies that unrealized capital gains will be taxed at more than 50%. Megan McArdle wonders whether »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 152: Tackling the Opioid Crisis and the Vapid Vaping Debate, with Sally Satel

Featured imageThe opioid crisis has been prominent in the news for the last several years, while more recently the controversy over vaping has erupted to new heights, with the Trump Administration proposing to ban many vaping products. There are some glaring contradictions and ironies between our attitudes and policy responses to both issues, but it takes someone of Sally Satel’s perception to notice these dimensions. Sally Satel, a resident fellow of »

DoJ responds to Flynn

Featured imageGeneral Michael Flynn is now represented by Sidney Powell in the proceedings following his guilty plea to a false statements charge before Judge Emmet Sullivan. Those who seek a refresher on the offense to which General Flynn pleaded guilty can find the relevant document here. In advance of sentencing, General Flynn has filed a motion seeking to have the case against him dismissed on due process grounds. John wrote about »

Kamala Harris fades into irrelevance

Featured imageAfter the first Democratic presidential debate, Kamala Harris looked as likely as anyone in the field to capture the nomination. Her well-timed and well-rehearsed attack on Joe Biden over school busing dominated the post-debate analysis. In the polls, it boosted her from the third tier to the second, alongside Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and seemed to give her the momentum to make a run at Biden, then the undisputed »

Bye-Bye Beto

Featured imageBeto O’Rourke announced today that he is ending his presidential campaign and will not be a candidate for any office in 2020. Given O’Rourke’s inability to make headway in the polls, it is not surprising that he is dropping out. What is noteworthy, perhaps, is the fact that he was ever taken seriously as a presidential candidate. Beto was largely a creation of the media, which rooted unabashedly for him »

An open letter to Elizabeth Warren

Featured imageElizabeth Warren — United States Senator, Democratic presidential candidate, fake Indian, fake victim of pregnancy discrimination — recently counseled billionaire hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman via Twitter: “Leon, you were able to succeed because of the opportunities this country gave you. Now why don’t you pitch in a bit more so everyone else has a chance at the American dream, too?” Warren was responding to Cooperman’s dissent from the substance »