Annals of Liberal Hypocrisy

As we and others have endlessly reminded, if liberals didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all. Witness Hillary’s prostration on Tuesday (“Equal Pay Day“) about how since rent, groceries, etc., all cost the same for men and women, women should be paid as much as men.

Hey Hillary—how about starting at home, with the pay gap for executives at the Clinton Foundation:

Pay Gap Alert: Clinton Foundation Male Execs Earn 38% More Than Women

By Richard Pollack

Male executives at the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation earn 38 percent more than women executives, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation review of the foundation’s latest IRS tax filings.

The foundation’s 2013 IRS form 990 reveals that nearly three times as many men as women occupy the executive suites at the Little Rock, Arkansas-based foundation.

But wait—there’s more! Remember how California has passed legislation raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour? Guess who doesn’t like it:

LA unions call for exemption from $15 minimum wage they fought for

Los Angeles city council will hear a proposal on Tuesday to exempt union members from a $15 an hour minimum wage that the unions themselves have spent years fighting for.

The proposal for the exemption was first introduced last year, after the Los Angeles city council passed a bill that would see the city’s minimum wage increase to $15 by 2020. After drawing criticism last year, the proposed amendment was put on hold but is now up for consideration once again.

Union leaders argue the amendment would give businesses and unions the freedom to negotiate better agreements, which might include lower wages but could make up the difference in other benefits such as healthcare. They argue that such exemptions might make businesses more open to unionization.

You mean to say that open labor markets that allow the price of labor to be negotiated between management and workers is better than a government-mandated wage scale? I may faint at this creeping example of economic literacy. Someone should tell Bernie. . .